Thursday, April 30, 2009

When Lite was taken

Well recently the "phrase" in the college is " Lite can be taken". Which is mostly used by 10 pointers to act cool and say " I don't study" ahh " Lite macha " ( I know after reading the above lines how many of you want to beat me up). But well this post is not a 10 pointer bashing post. This post is a story. Its a story of a team , of a group which took lite. A story which spans 3 years and has a confused soul, a desperate entity and yours truly.

Year 2007, Semester 4, Measurement techniques II
So, for the first time Mechanical Engineering came together as a group. The lab was called MTII and I was assigned confused soul (prasun) as my lab partner. The moment I saw him, I thought .... chalo acha hai, sincere boy, will do all the work. Here let me elaborate, when we started we were very sincere. So sincere that the first experiment which was the meaurement of current through a resistor was finished in 2.5 hours. The rest of the groups finished it in 30 minutes. That's when we decided work smart, not hard.

Well I always had an inherent fear of heavy electrical machinery and confused soul with all his topsy turvy funda always used to create fireworks in the lab. One the teacher himself got startled.Soon however that was finished and we moved the electronics lab. Nothing much here except the desperate entity (adi) was more interested in getting help from lab assistant ( so much so that he used to tamper with cro) than doing the experiment.

Then came the most important lab- Civil. Here the funda of reports started. It so used to happen that we somehow invariably always used to get values wrong. So once me and confused soul made a report taking values from some other group. The desperate entity made report from correct values. When the final check was being conducted the teacher himself was confused ( yoyo prasun) how can same group have 2 different values? Will never forget the expression on his face and then on prasun's face.

Year 2008,semester 5 Transport Phenomena II

So somehow we scraped through MT II. Then came TPII. The normal scene in the lab in TPII. Confused soul, standing with the manual looking dumbfounded, staring at the machine on which we have to perform the experiment. Adi chatting away to glory with other groups telling about his MR. Zephyr feats ( well mostly other groups pulling his leg). And me trying to change some knobs hoping that the machine performs the experiment itself. Obviously the values always used to be wrong( Once we had the efficiency of the machine greater than 1). So me and Adi got proefficient at a new art - Random number generation. We used to generate numbers such as 38.62, 54.98, 23.76 and carry out calculation. The graphs were another matter though. Were taken care of by some other values ( galat values pe sahi graph kaise aayega!).

Ohh btw all through this exercise the confused soul would be " Abe phirse experiment karte hain", " Humari phad dega", " Itni efficiency kabhi dekhi hai ", " Yeh graph kaise aa gaya" , " I am confused , samjha mujhe ".

Year 2008, Semester 5, Production Techniques

Well this was mostly an uneventful lab as most of the times we were to not touch the machines. However some incidents did take place.
Once we had to create the mould for casting. For doing this most of the groups normally, sit in 30 degree + heat next to a furnance, dig a lot of mud, then patiently squat and crush it to fine pieces keeping in mind that proper amount of moisture is in the mud and then patiently make the mould. NOT US.

We waited till proefficient people ( have to mention KAKA here) crush their mud into fine pieces. Then we sent the desperate soul to one member of the group. While he would engage the person in his desperate talk about career. Me and confused soul would go and replace the fine mud with ..... well whatever we had. No matter our mould was made first \m/.

Year 2008, Semester 6, Prime movers and fluid Mechanics

This was another time we all were stuck together. Trouble finds trouble, we all had the knack of finding ourselves. So here we were. The expression were the same here, me fiddling with the machine, confused soul looking at the machines as if Angelina jolie lying in all her glory and desperate soul chatting about .... well angelina jolie with everybody else.

The Viva's were memorable though. The first question used to poised to confused soul. I state this and I mean it, I always, I mean always knew the answer to that question. But poor me or well poor prasun, he always got confused, got the teacher confused and well me confused with his answer. So much so that the follow up question asked to me was never really understood by anybody else. By that time, when even I couldnot answer the question, the teacher used to think..... "Poor Dumb Kids" and the next question to Adi always used to be easy. Though I may add there were times when his answers were the most innovative.

Ohh yeah once Adi got so agitated at a proff that he walked out of the lab shouting( yes you read me correctly) " I don't care I am not given marks in one subject. It won't affect my grade." Me and Prasun just stood there watching him trying to cover our asses.

Year 2009,Semester 8, Production planning and Control

Well so the desperate entity left us for ever ( Mara nahi yaar, PS gaya). This time I was the only one stuck with the confused soul. So the classes end and we had to submit a case study.

24 hours before the case:
Me telling everybody else in the group " Yaar kal case karna hai "
Everybody : Lite

18 hours before the case :
BITSAA Farewell, The group is having a pic which would be titled : PPC case study group
Mind you till this time none of us know what the case is, but pic lena to banta hai after all.

16 hours before the case:
We settle in shivam's room to discuss the case. He leaves saying " thoda lite hoke aata hu". When he comes back he is tight. We have read the case and decide " Yaar iske liye to chapter padna padega, lets meet after 2 hours."

The meeting never took place. That day Yusuf pathan hit sixes in super over to make Rajasthan Royals win the match. While that was going on Confused soul was in his room editing and sharing farewell pics, I was having my beauty sleep, shivam and Akshay were taking lite.

2 hours before the case:
Me, shivam and confused soul in the library cracking our brains over what to do? So we divided the case into 5 segments with prasun opening me continuing, Akshay from me and finally shivram and shivam answering the asked questions. We tried to prepare our parts and hope we are saved. For once even prasun wasn't saying " Humari phat jayegi " ( I think he had made peace with that fact.

1 hour before the case:
We are still discussing how to answer the questions, there were 3 options and in last 15 minutes we had actually said this one is the best option about all 3. Till this time 2 members of our group have not come.

45 minutes before the presentation:

Shivram comes, looks at the case, goes out without saying anything.

20 minutes before the case:
He comes back declaring " Ok what do I have to do "

15 minutes before the case:

Akshay comes in " Mujhe kya karna hai".

Somehow we drudge towards the classroom.
and here is the scene. Another group has come with OHP slides prepared.

So the other group finished. They couldnot handle the questions well but an impressive presentation.

Our turn:
Prasun starts goes on for 10 minutes so much so that teacher says " I feel you have explained the case thoroughly, can we have the next person."
My turn:
I come in explain the problems fully and am back at my seat. The people around me ask " Ho gaya"
Does something comes back

Now when Shivram is finishing he is posed with a question. Before even he can answer ( which we knew wouldnt have been possible). Akshay stands up saying.... let me take it. I felt " Ho gaya ab" He says something. Then I come in I blabber for 10 minutes. Then best of all confused soul starts. So much so that the whole class is confused that they cannot remember what the question was.

Shivam finishes and the questions start again. This time we come as a group. Me blabbering for 10 minutes. Akshay adding his own fundas. Shivram giving benevolent smile , Prasun coming towards the end to confuse the questioner and making him forget the question and finally shivam ending every answer with. The book quotes "......", "this is what the book writes."

We finish, happy that we saved the fort.

Yesterday the marks came up and guess what - Our group scored the highest \m/.

And so ended the lite regime. We didnot know what the case was till 2hours before the case. Didnot have ohp slides. 2 group members didnot know what to say and we blabbered, confused and scared everybody to get the max \m/.

This is how we ended the Lite regime.

PS: The post still requires many other instances. Will be added later when others remember.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Das Ende

So here we are, at the end. The last few days of my Bitsian life. There are farewells all around. You name an organisation and there is a farewell for them. Hell yesterday even the dota players in the campus had something.

I had always envisioned myself that I would be senti, would feel sad and leave this place with a heavy heart. But frankly speaking I am not feeling anything. Absolutely Zilch. Its all like a big blur to me. Going to the farewells mechanically, putting on fake smiles, hooting at the graduation speeches and clicking lots of pictures. Frankly speaking the only remaining motivation for going to the farewells is the food ( The ice cream with hershey's choclate sauce was amazing , thank you BITSAA) and clicking pictures to upload them on various places on the net.

I guess this sem was never the same. Unlike all the other semesters I had in BITS. Nearly half of the people I knew were not on campus. With so less courses, there was hardly the element of pressure ( even when it was there previously I hardly took it :D). Even the euphoria of reuniting with DC died down after a month I suppose ( though I am sure it would be the thing I would miss the most after graduating). There were no activities to keep me busy. What was there were the awesome trips which I took. But that too finished about a month ago. I guess I had, had my farewell already. This was just another reunion for me.

So right now, sitting at the crossroads, hedging my bets.
Eating farewell dinners and writing crap on the net.
Clicking Pictures and saying goodbyes, till BITS lets.!

So before I am elligible for this:

Let me :

PS: I know the poem was bad, but what the hell, my blog my poem.

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