Saturday, October 17, 2009


There is kheer on the table and chocolates around me. The moonless night is bright with more lights than you can imagine. There is mom's home cooked food and there are treats in the Marriott. There are drives to marine drive and there is my cozy bed. I am home, I am in Mumbai. My favorite city in the whole world. It feels good to be back. It feels great to be home. It feels awesome to wake up at 11 in the morning without having the tension of rushing to office. But what feels the greatest of all is to be back amongst the family.
So there are friends whom you havent seen in months to come and visit you, there are more sweets than you can imagine to eat, there are kids downstairs bursting crackers, there are people in traditional attire and there I am smiling - Its Diwali!!!

Happy Diwali to All! May this Diwali fill your lives with Lights and may you have a fruitful and prosperous year ahead!!!

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