Saturday, November 1, 2008

Outsider or Native?

Well the past few days we have seen the ugly face of regionalism being played out in front of us in our drawing rooms. A person who was not given his "due" (as according to him) broke away from the place in which he honed his criminal ( i could have said political but i think criminal fits better. )  skills and in his desire to fit into his uncle's shoes repeated what the greying man had done 40 years back. The result for him has been, i feel even better than he expected. Leave apart local media he is seen on national telivision terrorising innocent people giving speeches which violate numerous of Indian laws ( alas only the police of the concerned state cannot find the clauses.)

In all of this it makes me wonder who am i? An outsider or a native? I am domiciled in Mumbai, so you would say i am a Mumbaikar. Well truly speaking even i consider myself so, but here lies the catch i don't know marathi. The only miniscule marathi i know is credited to travelling in BEST bus. Well so what does it make me according to you? Thats not all though my driving licence says i am from mumbai, my passport has a Bangalore ( Bengaluru ) address. My mother's passport has Ludhiana address while my Dad's has Delhi's. My birth certificate says is from Delhi, my Dad's Birth certificate is from Nainital. I am a Punjabi ( that's what my family told me ) but nobody from the family lives in Punjab. I have changed 7 schools and 4 different states. Currently i am interning in Delhi, after studying in goa for 3 years ( would head back there for another 6 months). My ancestors trace their roots to Lahore.

Makes me wonder what would happen to me if our government in its usual schiziophrenia passes a rule saying Maharashtra for Marathi's, Bihar for Bihari's , Bengal for Bengali's ...... and so on ? About Mumbai well the city the politician claims to produce sons of the soil actually didn't have any soil till about four centuries back. Bombay was a collection of 7 islands.  It's wealth has been accounted for by Gujarati and Parsee traders. Before 1960 there was no Maharashtra, the state of Bombay constituted of present day Gujarat and Maharashtra. So Bombay was in itself cosmopolitan right from the start. Even today the "outsiders" greatly outnumer the " son's of the soil" in the city. Finally about the politician himself. He says " whosoever doesnot speak Marathi has no right to live in Maharashtra and should be thrown out." Well I have never seen you speaking in Hindi, the national language of the republic of India,  going by your argument and drawing parallels...... shouldn't you be thrown out of INDIA?

Ps: Here is one thing you cannot change:
I have an election card which says i am entitled to vote in Mumbai, so be assured there is this 1 vote against you.
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