Friday, August 14, 2009

Nimit Hyderabadi!

God has always wanted me to move, explore the world, conquer new civilizations, meet new people, learn a new language and of course for a foodie like me eat great food. So well after seeing Bhavnagar, Delhi, Ludhiana, Bangalore, Mumbai and Goa, the next stop in this journey is Hyderabad.

Well the ancient city of the Nizams, famous for its biryani, pearls, Golconda fort and in BITS well for not so illustrious reasons :P. Now before you start yawning and think I would be just copy pasting from wikipedia from rest of my post, let me tell you I would not ( though that thought did cross my mind for reviving my blog.) I would try to write about my experiences in the city.

So well roughly 3 weeks here. Have eaten Biryani's, bumped into bitsians while crossing roads, have had awesome chicken and homemade food made by a close friend, been to Hussain sagar lake, have caught the last train back to BHEL, been swindled by an autovalla, have had a sleep over at friends place, eaten so much at a buffet that didnot talk for the next 2 hours for the fear that I might puke, found the Bitsian presumption of hyderabadi "assets" totally wrong, became a "Sarkari Naukar", have had numerous orientation sessions, have watched 2 movies since coming here and the list continues.

Each of these experiences requires a separate blog post and it would be unfair to them to put all of them in one. So well in the coming days, would write about one incident at a time. Till then a lot has changed. A new chapter and new beginning in life in a new city. The city of the Nizam's ..... I think I will like it :P