Monday, July 14, 2008

Because somethings change and some never do

Well i saw " Jaane tu ya jaane na" yesterday. Loved the movie . However there was a part where Jai ( imran khan ) reminds Aditi ( genila ) that college has ended and then she starts crying. And at that moment i realised what change is taking place in my life. The carefree days of waking up at 8, moving around pulling somebody's leg , patting on a friend's back are over. Now i work till late evening , catch an over crowded bus and fight my way back home. I never thought that i would be writing this but i miss the sight of B - dome drenched in rain. I miss taking out my cell and calling Varun to accompany me to cafe whenever i dont like the food. I miss coming back and finding subodh in his angry mode, kak, holu and dhruv with warcraft . I miss those trips to anathashram with kalsi varun and all. I miss anuvesh's and bala's antics.I hate to say it but i miss people coming out in hostel courtyard and shouting nimmo on top of their voice. I miss going to VGH with Angad and a bottle of appy in hand. I miss shouting at Kaka for not telling if an assignment was due. I miss saying " kahaan reh gayi thi tu " to Akshay, giving my two hand greeting to gaurav , prateek and sethi. Sometimes while walking out of door i miss Anirudh roaming in corridor with a book in hand. I would give anything to hear Purnoor's baritone of songs ( which i hated ) or Puneet's singing " Tu hi ........ meri ..... shabh hai .............................. subah hai " in the bathroom, to go and band on Mohammed's door whenever i feel frustrate, to go and frustrate Alok ..... to pull Anirudh's legg with Himanshu.I missandrews walking in the corridor like a rapper. I miss Lita coming out of nowhere and saying " Hi Nimit " and her b -rant. I miss Pranshu's punches , tillu's sarcasm and Sanskriti's " Nimit Bhaiya" . I miss chickan's sarcasm , boxers funda's ... adi's desperation , vishruts bihariness....... vishal's computer links. I miss choos on dc( hell i miss Dc) and having those double fry with him and gaurav at jhopdi. I miss punter's " what the hell" his various conspiracy theories. I miss being buullied by chaitanya... sabne's anger.... sreesan's Elephants I miss a lot of things ..... but most i miss the feeling of being together..... sometimes going alone to vgh and watching the sun set.

Like the claasic line from Matrix
"Because some things change and some never do "
I know i have 6 more months back in colege...... but it wont be the same without half the people i mentioned above. I just lived the most beautiful part of my life for 3 years.

On lighter side the only thing i dont miss is Mayank putting his hands on his head and shouting " Barbaaad ho gaye yaaar " whenever he gets stuck on something.

I truly miss BITS!.

ps: btw movie mein ghoda kya tha ...... saala colaba se santacruz non stop bhaaga .
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