Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Pinkness of it all!

Pink! That's the colour colour everyone is embracing these days. You can see everyone talking about it from the out of work investment banker at Nariman point to hello ji blonde in sector 17 Chandigargh to Dud from Cannaught place Delhi to the techie from Brigade Road Bangalore. It is cool to take off a pink colour underwear and post it to the oppressor of the free world, the progressive thinking and forward thinking, pub going loose women ( the last one is a facebook group, i kinda like the name ( now my chances look nice !) ). Mr. Muthalik and his goons of Sri Ram Sena ( Heck why do the goons always try to malign the name of God) would probably not need to buy an underwear for next 3-4 generations. I mean thinking about it they will have use and throw underwear, no need to wash ( some of my neighbour's ultimate fantasy).

But on a serious note what has this sending of chaddi's achieved? It is gandhigiri at its best, but I do have my doubts about gandhi ji approving sending of videshi jockeys and victoria secrets ..... swadeshi langots would have a better option.But apart from giving underwear and lingerie manufacturers unusual profits in recession and Mr. Muthalik unlimited supply of chaddi's what has it done? Well for one  it has made Mr. Muthalik a person who till yesterday was able get only 4 journalists ( most of them out of work ) to his press conference is now giving speeches on prime time national television. It has worked the same way as he wanted it to work.  Beat up  upper middle class women while they are at the pub. The elite sensationalising Indian media would pick up the story ( well they dont care about torture and exploitation of hundred's of downtrodden women .... they just don't make good stories). Instead of focusing on the issue at hand and damning the accused to the police, they would run SMS campaign's titled " Kya humari Sanskriti ko valentine's Day Banana shobha deta hai ? haan ke liye 1 na ke liye 2 ". They would get the villain to give his inflamatory speeches and make a celebrity out of him. A few well meaning individuals would try to go against his tyrannical acts and start some sort of a movement. The youth will catch on and in a few days time it would become cool thing to do same way as probably a decade back celebrating valentine's day did.

I am not against the movement, but frankly speaking I don't see the point in it. The next I see is Mr. Muthalik and his Ram Sena using the Hindu sanskriti concept and winning seats in elections ( remember they are in Karnatka and playing the Hindu card would buy them votes...... Communal violence anyone?). He would go on national television and claim that the wayward youth of today have no morals  and are taking off their underwear and sending them to an unknown individual.  The still conservative Indian masses would listen to him and voila! he has a vote bank. In a few years he would realise the next big step is youth. This time he would forget his grudges against the pubs or drinks or partying or valentines day. The target would be somebody else. MNS did the same. Two years before their formation they tore up archies gallery on V day and now they say V day is a youth festival.

On top of it how does sending an underwear signify anything to do with V day ( not that silly V day children's joke again. ) These goons or political entrepreneurs trying to create their vote Banks should be handed over to police, not made celebrities of and certainly not being sent underwear's ( which last long long really long) For now i see Muthalik as have taken full advantage of his moment, The pink chaddi guys going back to their lives.... you reading this mundane blog and me giving my point of view after 3 months. the only person who benifitted from this is Mr. Muthalik think about it national television, a new political party, a ready vote bank and unlimited supply of underwear ( even if his party doesnot perform his lingerie shop definitely would from left over chaddi's) and to me the pink chaddi campaign is :
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