Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paths of Glory

I just finished reading Paths of Glory by Lord Jeffery Archer.Nice book. But, this post is not a review of the book. It about the dreams which many of us have had and which probably have been lost in the sands of time. The book's main punch line is:

" Some people have dreams that are so outrageous that if they were to achieve them, their place in the history would be guaranteed. Francis Drake, Robert Scott, Percy Fawcett, Charles Lindbergh, Amy Johnson, Endmund Hillary and Neil Armstrong are among such individuals. "

After reading the book I thought about the "outrageous dreams" which I had. Since nursery I wanted to be everything -fighter pilot, astronaut, F1 driver, mountaineer, cricketer even for a brief period of time flirted with a idea of being a Cow boy!. Later once even Hugh Hefner's vocation did interest me a lot. But somehow somewhere those dreams started appearing distant, dreams which one sees in his sleep. And then while I was busy minding my equations of motion and balancing two sides of a chemical reaction, they faded in the oblivion.

Sometime last semester I was having a chat with Bala and he said " Do you realise, there are things out there that we can never do now?" I mean thinking about it, I and most of the people reading this blog would never ever perhaps go on the moon, break the sound barier, fly a supersonic aircraft or even ride in the Wild West ( hail hollywood!).

Think about it 10 years ago if somebody asked us a question " What do you want to do in life?", the answer would have been a proper proffession and mostly something like : Scientist , Miss India , Pilot..... . Ask somebody around you that question now and mostly you will hear something like: " I want to the research analyst in the commodities department analysing Crude ". I mean at 10 years how many of us thought that the greatest point in a day in our professional life would be to accurately find when a steel boiler would fail.

Have we forgotten what it was to dream? Or have we made peace the mediocrity? Perhaps we have taken the easy secure way out.Perhaps .......

So there might be dreams which may have remained unfulfilled, there might be vocations which we can never do now. But today before going to sleep think about those dreams, which as a child you once carried in those twinkling eyes. Perhaps you may relive the adrenaline rush you once had just thinking about them.

PS: As for me Hugh Hefner is still out there :P

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