Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Beginnings

So it has been more than two years since I have written a blog post. Before I start with this one, I would like to thank the few odd friends who still visit this blog, hoping to find a post. I would also like to thank the two odd people from Russia and the Dominican Republic who religiously visit this site every week. I hope you guys find what you are looking for!

Now that I have gotten the pleasantries out of the way, time for certain updates. The reason for my long absence was that I was pursuing an MBA ( the real reason was that I am a lazy sloth). Having finished with the roller coaster ride of the MBA ( I will write another post about the experience), having tried my hand at consulting, I would be joining a bank in a few months time. 

So I am free till September and am back home after a long time. Mumbai is as pleasant as ever and it feels good to sleep in your own bed in your own room. I plan to catch up on my books, travel ( hopefully back pack somewhere) and learn a new instrument/skill. Hopefully I would be able to achieve at least 20% of what I have planned ( see I have already started quantifying stuff! MBA was useful after all). Have read a few books till now ( will write the reviews soon), till then if you any suggestion for back packing, please do let me know ( yes I am open to places in Russia and Dominican Republic too!) 

I would try to be regular on this blog. I plan to write about my experiences of the past few years, hopefully about the places I travel to  and random musings. Till then, good to see you again :).

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