Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Oh Oh's

Every year since the inception of this blog I write a year end post about what happened in the past year and what I expect from the coming year. This year too I was about to write about one, that's when I noticed that with this year a decade would end. A decade which is being referred to as Oh Oh's ( yeah the pervert in me did laugh at that :P). Looking back the decade did change me. A lot happened in my life from the raging hormones of teens to the maturity of being an officer in a company. From the challenges of a school child to the four fun filled years of college to the discipline of a job. This decade did transform me from a boy to a man. It had dreams some of which were fulfilled and some remained to be thought about thinking what could have happened. It had me becoming a Mechanical Engineer while attending one of the finest schools in the country. It had 2 crushes and one well... It had defeat, dejection, sadness, hurt and it had glory, redemption, truimph, Joy, Happiness and victory!( more of the latter :P) SO here is a look back at what the Oh Oh's have been like for me ( It may be long, but well my blog, my life, my keyboard :P)

It started with the Y2K scare. The 3 words which had everybody thinking what would happen to all the data, will we go back to the stone age. I still remember how at the turn of the millennium I had gone with my DAD to the BANK at night to see if everything changed over perfectly. The millennium and the decade had started with a pitch dark fog in one the coldest nights I had ever seen. There was zero visibility and I do remember we were once trailing a cow for about 30 minutes thinking it was a car!

Ludhiana! Ah! that paradise. KVM the school where I learned what friendship is. The place where I started with my teenage and also with all the teenage " issues" . Made some awesome friends, had great food ( yeah If you are a foodie do go to LDH) and learnt what aristocracy actually means. The year 2000 the year of Gujarat earth quake, the year of groups with the girls with whom a year back we were having those Boy - Girl fights. It was Nice, life was good, everything was great and then one day Dad came and declared " Nimit, Pack your Bags we are moving to Bangalore ( it was called that then)!) That was the last time I felt remorse about leaving the place. After it, it became routine... move to new place, meet new people, laugh with them, work with them and then repeat the cycle.

Bangalore the year 2001, the cosmopolitan city, the city with the IT crowd. When I first reached the place, I liked it a lot. But well the honeymoon lasted for a short time. after a month I was sick of 5 PM rains, the near non existence of sun and children with tokris rather than normal tiffins. 2001 the year WTC was attacked on my parents anniversary was also the year where I learned a lot of things the hard way. How to adjust with different people, why not to lie ever, Why it is important to follow the rules. I left the city on a sour note. For the first time in my life I had doubts about myself. About what I could or could not do. The only thing which I enjoyed in Bangalore was TENNIS. Yes I am still a lousy player, but whatever little I know, I know because of those 6- 7 AM lessons.

MUMBAI - year 2002- STD 10th. People don't change schools in 10th std. I did. I came to MUMBAI, the city I had visited just once before. The city about which I had only heard or seen in pictures.The city I fell in love with. The best city in the whole wide world. Aamchi Mumbai. That year was one of the best year of my life. Met an amazing bunch of people. Who taught me how to live life. How to party, how to abuse, what to look for in girls :P, how to be loyal, how to face challenges, how to stand up to them. Those parties after every unit test, the birthday which was a surprise to me, those rugby matches... it was all fun. And then in mid January, I was diagnosed with acute form of chicken pox. A month to board exams ( yeah the over Hyped tamasha) and everybody wrote me off. The exams went well ... I was one of the toppers , but that's not what matters. What I do remember is all my friends turning on the day of farewell at my house. Getting me ready ( I had recovered but decided not to go for obvious reasons) and that one line which I would never forget " Tere Bina Party nahi hogi " . It was the year I redeemed myself from the sins of Bangalore. Today I am not even in contact with a single one of those amazing people. But guys if you ever read this - I owe you a lot!

2003- 2005 The years of JEE preperation. The most stressful years of my life. The years where I learned how manage forces, moments, vectors and emotions. The years of stupid geeky jokes. The years of Mini tests. The years of those phone calls where you used to break your head over HC verma. The years when we determined at which rate a chemical reaction would proceed over sharing a McDonald's burger. In those 2 years I learned to survive with pressure. Made some friends who I know would be there always. And then in the Mid of 2005 came the battle for which we had been preparing for 2 years. I missed JEE. Cleared every other exam which I took. and soon would be away for 4 thrilling years of my life. But one thing I still remember distinctly. The Day I took the exam for National Defence Academy. In the evening while playing squash, I twisted my foot and broke all the ligaments. I knew it then that my dream of being
Flt Lt. Nimit Mehra , the name I loved and wrote for 17 years of my life was finished. I was All India Rank 7 and it was of no use. You always don't get what you desire.

But what you do get is sometimes Great. Like the case with me. This was the time, I left home for my new home- BITS Pilani,Goa. The 4 years of my life, which changed me. The place where I learned my first lessons in management. The place where I met more diverse and interesting people than the preceding 17 years of my life. The place which added a dimension to me. In all of this the place which also made me a Mechanical Engineer. There have been so many experiences that I wont be able to justice to them all. But the debates which went till 4 in the morning, the dances of the rejected dancers club in DJ nights, the assignments which were done at the last moment, the strategies which were made before the elections, the posts which were acquired, The clubs which were opened,Waves 2007 and the most memorable of all Quark 2008, the marketing team, Feeding the Fish. There were also loses, defeats, dejections and that 1 incident on the beach which changed me forever. I made my peace with it last year but somewhere it still haunts ....... The 4 years passed quickly and soon it was 2009

2009 - The year of the worst recession to hit world. The same year we were to graduate and sit for campus placements. Those 4 months when a single interview call was a big thing in the whole Batch. When everywhere you looked helpless not knowing about the future for no fault of theirs. The semester when I started running to take care of the pressure. And then came the one moment. The one chance before I had to graduate and I made it. There were much better people than me, who probably deserved it more. Probably I was lucky, probably it was my day... but I was one of the lucky few to graduate from the institute which gave me so much with a job.

And so the innings started in Hyderabad. The place where I started my first job. The place where I knew what working in an office means. The place where I applied whatever I learned in 4 years. The place where I came to know how organizations work. how you command men, how you respect men, how you follow and execute orders and I am still learning.

The decade was great! I did change a lot, learned a lot, redeemed my self many times and tried to fight every battle which came my way having fun all along the way.

Before the decade ended I also confessed what I should have a long time ago and yes it felt nice! It felt great!

SO As the title of this blog says I did everything which I could in oh oh's - I rocked ( pun not intended)

Hope 10's turn out to be even greater and this time I do achieve all my dreams.

IF you have reached till here, Thank you! Happy New year and God Bless!
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