Saturday, January 26, 2008

Akhil Mehtas marketing trip

Well this is story about a marketing trip , a zen , a honda activa ..... wait a kinetic honda ... 6 Akhil Mehta's one tall hyperactive bhonpu. Before i start the story lets rewind 4.5 months back .
One fine day a notice comes and tells me i am a part of organising committee for our technical festival. The announcement was as such surprise for me . The next one was that i was to head marketing. Now we had to select our own committee's and before the date came , we lost some organisers and i soon got to head specials too. So now i had to select the big marketing + specials team . It took me 2 days to go through the applications to select a hand picked team , a competent , hardworking , perfectionist team .................................. which rags me at every available oppurtunity.

So back to the present. Quark ( is due on February 9-11. I have selected 2 teams to cover the goan colleges . The thursday team has done a great job of marketing quark and so it is now Friday team's responsibility to take quark to goa.

so now the friday team .... sometimes all the hooligans of the world come together and the ground shakes.
Friday team was one such group of hooligans hand picked assembeled to rock goa.

1. Akhil Mehta ( Pralav desai ) ..... the obedient driver bhaiya who tried a lot to cross 80 but was stopped by a Akashvani.
2. Akhil Mehta ( Me)
3. Akhil Mehta ( pranshu sharma) The hooligan who is devil in meeting asking you to tell the names of the people you addressing and whose names you don't know . The mischevious matchmaker who made everybody date everybody.
4. Akhil Mehta ( the real one ... aka Tyler Durden ) The acha bacha .... obedient guy who will never ever forget his name in this lifetime atleast ... might remember it the next also .
5. Akhil Mehta ( Puneet Gupta ) The quiet guy , intellectual and the one who had his own chemistry with the next Akhil Mehta.
6. Akhil Mehta ( Pratik Mandrekar ) The goan boy , the guy responsible for this trip the kinetic honda ( honda activa ) rider , by the rules kind of guy.
7. Miss. Lita Das The 6 feet tall loudspeaker who addresses more people than the ones who actually come to listen to her . whos tape recorder gets stuck at words like " batameez", "bevakoof", " shut up " and the name which we all got by the end of the trip " Akhil Mehta ".

So the day started at 6 by calling up people to wake up or to wake others up . Even in this 2 people had their phones on silent. Everybody was told to assemble at 7:15 . At 7:30 this was the scene outside pralav's car : Eeshan ( shivering in his half pants ) holding posters outside pralav's car and i giving him motivational talk. Bechara tillu aka the real akhil Mehta standing at main gate thinking about the poem he recited on hindi diwas. Puneet coming out from far away handling his jacket and no clue about the others.

At 7:45 all of us were at the main gate and then there was no Kinetic Honda ( Activa ) , when it did eventually turn up ... Pratik had to go and drop the guy off to vasco . So 6 of us started in the car . Lita and Pranshu in the front , sharing the seat and me , Puneet and tillu in the rear.
15 minutes into the trip ... this was the scene. Pranshu looking out of the window like a faithful terrier does when you take her out in the car, Puneet giving his one liners, Pralav getting worried about how to change the gear and keeping his ear from bursting and Lita shouting " yeh kahan le aaye ho ..... Akhil Mehta ..... bevakoof ...... shut up ..... main tumhe maar daalungi ..... gaane lagao ...... Akhil Mehta ..... khada hai ...... yeh gandi jagah hai ...... Akhil Mehta ..... kahan ja rahe ho " ....
After sometime we headed back to campus deciding that it was better to drop puneet at the campus , let pratik pick him up and save pralav from some suing Quark for hearing problems.

And so we started our journey to GEC ( Goa engineering college ) .... mean while at the back tillu was praying to his favorite god because our official Bhonpu went like " Akhil Mehta .... main tumhe maar daalungi.... gadi dheere chalao ..... aage dekho ..... mujhe neend aa rahi hai ..... Akhil Mehta.... hum GEC nahi pahunchege..... Nimit shut up ..... Pranshu Bevakoof ..... Pralav Batameez "....finally after probably nth number of time when Akhil Mehta was uttered ... this is what tillu had to say " Ha mera naam Akhil Mehta hai ... mere parents ne bahut doond ke mera naam Akhil Mehta rakha tha ... main hi Epc video mein tha ... aur ab mujhe apna naam kabhi nahi bhoolega " And then to lighten our mood he played the song which will become the anthem for marketing team Quark 08 " Bhande kali karalo ..... Bhande " Bhande in punjabi means utensils.

Well while anarchy was going on in car ..... two hearts were jumping on the way to GEC ..." Puneet and Pratik were enjoying moments of solitude ... holding each other tightly on every bump on the way.

Finally we reached GEC ...met the students ...gave the presentation ...told about quark ... got hold of every individual in sight ...barged into a class with a teacher ...gave presentation to both .... met people ...made quark the best thing on this earth and then we started towards RIT.

This journey the sound in the car was " Akhil Mehta ....mujhe neend aa rahi hai .....Akhil Mehta.... mujhe bhook lagi hai ...mujhe chips do .... Akhil Mehta .... gadi dheere chalao ... pralav main tumhe maar daalongi ...... shut up Nimit .... bevakoof Akhil Mehta ..... Pranshu isse chup karao ..... gane chalao .... Akhil Mehta ".... some folders were thrown around in the car ( at me ) there were sounds of bhande kali karalo and in all of this we reached on top of the hill on which RIT was there. Tillu recounted his prize winning days here about movie spoof ... which started another round of ............... you know what !

In all of this my team was very enthusiastic .... apart from shouting at me and ragging me they are a generous lot .... they just distributed pamphlets worth a lot as if they for free!!!!!!
After getting some chips for Lita aunty ... there was demand for water for which my wallet went into the enemy territory .... there were exchange of seats .... occupation to be more precise ... some shouting ... some match making ... some ... again you know what ! and Lita's phone and my wallet were exchanged in neutral territory of tillus hands. In all of this i was the prime target of leg pulling, jokes, sneers, folder throwing and many other things..... finally making me say " yaar main tumhara boss hu .... please respect me "

after visiting some more colleges ... in which once pralav gave presentation to a bunch of kids only to realise after the presentation that they were from high school ... we proceeded for lunch . Here tillu told us about his glory days ... on how he just missed a prize in hindi diwas (later we came to know .... he recited machli jal ki rani hai " ...on what is happening in tushar kapoors life post shoot out at lokhandwala , on how the inspiration for EPC video came .... there were explanations regarding the same ..... lot of Akhil mehta and batameez chanting and some food .

Finally i had had enough of ragging in car and proceeded in activa ..... while tillu was left stuck in the car with his name chanting going on . NEXT stop Carmel girls college where tillu gave the sweet ( literally ) presentation to the sister and here was the final comment " All girls college and a fat dog " ( comment will be understood only by people who attended zephyr )

finally after finishing some colleges we headed back to BITS . Here Lita got her joy ride of kinetic honda ( activa ) for two laps of the college while poor pratik was always trying to stop her .

All in all it was a fun trip .... one of the best i had in BITS .... i was ragged , joked about and everybody was made to date everybody by my hooligan team ...all of us were called akhil mehta ....bhande kali karalo was the new anthem .... and there was little doubt that this trip couldvehave landed some members in mental asylum.... but this is the best team one can hope for ... and i couldn't do without them .

ps: Pranshu has blogged about the same at pranshus blog

pics in my picasa web album akhil mehtas marketing trip ..... link on the side