Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quarter life crisis

Half of the engineering students out there get through engineering thinking whether they will ever get married or whether they would ever be with a girl. With a skewed sex ratio the prospect of being with a girl look like the prospect of martian rover discovering a disco party on mars both of which ain't gonna happen. To top all of that the engineering colleges have something called Dc where piracy rocks!. Any tv series , any movie , any damn thing which is up there on any damn server connected by a lan port anywhere in the world can be found ... if one wishes to. And many of these series , movies are teen series and movies... ya ya the same ones which you cannot watch with your little kid brother. But the point is in all of these, the colleges are swarming with girls ... not just girls ... but chicks .. and every other soul in the frame has some hotty in his arms.Then you step out of your room and look around and what do you see ... zilch zero ... nothing! Damn the american television ... will sue them someday!

Anyways today is valentines day and like last year .... or the year before that ... or the one before that ... or all the years before that .... i am again without a valentine. 20 years and not a single girl. People go through mid life crisis - at 40 they think they have not achieved anything in life. At 20 i think .... i still don't have a girl ..... this is bloody a mid life crisis !!!

When a person is kid ... he thinks " bade hoke girl friend banyege" ... when he becomes a bada bacha he thinks "college mein jaake ladki patayenge" .... when he comes to college .. specially an indian college he realises " ladkian kahan hai " ...... Damn All the bollywood movies ... Damn all the american television ....

So right now quark is over ( will blog abt it after test 1) i am jobless with tonnes of free time . Here i am sitting in front of my laptop like many previous valentines day and thinking about my life . Happy valentines day to all!

btw agar koi sundar susheel nari aaj free ho aur yeh pad rahi ho ... to the writer doesnot suscribe to any of the views above .... he is as close to your dream man as the limit can go .... and if you are free do drop a comment.!

btw " oye DC pe nayi teen movie konsi aayi "
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