Friday, May 23, 2008


Well for the most part of last week i was enjoying at home. So as it is i did not have any intellectual thought about which i can blog about.So here are a few things which i wondered about lately!

1. Why do you get to meet the hottest girls in the most boring places- like the bank token waiting line.
2. Why do the latest thumbs up Ads show Akshay kumar performing dare devil stunts to steal one thumbs up- Do they want us all to steal our bottle of Thumbs Up.
3.Why does Facebook ask me whether i would like to date myself?
4. Why do you think about people and miss them only when you know you are not going to meet them again ?
5. Why does a person like me , Living withou a fan for virtualy one whole semester finds it hard to sleep without a/c at night ?
6. Why do they show crowds but not the cheer leaders in ipl - common the franchises spent money on the cheer leaders not on the crowds- everbody comes only to watch them .
7.Why do people support teams and not players - I mean finally when you come to think of it , you are just supporting a pair of t shirts running accross the ground. The same player when he wears the t - shirt of your team is a god, but the moment his t shirt changes - you boo him.
8.Why are you still reading this blog?

well that was all. This post is primarily being put up so that i don't feel guilty of not blogging in the vacations. ...... Why do i feel guilty ?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Met Jefferey Archer

Well he was busy signing books that time. Got my copy of "Prisoner of Birth " signed... took a pic and was off. Well i got lucky had gone to landmark in one of my usual ... Landmark ko looto bina paise kay ( read books without paying for it) and then saw a board declaring Jefferey Archer book signing .... so finally bought one. Apart from it ... enjoyed his speech ... his experiences about -Not a penny more , Not a penny less. His thoughts on Cricket and Indian roads. All in all nice experience on meeting one of the most admired authors in the world

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prisoners of Birth

Have you ever wondered , what would have happened if you were not born in the same family in which you are now ? What would have happened if you were born in a millionaire or a billionaire family? and what if.... you were born to a beggar ?

Today i traveled by local. The journey was usual local types.... cramped spaces, smeely fellow commuters, wind hitting your face, getting all the vibes and feeling the Bombay buzz. Then suddenly at one station 2 girls the older one not more than 8-9 years and the younger one not more than 4-5 got into the train. The older girl was holding two marble pieces. Soon she started singing " Shirdi vaale sai Baba " and beating the two marble pieces in a monotonic rhythm. I wondered then .... most of the girls of her age which i know were probably enjoying a summer camp somewhere- attending drawing, dance , music classes all over the place. There most grave worry might probably be that they didnot complete the drawing or couldnot get a dance step right. While here the biggest worry of the girl was - SURVIVAL. Her biggest fear was not getting enough money at the end of the day to feed her and her sister's stomach.

What was her mistake? That she was born in an improveshid family. That her parents couldnot afford to provide her even 2 meals a day - forget about education and health care. A choice which she definately didnot make. How much can a person's life change by the circumstances that surround him/her. This girl might beg on local trains till she is 13-14. Then get married and work as domestic help in various houses in the city.... that too if she is lucky. Otherwise the lanes which she treads on are dark. And on the other hand a girl who is currently attending various classes has little to worry about and mostly has her future secure.

Soon the girl's song ended ... a station was approaching. The 2 girls divided the compartment going on the either side asking for money. I normally don't pay the beggars but today this time i gave a rupee ( Don't know why...felt like it). Some people took out the money, some ignored them ...some glared angrily at them. They took the money in their tiny hands. As the station approached the older girl held the younger one's hand and alighted the train. Probably to carry the same affair in some other train on the same track.

We talk about justice for all. Equal opportunities for everyone.... every child is special. But what about the injustice which happens at the very start? The girls will never study ... will beg in heat, rain , sun over and over again everyday... Will never get a chance to go to school or college. Who is to blame? There are 13.6 million child workers in India. Think about it ... everyday we might be losing a Kiran Bedi , Indira nooyi and Kalpana chawla to the dusty tracks of local trains.

I want to do something for the children ... but have no idea what to . That time the only thing which struck me was to give the liitle girl a coin.The only thing which i feel now i can do is ... blog about it.
Strange are the ways of the world!

Friday, May 16, 2008

An Era ENDS!

The last post from Ah4 364. Will miss this place - the place which changed me forever. An era ends today 16 may 2008.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Room called AH4 -364

Well it has been an insanely long time since i blogged. Sorry for it .... but the last few days have been hectic add to that my vow of not writing any senti post. Well i have a feeling this one is gonna be a short one ( wait re .... lemme get into the groove before i bore you with long posts!) .

Anyways this post is about a 8 feet by 8 feet by dont know (is too high) space in hostel AH4. My association with it started on the drizzly morning of 8 August 2005. I came to this place .... thinking i would get GH3 (B) ( later in the post ...more abt it!) ... and lo behold ... during the registration i became the Last person to get AH4.
Well to me this place looked nothing short of a resort ( consider that i had spent 2 weeks in NIT where hostels resembled cellar jail .... and bathrooms had lines in the morning ). And the room well looked great with everything. The place had interesting neighbours .....Purnoor Goofy surd living opposite , Anirudh geeky 10 pointer living next door, cool DUD Mohammed living a few doors down, the nigga andrew throw some more downs and on other side ..... humari pyari aalok rani with churu.All in all it looked good.

Then came the second semester ..... and we the mighty crusaders faced the biggest water crisis in the history of this college ( yes .... you all other hostel vaalas ..... it was worse than this year ) . Think abt 180 guys with buckets in hand trooping down to the next neighbour hostel to rob them of water ( there is a reason why we support AH3 in zephyr ... pet aur pani ka sawaal hai aakhir! )

Well Cut to a year after and this time i was in goa in my ps1 ( aah those were the days!) . any how this time i was given some obscure room in GH3 (b) . It is said you only realize the true value of a thing when it is taken away from you. Same thing with me ... the place sucked. A girls hostel and boys living in it .... lacked essential commodities ..boring, lifeless monotonous place.Thanked god didnot get it on the first day . Ohh by the way ...... the last second allotment proved the blessing in disguise .... the boys of our hostel were so busy searching for water .... that they didnot realise whom they were voting for in 2 year ... and elected me as hostel rep ..... aakhri banda .

Cut to a year later and thats when the fun begins! . Semester 6 - till this time the story has been about AH4 , by this time we have faced ...ummm lets see water crisis, power crisis , LAN crisis , Warden crisis ( first year mat bhoolo bhaiyon ) etc etc . Now comes the hero in the picture! AH4 - 364. Well it happened one fine day ... Quark had just ended .... and soon night my fan stops rotating ... i thought again one of those powercuts. But wait next day my neighbour puts Metallica on full blast ( while he is not in the room .... and this usually wakes me up ) ... but made me realize my fan had died. A few complaints and a bit of nagging later .... the repair guys turn up after a month and repair my fan. I thought this was it .
2.Cut to one month after that ... just before waves ... i come back to my room put on the switch and bugger refuses to rotate. Again the following procedure and this time they turn up after 3 weeks. i thought ab chalga!
3.cut to 5 days after that .... i come back from panjim ... switch on the fan and .... BLAST!. It sparked blasted .. took out some fumes and died again ( this was the most dramatic of all ). It took them 2 weeks this time to come. In between i sometimes used to switch ... just to see the fireworks i.e light and sound show.
4. And this time finally 3 days before the sem ended it started slowing down . With each passing day its speed reduced. I could feel the pain he was going through ( or i was to go through ). Dying a slow painful death ...wishing someone could put an end to his misery. And that Saviour was a powercut ... one fine day it stopped rotating ... and never rotated again!. Th repair guys came in 1 week this time.

Now i think i get frequent flier miles with the fan repair guys. Their call times have reduced by a week everytime the fan died. According to the pattern he should be there the 5 time my fan dies. Which he has promised .... says as soon as new fans come ... they will be in this room . Although when i asked the conversation took in following way :
Me: Bhaiya ye kitne din chalega
Rm ( repair man ) : Aap kab tak ho yahan par
Me : 12 din aur
Rm : tab tak to chal jana chahiye ... 10 din chalne ki main gaurantee deta hu .

well thats it .... the sem is ending and i will be pushed out of this room ( yay! ) and someone will come share the story from now on. Though however adventures i had with this room and hostel .... it will always be special ( because it is a boys hostel ) . No power, No fan , NO LAN, NO water .... still we rock!. I am hoping i get last 2 non guarantee days with this fan!
" Rock solid to the core ... Here comes AH4 "

ps : This is for the guy who gets this room after me ..... Apparently fan is not your only problem. As of now the back of the chair on which i am sitting is broken. one of the curtain hooks went missing in 1st year ... doing temporary arrangemnt....spilled some liquid some time in 3 years ... stains still on the floor .... the table is not all that clean .... the plug switch .. i think one may stop working soon ... probably has some voltage problem ..... baki sab abhi tak theek hai! if there is anything else .... my sympathies will always be with you. R.I.P

if you are still reading ... this was not all that short also!