Sunday, September 5, 2010


"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how" 
- Friedrich Nietsche 

It's a perfect day, a beautiful one at that. The sun has just risen, there is freshness in the air, the one you associate with early mornings. The road is long, clear for the day, surrounded on both the sides by fields with the crop ready to be cut swaying with the mild breeze. The settings are perfect!.

But, there is noise, a cacaphony. Everybody around is getting ready. Putting on the gear, training hard, stretching themselves. It's a race, a marathon. You have a fit body, the conditions are perfect, everybody around is running and then you become the part of the plume. Running hard, trying to be at the front, trying to win this race. STOP! - stay there, think for a moment - Why are you running this race?

Do you have an answer?One really never has an answer to it. We avoid this question because it makes us uncomfortable, shakes something inside us. But in reality everybody around is in a race. A race which we don't know, why we are running. We hope that the road leads us to our destination. That by being in the plume and staying constantly at the at the forefront we will achieve what we want. It's a cozy feeling, to be doing as others have done and will do in the future. It gives us a false sense of security, of being accepted by others, of following the right path.

But is the right path, right for us? Does the destination it leads to matches where we want to end? Does it justify the dreams and ambitions which we saw when somebody had innocuously asked us many moons back - What do you want to do in life? Does it make us go to bed feeling content at night and wake up every morning with a sense of purpose? Finally does it bring a smile to our face? - These are some tough questions. If you have answered yes to most of them, you are one of the very lucky few. If however you are lost, as most of us are - Its time to ask Why.

Great leaders always ask Why? They have an answer to why. Take a look at this video and then decide between running the race or achieving greatness.