Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why is the journey more important than the end ?

Just take a look around, see what everybody is doing. What do you see? People are involved in mundane activities, squirming thorough drudgeries of life like moths around fire. Ask anybody just for a moment what they want, and most of the time you will find souls confused, in self doubt about what they want. Everybody swims with the flow. People do what the next person is doing or what the world is doing. Somehow nowadays the journey has become more important than the end. Why?

Well why i wanted to write this blog was not because of the questions which i have asked above. But because of the recent controversy about the battle of Longewala of 1971 Indo- Pak war. How are the two things related? Well to me they are. The way i look at it, both the forces are giving more importance to the journey than the end. The bottom line is that WE WON THE WAR. The airforce played a pivotal role in the operation. But i do believe nobody could have held a battalion for 3 hours straight without the help of ground forces. What the truth is we will never know. I tried to do some secondary research in the internet ( ya i get that yawn!!! ) to see some account from the other side ( pakistani ) side of the story. Most of the accounts were by Indians and those by pakistani's didnot answer the question satisfactorily. But whats the point of coming out with the story after 37 years ?

Thinking about the topic now and looking at my life ... i feel i have somehow given more importance to the journey than the end. Like asking myself whether i could clear engineering entrance exams ? rather than what is engineering ? or asking myself how can i perform well in this area .... rather than what will happen if a perform well in this XYZ area? The end , the pinnacle is always overshadowed behind the tumultuous journey. Looking at my friends and descisions which they are making .... i feel someof them are still going ahead with the journey not knowing what will be the end.

Why do we do it? The answer to this i will never know, because consciously or subconsciously even i have a lot of times given more importance to journey. What i can only do is speculate. What i feel is people are afraid. Yes they are afraid of making decisions. Decisions which they might make looking at the end which they want, for which the journey might be different from the path traveled by and by doing so they might be alone. So people take on the journey as hundreds before have taken. They go and fight each battle on the way, even though some might not be their own only believing that one day on the journey they would find their destination and leave the path. The destination which maynot be the end which they would have desired. Why? Only because from the very beginning we have been taught to make sacrifices, compromises and even with our goals and aspirations we sometimes do it.

I dont know why i wrote this post, what i intended to do ... but right now the only ending remarks i can think off is - WAKE UP before the journey ends.

ps: this post reminds me of one of my earlier posts though not the same.
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