Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Opposition party ......opposition mob?

Well on a talk show a few days back BJP's Prime ministerial candidate had said " In a democracy the opposition should be treated as an adversary and not an enemy" , however the developments of past few days have made me wonder ..... whether the leader of opposition practices what he preaches.
When the UPA governement had come to power, i remember Barkha Dutt had written an editorial asking " Do we have an opposition?". It was a time when Left was at it usual " Stop reforms or we will pull you down" .... at that time BJP used to support reform bills and hence we used to see the party working towards development.
Then one fine day it all changed, perhaps it was because of Prime ministerial ambitions, or pure schizophrenia. The opposition party had a single aim , to bring down the government,citing any reasons. I won't like to dwell in the past but just to name a few ... the Ram Sethu issue and the most recent .... the Nuclear Deal.
But what definately was the nail in the Coffin were the remarks of a prominent party member alleging that was the governement itself who planned for the recent bomb blasts in the country to take focus away from .... of all things CASH FOR VOTES.
Then came the agitations following the Amarnath land transfer row. Peaceful agitation, rallies and protest are one thing, but having a militant stand is another. Their stand that talks are no solutions and nothing less than heeding to their demands would do .... is childish, to put it in words. The recent ban on Kashmiri truck drivers from leaving Jammu is doing more harm than good. The next thing we know is the goods from Kashmir valley will move to muzzafarabad and one link which kept Kashmir a solid part of india ( if one has the liberty to say that ) - Trade will collapse. Srinagar is already facing a shortage of medicines. Won't this all be an embarresment for the country in the international stage which has already being snubbed recently for its human rights violation?
Considering even if The main opposition Party comes to power ( which looks unlikely , looking at the power of third front which just emerged ) , it would waste 2 initial years of its tenure just trying to sought the problems created by itself previously.
In the end all these things have made me wonder ..... " Do we really have an opposition party or an opposition mob?"

I have always been a rightist and a self confessed capatalist ..... and hence my support has always been for rightists. But with the recent developments, I now wonder whom to support. Currently I feel that if the only Prime ministerial candidate declared so far has any hopes of getting to that all powerful office , then the best thing he can do is lie low and let the problems of inflation , anti incumbancy factor and economic deficit reign in. Otherwise whatever he seems to do ..... do more harm than good ..... both for him as well as for the country.

I certainly feel ... if he leader of opposition has any serious hopes of becoming Prime minister then the best thing he can do is to keep low.
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