Saturday, July 17, 2010


" Cynicism an easy way to behave like an intellectual. "

Its raining outside, the mild drizzle which makes everything around you come alive, look beautiful, look fresh. I am sitting in the coffee house, staring at the greenery outside, smiling at the little game the puppies are playing. Its one of those lazy afternoons when you have nothing to do except stare at the beauty around you, think about life while the coffee grows cold and the book begs to be read. Its these small, simple things in life which make it so beautiful. Perhaps because underlying all these things is an inane feeling of hope, of something good, something better, something beautiful. It is this reason why I love the monsoons so much.

Looking at today's paper and around at the people, however there is something which unsettles me. There seems to be an epidemic of cynicism around. Right from the doomsday predictions to the bickering about the broken system. Somehow it has become "cool" to appear disillusioned. To complain about the system, criticize the progress and make damning statements. The neo intellectual today is not the one with the vision about a better tomorrow. He/ She is the one with the eye for the faults today and predictions about doomsday tomorrow. I don't know when or how this change came about or what triggered it or acted as catalyst for its growth. But it probably has affected everything around me ... probably even me.

Last few weeks however made me realize that the power of hope does triumph over the might of cynicism. Sport has always been both a great teacher and a great leveler. The triumph of La Roja and Rafael Nadal showed me what hope can do. A team which lost its first match and was promptly written off by critics won the world cup. A player which battled a career threatening knee injury came from behind a dismal last season to lift both the Rolland Garros and Wimbledon. Somewhere they had hope. The hope which kept them going when everything around seemed lost. The hope which gave them the power to struggle, compete and finally conquer the arena.

While my coffee nears its finish and the skies open up, I think this what is needed - HOPE. Because the there is a tomorrow which is better, good and extremely beautiful.

I guess the monsoon does bring a lot more than just rain :).

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