Monday, April 27, 2009

Das Ende

So here we are, at the end. The last few days of my Bitsian life. There are farewells all around. You name an organisation and there is a farewell for them. Hell yesterday even the dota players in the campus had something.

I had always envisioned myself that I would be senti, would feel sad and leave this place with a heavy heart. But frankly speaking I am not feeling anything. Absolutely Zilch. Its all like a big blur to me. Going to the farewells mechanically, putting on fake smiles, hooting at the graduation speeches and clicking lots of pictures. Frankly speaking the only remaining motivation for going to the farewells is the food ( The ice cream with hershey's choclate sauce was amazing , thank you BITSAA) and clicking pictures to upload them on various places on the net.

I guess this sem was never the same. Unlike all the other semesters I had in BITS. Nearly half of the people I knew were not on campus. With so less courses, there was hardly the element of pressure ( even when it was there previously I hardly took it :D). Even the euphoria of reuniting with DC died down after a month I suppose ( though I am sure it would be the thing I would miss the most after graduating). There were no activities to keep me busy. What was there were the awesome trips which I took. But that too finished about a month ago. I guess I had, had my farewell already. This was just another reunion for me.

So right now, sitting at the crossroads, hedging my bets.
Eating farewell dinners and writing crap on the net.
Clicking Pictures and saying goodbyes, till BITS lets.!

So before I am elligible for this:

Let me :

PS: I know the poem was bad, but what the hell, my blog my poem.

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