Friday, May 23, 2008


Well for the most part of last week i was enjoying at home. So as it is i did not have any intellectual thought about which i can blog about.So here are a few things which i wondered about lately!

1. Why do you get to meet the hottest girls in the most boring places- like the bank token waiting line.
2. Why do the latest thumbs up Ads show Akshay kumar performing dare devil stunts to steal one thumbs up- Do they want us all to steal our bottle of Thumbs Up.
3.Why does Facebook ask me whether i would like to date myself?
4. Why do you think about people and miss them only when you know you are not going to meet them again ?
5. Why does a person like me , Living withou a fan for virtualy one whole semester finds it hard to sleep without a/c at night ?
6. Why do they show crowds but not the cheer leaders in ipl - common the franchises spent money on the cheer leaders not on the crowds- everbody comes only to watch them .
7.Why do people support teams and not players - I mean finally when you come to think of it , you are just supporting a pair of t shirts running accross the ground. The same player when he wears the t - shirt of your team is a god, but the moment his t shirt changes - you boo him.
8.Why are you still reading this blog?

well that was all. This post is primarily being put up so that i don't feel guilty of not blogging in the vacations. ...... Why do i feel guilty ?
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