Thursday, October 15, 2009

The change

So here am I at Hyderabad airport. My flight is after 3 hours. I don't know what made me come to the airport so early. But well the airport is awesome.
This is the first time I am flying after I started spending my " khoon pasine ki kamiye" . It feels nice. A lot has changed in the past 2 months and well a lot is the same.

Things which have changed:
1. I am now officially referred to as Oil Rigs technology Engineer. ( Yeah sounds awesome doesn't it?)
2. For starters I have started earning.
3. Getting up at the 5 in the morning so that you can swipe inside the plant at 6:45.
4. People refer to me as Sir. ( The first time that happened I actually looked around me and then realized the girl was referring to me. It is embarrassing!!! all I could do to make up was give a smile)
5. Started drinking Tea ( hate it but it is the only beverage available here.)
6. Started reading about what I should have read in last 4 years. ( yeah I have read about more technical stuff than I had ever imagined.Itna college mein pada hota to aaj kahin aur hota)
7. I party every saturday night ( and by that i don't mean our "parties" in anathashram ( Goa people would understand.) They are proper parties thanks to chillu, Mia, prasun, deepak and (saurabh)^2)
8. I have my own fridge \m/.
9. For the first time I am living totally independently with no restriction whatsoever ( no 11:30 rule, no relatives to answer to :P)
10. I wear a grey coloured company dress.
11. I wear a helmet and like ( actually love) going to the shop floor and well see the things in action.

Things which have not changed
So well there are a lots of things which have not changed in past 2 months.
1. My mom still thinks I am incapable of doing absolutely anything. ( yes she asks me every time whether I had my food or well how do I wash the clothes or ......)
2. Dad still gets me chocolates whenever he comes visiting ( and yeah I still love choclates :P)
3. My fridge as always ( here always refers to home ) will always be full of - Ice cream, chocolates, pepsi and orange juice :P. ( i actually finished a 500 ml carton of baskin robins strwberry before coming here so that it shouldn't go waste :P)
4. I still take time to get used to having so many girls around me. Seriously for first few minutes at the airport my head was just moving in all directions thinking so many girls at one place ( BITS then job ......its like progressive drying up of my prospect of finding a girl.... BHAGWAN MERI KYUN MAAR RAHE HO !!!)
5. I still go to sleep in a mess and then get up at 2 am feeling guilty and then go about cleaning the room before i go back to sleep again.
6. I still end up getting atrocious haricuts.
7. I still have my wierd sleeping patterns.
8. I still end up using Dad'd credit card whenever I find myself having to pay a bill and suddenly short of cash.
9. I still put chocolate sauce in my cereal otherwise I don't like it.
10. 75% of my luggage still consists of dirty laundry.

So thats it. There are a lot more points but the battery is low. And well the airport + people here are awesome. Let me give my eyes some exercise.

Till Then

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