Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hate Saturday's

Well Garfield is one of my favorite characters. He is the epitome of the life a lot of people wish to live. Eat, sleep, watch Tv, Bully your boss , bully your subordinate ... and love lasagna. He also happens to hate Mondays. Just as i hate SATURDAYS.
There was a time when Saturdays used to be fun. The first holiday of the weekend. The feeling that the next day is a holiday to homework can still be kept at bay. When Saturday was the day when trips and excursions were planned, when cricket was played was hours at stretch. When the Saturday noon show was usual hangout place.

But then one fine day i started with the PS program and the things chnged for 6 months. Saturdays are the days when you work for 9 hours knowing that most of your friends are sleeping for most part of the day. When the gtalk is half its usual strength because people are -not up yet, not in companies or both. The feeling starts creeping from Friday evening .... when Gtalk announces- XYZ movie tonight, Club tonight, Hard Rock cafe tonight or any damn thing tonight.

Actually i never quiet understood why Garfield hated Mondays .... for him everyday was the same ..... just as it was for me for past 3 years.Well probably it is the punishment for treating everyday as Sunday for last 3 years of my life. Going to college for few lectures or labs ( BITS has no compulsory attendance ). Watching series after series, considering even the 250m walk from hostel to B-dome as tiring and using it as an excuse " kon jayega itna door ". Ab to roz 17km travel karna padta hai !!!.

Truly said - What goes around comes around

Ps: on Saturdays Bake's " I am not satisfied with my life ..uh-huh " ... is the highest..
His latest statement .... " I am a connoisseur of beauty..... if P*mp would have been a respectable proffesion ....i would have probably taken it .".......... ( after 2 minutes ) ..... " Barbaad ho gaye yaar !!! "

pps: This post was inspired by prateek's post
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