Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hidden Desires

Well all of us love a few things in this world. Some of us love our girlfriends, some love sports , some love their marks ( damn you 10p geeks) , Some people love to talk , some people love give advice and some ...... well love food. Well since probably a girl will have to be completely out of her senses before she accepts me ( That Friends LA episode ... still my fantasy ... aayega aayega mera number aayega ) and marks leaving me high and dry after school, in sports India's dismal performance ( At the time of writing India just lost to SL in inings defeat)..... my true love remains .. well Ice Cream.

So with the recent 103 fever and 2 subsequent holidays from work ..... i ws separated from my true love. Day in and day out passing through streets of delhi .... seeing mother diary , kwality walls, Baskin Robins and my Childhood love .... Nirula's Manhatan mania ..... made me feel like a 3 year old child looking at the neighbours new bicycle. Delhi after the initial culture shock looked pretty good. I mean the city is known for food and for a foodie like me ... it was turning out to be a paradise. The weather improved, it rained a bit ..... DU colleges opened ... so DTC buses had new flock of you know what .... it was turning out well. But imagine no Ice cream after that great meal, No ice cream in rain ...... it was like something was not complete. The fever was down .... but cough was still there.
So this weekend Dad came.... After dinner when we came out of the restraunt ..... there it was my first love Nirula's Manhattan mania ..... but on one side was Grandmom with her stern warning no ice cream and on other side .... that creamy concert of nuts and fruits. I looked at Dad .... pleaded .... i am fine can have one ....he didnot relent in front of grandmom ... but while coming back we took a detourand there i was at Nirulas counter.
before buying my Dad asked " You are fine pucca na " and i replied "ya". But this is where equation changes ... just as the guy was putting ice cream in cone ... i felt that huge urge to cough .... but there it was .... the food of the gods and if i coughed it would be snatched away. Slowed my urge and took the ice cream. Ate it as fast as i could. enjoyed the feeling ...... Aaaah what a taste. ANd then ....
And then as if flood gates open ..... coughed like i never did before..... came home quietly took a syrup and went to sleep ......
In the morning ..... was afraid to face dad .... but he was laughing and asked " SO how was ice cream "

DAD rocks....
and so does Ice cream!
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