Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hidden Desires

Well all of us love a few things in this world. Some of us love our girlfriends, some love sports , some love their marks ( damn you 10p geeks) , Some people love to talk , some people love give advice and some ...... well love food. Well since probably a girl will have to be completely out of her senses before she accepts me ( That Friends LA episode ... still my fantasy ... aayega aayega mera number aayega ) and marks leaving me high and dry after school, in sports India's dismal performance ( At the time of writing India just lost to SL in inings defeat)..... my true love remains .. well Ice Cream.

So with the recent 103 fever and 2 subsequent holidays from work ..... i ws separated from my true love. Day in and day out passing through streets of delhi .... seeing mother diary , kwality walls, Baskin Robins and my Childhood love .... Nirula's Manhatan mania ..... made me feel like a 3 year old child looking at the neighbours new bicycle. Delhi after the initial culture shock looked pretty good. I mean the city is known for food and for a foodie like me ... it was turning out to be a paradise. The weather improved, it rained a bit ..... DU colleges opened ... so DTC buses had new flock of you know what .... it was turning out well. But imagine no Ice cream after that great meal, No ice cream in rain ...... it was like something was not complete. The fever was down .... but cough was still there.
So this weekend Dad came.... After dinner when we came out of the restraunt ..... there it was my first love Nirula's Manhattan mania ..... but on one side was Grandmom with her stern warning no ice cream and on other side .... that creamy concert of nuts and fruits. I looked at Dad .... pleaded .... i am fine can have one ....he didnot relent in front of grandmom ... but while coming back we took a detourand there i was at Nirulas counter.
before buying my Dad asked " You are fine pucca na " and i replied "ya". But this is where equation changes ... just as the guy was putting ice cream in cone ... i felt that huge urge to cough .... but there it was .... the food of the gods and if i coughed it would be snatched away. Slowed my urge and took the ice cream. Ate it as fast as i could. enjoyed the feeling ...... Aaaah what a taste. ANd then ....
And then as if flood gates open ..... coughed like i never did before..... came home quietly took a syrup and went to sleep ......
In the morning ..... was afraid to face dad .... but he was laughing and asked " SO how was ice cream "

DAD rocks....
and so does Ice cream!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Because somethings change and some never do

Well i saw " Jaane tu ya jaane na" yesterday. Loved the movie . However there was a part where Jai ( imran khan ) reminds Aditi ( genila ) that college has ended and then she starts crying. And at that moment i realised what change is taking place in my life. The carefree days of waking up at 8, moving around pulling somebody's leg , patting on a friend's back are over. Now i work till late evening , catch an over crowded bus and fight my way back home. I never thought that i would be writing this but i miss the sight of B - dome drenched in rain. I miss taking out my cell and calling Varun to accompany me to cafe whenever i dont like the food. I miss coming back and finding subodh in his angry mode, kak, holu and dhruv with warcraft . I miss those trips to anathashram with kalsi varun and all. I miss anuvesh's and bala's antics.I hate to say it but i miss people coming out in hostel courtyard and shouting nimmo on top of their voice. I miss going to VGH with Angad and a bottle of appy in hand. I miss shouting at Kaka for not telling if an assignment was due. I miss saying " kahaan reh gayi thi tu " to Akshay, giving my two hand greeting to gaurav , prateek and sethi. Sometimes while walking out of door i miss Anirudh roaming in corridor with a book in hand. I would give anything to hear Purnoor's baritone of songs ( which i hated ) or Puneet's singing " Tu hi ........ meri ..... shabh hai .............................. subah hai " in the bathroom, to go and band on Mohammed's door whenever i feel frustrate, to go and frustrate Alok ..... to pull Anirudh's legg with Himanshu.I missandrews walking in the corridor like a rapper. I miss Lita coming out of nowhere and saying " Hi Nimit " and her b -rant. I miss Pranshu's punches , tillu's sarcasm and Sanskriti's " Nimit Bhaiya" . I miss chickan's sarcasm , boxers funda's ... adi's desperation , vishruts bihariness....... vishal's computer links. I miss choos on dc( hell i miss Dc) and having those double fry with him and gaurav at jhopdi. I miss punter's " what the hell" his various conspiracy theories. I miss being buullied by chaitanya... sabne's anger.... sreesan's Elephants I miss a lot of things ..... but most i miss the feeling of being together..... sometimes going alone to vgh and watching the sun set.

Like the claasic line from Matrix
"Because some things change and some never do "
I know i have 6 more months back in colege...... but it wont be the same without half the people i mentioned above. I just lived the most beautiful part of my life for 3 years.

On lighter side the only thing i dont miss is Mayank putting his hands on his head and shouting " Barbaaad ho gaye yaaar " whenever he gets stuck on something.

I truly miss BITS!.

ps: btw movie mein ghoda kya tha ...... saala colaba se santacruz non stop bhaaga .

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The delhi dossier

Well its 5:16 pm on saturday , last half an hour in office. I dont have much to do , alone getting bored in India's national capital. Well so here i am in delhi , dilli or dehli whatever you call it. The city with wide roads and lush green pavements. The city with long flyovers and a metro construction going on in every place you turn your head to. And yes the city of beautiful girls. These are some of the welcome changes from Bombay the bustling city ..... which now i call my hometown without even thinking ( though iwas born in delhi). But the up points end there. The transport system needs a major overhauling, buses are crowded , conductors are rude .... the city lacks civility. The is an inherent dryness in the dusty weather of this place. looking out of the window of my bus one constant thing which i notice is whereever you look you will find an eatery from a small chaat walla to the biggest of 5 stars. The mornings are bright and parks are a great place for a jog. But while doing the same jog in bombay you find people discussing styocks and shares .... in delhi the only constant noises you here are " ma ******* Behen ****** uski ***** " .
About eating places a thing which i noticed . In Bombay if ever you find a crowd gathered around a spot you can be sure some fight has taken place...... but in delhi i can bet my money on there must be an eating joint around. The city loves to eat and loves to boast. For a bombay boy like me with his bombay sensibilities still entact all this things apear a bit strange to me. About the girls..... yeah i have to concede Delhi girls are more beautiful but bombay girls are smarter ... hence more desirable. Another thing about delhi is the power you feel when you roam through its heart.... pssing supreme court , upsc , parliament ...... you do come to know where power lies.
Anyways i have to spend 6 months in this place with its overcrowded buses, insanely long red lights, rude conductors, great foods, beautiful girls green parks with choicest of things to hear .... i hope i will survive ... do you.

I still miss Bombay

ps: in all of this i have mayanl "bake" singh to keep me company and make me laugh with his antics ..... the eroors we make and the jokes we share ...... it is always great to have a bihari by your side.