Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are we coming of age?

A Recent survey pointed out that one of the differences between the developed and developing economies is the way they view group dynamics. The developed economies view individual successes while the developing economies view the group behaviour as a whole. The survey was conducted by asking americans and asians to look at behaviour of fish in water. While americans described how the biggest fish in the pond looked, its coulor and other features. The asians described how the fishes moved together as whole in the pond.

So how does this survey connect with medals shown in the start of this pic. Well yesterday India won a bronze medal atr wrestling and got assured of a medal in boxing. This took our total medal tally to 3. Something never heard of before. But this olympics has been unlike any other previously. Leaving apart the total number of medals, it is different in many other ways. All the 3 medals which we have got have come in individual events. Ironically for hockey India's bastion in which we won gold medals ..... we didnot qualify for this year's olympics. Is the the way we think changing? Are we moving away from viewing our achievements as group to actually giving weight to individuals?

I believe yes. There is a paradigm shift in the way we are talking about success. For the first time i hear our national TV channels talking about London 2012, this too when 2008 olympics have not even ended. Our sportsmen eyeing the London games. We know the names of Saina Nehwal , Akhil Kumar , Jitendar Kumar .... who were this close to a medal. We are exuberating confidence. Yes, there is definately a change. Cricket has taken a back seat .... atleast for a while. Yesterday India won over Sri Lanka, but it was not the main news in the sports segment. It was given a passing mention , like used to happen to countless other sports previously. The story of the day were medals.

Another intersting phenomenon. This displayed what we as a country are. A country of dreams. A country where boys from Bhiwani can dream about a medal and fight it out , even fighting all odds ( sadly one of them .... the poor state of infrastructure ). 2 out of the 3 medals we have got have come from people with modest backrounds. " Dream are not what you see while you sleep but those that don't let you sleep" - A quote by Akhil Kumar. How many of us would have expected such a quote from a boxer? But here it is, the man who defeated the world champion himself .... riding among other things one his self determination and belief.

Finally not to forget about the crown itself - The Gold. 112 years and we finally broke the Jinx. I still get goosebumps whenever i see the video of flag going up and national anthem playing on youtube. A person who came back from an injury to secure a gold. The reply " Its not a big deal, I am just amazed why has it taken us 112 years to get 1 " .... probably shows the spirit of new India.

Have we arrived? No , We still have a long way to go. 3 is a start ..... Micheal Phelps himselfs got more medals than us :D . But yes we are coming of Age. The story of new India has just started.

PS: On a lighter note ..... Probably our own Haryanvi Jaats considered Bhiwani , Bejing ka Akhada. Who knows one day you may find a jaat with a smoking beedi , chewing a datun , draped ina shawl moving his bufaalo through streets of bejing. " HURRRRRR HUK HUK ...... oye haka noodles ( to some chinese ) side mein hole ..... road thare baap ki hai ke "

all it does is reminds me of my tryst with Haryana ..... those 2 weeks at NIT Kurukshetra.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well in everybody's life there comes a time when one has to let someone go. Some one who was always close to you. Who was with you when you needed somebody the most. Some one who shared all your joys and sorrows. Some one with whom you celebrated every valentine's day. I also had some one like that in my life - my Laptop.

It was the winter of 2005, I had come home for Diwali vacations, it was then that i first laid my eyes on it.... and it was love at first sight. From then started the journey together.

For 3 years it never let me feel the shortage of girls in BITS. Took full care of entertairnment - movies, Tv series ..... etc. Even this blog was started on it. Showed the slides of the luctures. ftp : . DC was first logged on it. And for you BH4 and BH3 guys.... it was this laptop which configured your LAN for the first time.

Those were its glory days. But then it started showing problems. It started with its voice... speakers. Firstly left one went and then the right one. then started with battery went down to 1/2 an hour and then before leaving Bits 2 minutes. In delhi it refused to operate without ac power. And a few days back .... it refused to open with the power itself. Operated for 5 minutes after trying to connect it in various poses and then went off.......

That was it ..... i had to bid it goodbye ......
Rest in peace .................

Ps : btw i ordered a new dell studio 15.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Pay

I got my first Pay today ..... just wanted it record it somewhere.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Opposition party ......opposition mob?

Well on a talk show a few days back BJP's Prime ministerial candidate had said " In a democracy the opposition should be treated as an adversary and not an enemy" , however the developments of past few days have made me wonder ..... whether the leader of opposition practices what he preaches.
When the UPA governement had come to power, i remember Barkha Dutt had written an editorial asking " Do we have an opposition?". It was a time when Left was at it usual " Stop reforms or we will pull you down" .... at that time BJP used to support reform bills and hence we used to see the party working towards development.
Then one fine day it all changed, perhaps it was because of Prime ministerial ambitions, or pure schizophrenia. The opposition party had a single aim , to bring down the government,citing any reasons. I won't like to dwell in the past but just to name a few ... the Ram Sethu issue and the most recent .... the Nuclear Deal.
But what definately was the nail in the Coffin were the remarks of a prominent party member alleging that was the governement itself who planned for the recent bomb blasts in the country to take focus away from .... of all things CASH FOR VOTES.
Then came the agitations following the Amarnath land transfer row. Peaceful agitation, rallies and protest are one thing, but having a militant stand is another. Their stand that talks are no solutions and nothing less than heeding to their demands would do .... is childish, to put it in words. The recent ban on Kashmiri truck drivers from leaving Jammu is doing more harm than good. The next thing we know is the goods from Kashmir valley will move to muzzafarabad and one link which kept Kashmir a solid part of india ( if one has the liberty to say that ) - Trade will collapse. Srinagar is already facing a shortage of medicines. Won't this all be an embarresment for the country in the international stage which has already being snubbed recently for its human rights violation?
Considering even if The main opposition Party comes to power ( which looks unlikely , looking at the power of third front which just emerged ) , it would waste 2 initial years of its tenure just trying to sought the problems created by itself previously.
In the end all these things have made me wonder ..... " Do we really have an opposition party or an opposition mob?"

I have always been a rightist and a self confessed capatalist ..... and hence my support has always been for rightists. But with the recent developments, I now wonder whom to support. Currently I feel that if the only Prime ministerial candidate declared so far has any hopes of getting to that all powerful office , then the best thing he can do is lie low and let the problems of inflation , anti incumbancy factor and economic deficit reign in. Otherwise whatever he seems to do ..... do more harm than good ..... both for him as well as for the country.

I certainly feel ... if he leader of opposition has any serious hopes of becoming Prime minister then the best thing he can do is to keep low.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hate Saturday's

Well Garfield is one of my favorite characters. He is the epitome of the life a lot of people wish to live. Eat, sleep, watch Tv, Bully your boss , bully your subordinate ... and love lasagna. He also happens to hate Mondays. Just as i hate SATURDAYS.
There was a time when Saturdays used to be fun. The first holiday of the weekend. The feeling that the next day is a holiday to homework can still be kept at bay. When Saturday was the day when trips and excursions were planned, when cricket was played was hours at stretch. When the Saturday noon show was usual hangout place.

But then one fine day i started with the PS program and the things chnged for 6 months. Saturdays are the days when you work for 9 hours knowing that most of your friends are sleeping for most part of the day. When the gtalk is half its usual strength because people are -not up yet, not in companies or both. The feeling starts creeping from Friday evening .... when Gtalk announces- XYZ movie tonight, Club tonight, Hard Rock cafe tonight or any damn thing tonight.

Actually i never quiet understood why Garfield hated Mondays .... for him everyday was the same ..... just as it was for me for past 3 years.Well probably it is the punishment for treating everyday as Sunday for last 3 years of my life. Going to college for few lectures or labs ( BITS has no compulsory attendance ). Watching series after series, considering even the 250m walk from hostel to B-dome as tiring and using it as an excuse " kon jayega itna door ". Ab to roz 17km travel karna padta hai !!!.

Truly said - What goes around comes around

Ps: on Saturdays Bake's " I am not satisfied with my life ..uh-huh " ... is the highest..
His latest statement .... " I am a connoisseur of beauty..... if P*mp would have been a respectable proffesion ....i would have probably taken it .".......... ( after 2 minutes ) ..... " Barbaad ho gaye yaar !!! "

pps: This post was inspired by prateek's post