Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are we coming of age?

A Recent survey pointed out that one of the differences between the developed and developing economies is the way they view group dynamics. The developed economies view individual successes while the developing economies view the group behaviour as a whole. The survey was conducted by asking americans and asians to look at behaviour of fish in water. While americans described how the biggest fish in the pond looked, its coulor and other features. The asians described how the fishes moved together as whole in the pond.

So how does this survey connect with medals shown in the start of this pic. Well yesterday India won a bronze medal atr wrestling and got assured of a medal in boxing. This took our total medal tally to 3. Something never heard of before. But this olympics has been unlike any other previously. Leaving apart the total number of medals, it is different in many other ways. All the 3 medals which we have got have come in individual events. Ironically for hockey India's bastion in which we won gold medals ..... we didnot qualify for this year's olympics. Is the the way we think changing? Are we moving away from viewing our achievements as group to actually giving weight to individuals?

I believe yes. There is a paradigm shift in the way we are talking about success. For the first time i hear our national TV channels talking about London 2012, this too when 2008 olympics have not even ended. Our sportsmen eyeing the London games. We know the names of Saina Nehwal , Akhil Kumar , Jitendar Kumar .... who were this close to a medal. We are exuberating confidence. Yes, there is definately a change. Cricket has taken a back seat .... atleast for a while. Yesterday India won over Sri Lanka, but it was not the main news in the sports segment. It was given a passing mention , like used to happen to countless other sports previously. The story of the day were medals.

Another intersting phenomenon. This displayed what we as a country are. A country of dreams. A country where boys from Bhiwani can dream about a medal and fight it out , even fighting all odds ( sadly one of them .... the poor state of infrastructure ). 2 out of the 3 medals we have got have come from people with modest backrounds. " Dream are not what you see while you sleep but those that don't let you sleep" - A quote by Akhil Kumar. How many of us would have expected such a quote from a boxer? But here it is, the man who defeated the world champion himself .... riding among other things one his self determination and belief.

Finally not to forget about the crown itself - The Gold. 112 years and we finally broke the Jinx. I still get goosebumps whenever i see the video of flag going up and national anthem playing on youtube. A person who came back from an injury to secure a gold. The reply " Its not a big deal, I am just amazed why has it taken us 112 years to get 1 " .... probably shows the spirit of new India.

Have we arrived? No , We still have a long way to go. 3 is a start ..... Micheal Phelps himselfs got more medals than us :D . But yes we are coming of Age. The story of new India has just started.

PS: On a lighter note ..... Probably our own Haryanvi Jaats considered Bhiwani , Bejing ka Akhada. Who knows one day you may find a jaat with a smoking beedi , chewing a datun , draped ina shawl moving his bufaalo through streets of bejing. " HURRRRRR HUK HUK ...... oye haka noodles ( to some chinese ) side mein hole ..... road thare baap ki hai ke "

all it does is reminds me of my tryst with Haryana ..... those 2 weeks at NIT Kurukshetra.
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