Sunday, March 9, 2008

The ride

There is a feeling which everybody gets when they get on a roller coaster. There is this initial apprehension , a mix of fear , anxiety , excitement , thrill and a hope to have some fun. Then when the ride is on its peak , there is only 1 feeling .... "why the hell did i take this ride ?" . This is the point where you are shouting your guts off. And then there is this part when the ride slows down , you see the end approaching and the only thing you wish is .... " god , i want to do this again. "

Yesterday Waves 2008 ended. Sitting on the lawn listening to Evergreen, it hit me for the first time that this roller coaster ride of my BITSian experience is coming to an end. There was this slow realisation which dawned on me. The only thing i did was to lie back and look at the stars, thinking about this ride and listening to the live rock performance ( there is nothing better than a live performance .... and personally i dont see any point in moshing or forcing myslef to head bang .... my head bangs himslef when it feels like :D ) .

Thinking about it , with Waves ending .... i felt a chapter of my life was ending ... it would probably be my last Waves. BITS did change me lot , transformed me from this nerd to sort of a confident person. I have odne everything here- been a part of part Waves ( culfest) , organised a Quark ( techfest ) , opened a club , held a position , been the president of RDC (:D) . Gave bumps at 12 in the night to the poor soul whose crime was to be born that day, howled at every six which India hit in the common room, got jitters before every exam...... Made some great friends ..... lost some friends . Probably the only thing i didn't do was the thing for which i had come here - To study :D ( so shows my CG ) . Like the roller coater ... yes i would like to be on this ride again .... and probably change some things.

Well i know this post has come a bit too early. But from yesterday ... i was dying to put these thoughts somewhere. Thinking about it now ... in 1.5 months i would be out of here ... in a new place , with new people , a new story and a new ride.

ps:this was a too small post to write about what BITS has given me ... just to write my thoughts.... i big post ( it would be bigger than my quark post ) would come out after some time.
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