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Those 5 months - Quark 08

Well i have been putting this post off for a while now. For two reasons, firstly i don't know where to start, what to write and where to end. The second one ...i better keep it with myself!. So right now even before i start i feel this is gonna be a long one.

The Genesis
It all started with a notice .... a simple A4 sheet with a few lines asking for people to come and interview for the "Quark Organising committee". That eventful Sunday, i was jobless as i am now ... went for the interview, spoke and came back and watched a movie.

The surprise

Well fastforward two weeks and another notice comes out ... another A4 sheet with 12 names - 11 of them self confessed geeks and a heading on top which said " Organising committee Quark '08" . There was a 12th name - Nimit Mehra. This was one thing which surprised me, not only me but nearly half of people in the college. The remarks ... still cant forget some of them . Anyway there is an interesting incident related to this day. The notice was not the source through which i got the surprise. It was my phone , haan yaar vohi MOTO jo aadhe baar tootta rehta hai. I got a call and the caller said " Congratulations you have been selected in Organising committee Quark 2008 " . As usual i was watching a movie and my reaction was " mat le yaar ".

The first meeting

The very same day ... was the first ever meeting about Quark 08 ( thats what i think punter , any meetings before the org co was formed ... dont count!). The President of the executive commitee of CSA ( thats what they call themselves....now i know why ...feels good to write :D ) told us about our responsibilities. I was to take care of MARKETING ... didnt know what this word will mean to me then ( now i miss being a part of it and people associated with it ). By the bye ... for a meeting of 12 people ... they booked a full f*cking LT ... aukaad thi shuru se i tell you.

The next few meetings and Specials

Well the next big thing in the campus after the first meeting the big power cut . So our next meetings were in a small constrained room. Initially there was awkwardness , mostly because the only person i knew very closely from before was Angad and the rest were alien to me. I used to find the geeks a bit uncomfortable from the start. Well truthfully the most important thing was deciding of events , and the talks were mostly " no that event cannot happen because the electrons dont go that way " .... or " i have made 10 bots and trust me ... a bot like this is impossible " ..... " the is just plain stupid " ...... " this has to be there ... its cool " ..... and for everything else which had to be done the ever famous " ho jayega na baba". In all this there were shocks in store for us. Nahi yaar vo tranformer valle nahi ..... 2 of the initial 12 people left us ... for unknown reasons... and before i knew it .. i was now handling MARKETING + SPECIALS. Well since i dont get wet dreams about electrons and since the only bot which i have ever made is the one for which they made us tighten the screw in TRI workshop ... i gave my suggestions otherwise. While others were deciding what events were there ... I ( along with others ...haha) made the mighty hierarchy - Event managers , Deputy event managers , Assistant event managers. Apart from these meetings there were sessions with DOSM " We want more money " ... DEPP " website website website ...." and CSA " We want more money ".

The Hoolingans ( Akhil Mehtas A.k.A committee memers )

So now events done and the responsibility of carrying out most important part of quark now with the Assocs , the next thing was to expand the committees. Since i was handling 2 portfolios ..my committee was supposidely the biggest ( no comments abt chait's committee ...but mine was a committee ... his was a crowd ). There was a test and then interviews ( i still have those papers with me ) and before i knew it , I had handpicked "sample pieces " from each nook and corner of BITS . They were from every category ... high decibels , to cheap cosmetic loving at canteen .. to the guy who doesnot give a fuck ... to the guy who just goes by the book and knows goa in and out , to mr right ... you name it and we had it. Thus was born the mighty MARKETING committee ... some who had worked with me before , some whom i never knew existed before this.... some people who hated each other ... some friends ..... BUT ALL HOOLIGANS. These tambola crazy, treat hungry , Shouting, wrong hindi speaking, nursury rhyme singing, cheap cosmetic product loving Hooligans ... made Quark possible.

End of Sem1

Well slowly we were appraoching the end of sem1 . Till this time first set of posters had been dispatched, website was up , events decided , committees decided. Some special event performers contacted. In all this, till now we didnot know ho much money we have. How many colleges will turn up , how will people react. By this time we had got used to taunts, slurs , jiggers from people who wanted to take potshots and anything and everything which we did. Yes we were the underdogs!.


So sem1 was over .... and as usual i had screwed it!. The only way by which we could hold meetings was through the mighty gmail. There were those marathon mails where now, when i think of it major issues were discussed and decided (:d hahahaha ) . There was voting , arguing , legpulling,negotition all on it .

and then just before Christmas ... i open my gmail account and there is that sweet mail from DOSM declaring ... Quark has 10 lacs ... those sweet words ..my reaction ..our reaction .... our actions ... their final effect ..... can't still forget them . That was the first time i felt .... this was going to be something big.

9 pm monginis, nescafe , chaitanya's room

Come january ... the first week ... we get THE NEWS and then the first few meetings were at the pole end of the campus. This was probably the time when we started bonding as an organising committee. That day at nescafe where chait got those key chains .... i feel that was it. It is true friends are made in the times of adversity. Those 9 pm meetings where there was everything that i mentioned in gmail plus the food. There were high profile meetings and the ones where we checked whether the id cards were made of metals, we had all of them. There were threats there were descisions .... there were marketing trips and there were picnics . And thus ended january.

The countdown

Well it was February and now the things were on. NO classes ... No food ...marathon meetings ... geeting on nerves of people ... going to vasco and panjim and bargaining or seeing how others bargain running around ... that was it.

Finally its here - The day 1

And thus came 9th february ... the day for which 600 people of this campus had prepared. The previous night was sleepless for me ... not because of anxiety but because of the EPC. And lo behold kicked of Quark with a contraption.The cheer was enough for me. Next 3 hours were spent in the control room while my dedicated hooligans roamed with their bhonpus ( pun intended) and got Quark " the feel " . Then there were reporters whom i took and showed every nook and corner and stuffed them in planetorium just to buy time for the article to come. Yes there were goof ups ... big ones ... there was shouting ... but looking at it that way ..... Quark was on and was bigger than what anybody had ever thought of .... People were now quiet .... no taunts... no jeers this day.

The day i wont forget ever in my Life - Day 2

And i was on the second day without sleep. The kurta day , the second day .... was decent ... started well . Events had enthu people had enthu .... foodstalls had tambola ... Natasha was up and running .. Natalie was being prepared ...India was winning and people were seeing it on TV. Then came the evening and so came the mighty RC controlled planes. They flew mighty and high and so soared the Bitsian spirit. Quark was up ... people were spell bound ... this was what they never thought would happen in Quark.

But wait .... this was not what made the second the day i will never forget in my life. It was Feeding the Fish .... there is a history with this ... which i sadly cannot write here. But they are a juggling troup from UK who have performed at 2004 olympic games and they performed here. They just didnot perform ... they made Quark the best event ever to happen in this college ....that day we knew Quark 08 was a success .... some of us cried ( not me ... i dont ... but some did .... out of happiness ) for the first time the BITS audi was overflowing. What they did i cannot describe in words ... cuz seriously i am not able to choose what to write ...... I think that's why it is special.

The finale - Day 3

And so came the final day ... most of the day was busy in the control room .... wont write much abt it cuz was saddest this day ... quark was ending . Quark was finishing and so was my work of 5 months... didnot want to speak with anybody ... plastered a plastic smile for photos .... listned to the songs and felt good about the fireworks and so Quark ended.

The End

Well now quark is over ..... over 30 events successfully conducted .... 3 great aurora nights ..... 5 months of hardwork of 600 people all culminating to the best event i have ever seen in this college ( may be biased there :D) .

It ended the same way it started .... with a notice .... an A4 sheet .... saying thanks to everybody ... yes we had done it .... we had proved ... the underdog wins the race. We were underdogs no more ....

There were somethings i will never forget these are some of them

Abhishek's " what the hell"

CHaitanya's "Papad"

Angad's " HATS"

Sreesan's " Elephant Logic "

Amit's " wait people i have something to say "

Ankit's " Bulaya nahi yaar "

Onkar's " Ho jayega na baba "

Eeshan's " pj's"

Santosh's " wassup"

Tillu's " machli jal ki rani hai , humare pass bhonpu hai ,bhaiya kheer nahi mangvayi, hello maam

Lita's " Batameez , bevakoof, utha ke phenk na tumhe us khidki ke bahar , I HATE YOU, SHUT UP "

pranshu's " cheap canteen product's, uncle isse sasta aur kuch nahi hai "

Pratik " vo acha nahi hota , uska bhi profit hone de na "

Puneet " those bumps on the way to GEC "

Purnoor " the mock goan marketing session "

Prachi " the tambola with the president on the second day "

* me not getting a single call from outside during quark and the one which i actually, got asked me for amit's number.

* Sreesan throwing the id card down and exclaiming "ohh it is made of metal "

* me calling 250 people " dumbasses " at once

* Feeding the fish and scuba

* Goan marketing trips

* That night in chaitanya's room with the mail.

* The evening at nescafe.

* The hooligans.

* a lot of other things but this post has gone too long ....

thanks for bearing with me

and so the 5 best months of my life ended ... yes i do miss them ... but its time to move on and hence this post ........ god if he ever gives me a chance .... i will go back and do everything again ... once more.

QUARK 08 - Engineered to Perfection!

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