Saturday, March 15, 2008

The centurion

This is my 100 post on blogspot. YAY!!! i have finally made a century somewhere :D. Congratulate me ( nice way to increase comments ). Ok since now the euphoria of my 100th post has died down, i don't know what to write. The sole purpose of this post was to celebrate the century.
Well thinking about my life, a lot has been going on lately. But don't want to write about it here. This post is about celebration and happiness. Well the past week was full of exams .... and the story is the usual on that front. Going to panjim tomorrow and coming to Bombay on the weekend, so you Bombay guys if you need anything from here buzz me. So do the goa guys if you need anything from Bombay.

Among other things reaching the end of BITSian life and getting senti on small things (never expected such a thing would happen to me !!!). Comp is screwed and dying a slow painful death . Some damn virus has wrecked it and kills applications everyday. Currently Mozilla, gtalk and itunes are surviving. That means no Dc, no vlc and hence implies no movies. I am kinda liking it this way discovering other things !!!. Btw it is so screwed that i cannot even open a notepad file. And to top it all my cd rom drive is not working so cannot format it even. In short vaat lageli hai!.

What i want to do right now- I want to break free!. Long time since i had a good laugh or indulged myself. So hopefully tomorrow should be fun. Btw if any of you want to accompany me tomoroow buzz me.

Thats it!

ps: can't still believe i wrote 100 pieces of crap!
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