Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Need for a democracy with action

It has been exactly one week since the first shorts were fired in Mumbai. An attack which was to become the most devastating terrorist strike to have ever been unleashed on India. After the attack I too like most Indians was enraged and angry at what had happened. I too demanded action. Today i see in show of solidarity, thousands of Indians gathered at various landmarks in their respective cities asking for the same thing. Throughout the week i was thinking what action can we take. Today hearing the people I heard they demanded two actions.

1. Attack Pakistan.

2. Get in the army to rule the country and clean the system.

I hold reservations to both the above views. I would be lying if i wrote however that the two views did not cross my mind.Attacking Pakistan would be disastrous for both the countries and about which much has been written. The cry for the second demand  somewhat scares me. But I am a firm believer in Democracy. Here are the reasons which i feel democracy is important to us.

1. The world has seen many military governments. There hasn't been a single military government which has suceded in fully heeding to needs of the people. In many countries which had military governments, the people initially welcomed the military. But later the militarise grew autocratic. Most of the time they left the country in much more dilapidated condition than before.

2. The reason perceived by Indians as the major source of trouble Pakistan, has always had filmsy democracy including today. We have always prided ourselves that in spite of being so much different in terms of race, religion , language and creed from fellow Indians we have governed ourselves and have placed trust in our democracy. Our political class ( no matter how low they have fallen) don't have the fear being assassinated by our military because their ideologies don't fir in the larger plan. We don't have a intelligence unit in our military for monitoring the " political class" and rigging elections in the way in which military masters desire.

3. I have the highest regard for the Indian Army who have always kept the honour of the country above everything else and have respected each word in the phrase Secular Democratic Republic of India. Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw once famously remarked to the then Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi " Don't you think I would be a worthy replacement for you, Madam Prime Minister? You have a long nose. So have I. But I don't poke my nose into other people's affairs." when asked by the latter if he was planning a coup on her.

4. The last thing which we want is power in the hands of a few individuals who are not answerable to the people. We have a great respect for our Armed forces but we don't want to corrupt them with power.

5. We have been describes as the fastest growing free market democracy. US president elect Barack Obama said " India's democracy will truimph over terrorism. " Democracy is the biggest weapon which we can yirld in the global diplomacy. It gives us a moral high ground. Of course we don't want to lose the biggest moral weapon we have. 

The problem is not Democracy, it is the people who get elected through it. But finally what is democracy, it is - " A government of the people, by the people and for the people. " and the people here are the people of India. We all say that politicians have let us down. But who selects these same politicians to the highest office? How many people reading this blog have voted in the last election or have registered themselves to vote?

When I asked the above question, a lot of friends replied " what is the use". " Remove one politicians and some other equally bad takes over". Well how do you expect a person to take " action" when you haven't yourself taken the action which you should have. And by the second action i mean register yourself for voting. Take the first step and believe me the system will improve. Recently I was reading " The elephant, the tiger and the cellphone" by Sashi Tharoor. In this book he makes an observation that while in other democracies it is the uneducated and the poor which do not take part in election process, in India it is the opposite. Here we celebrate the election day as a holiday. How can you then expect the people who didnot even consider you as a vote bank to do work for you? Exercise your right and then go after the people who you put to the office.

Well this was all about democracy. But I did think of a few actions which we could take.

1. Increase the number of people in intelligence agencies. We have just 3500 people gathering intelligence for protection of 1.1 Billion people as compared to the FBI which has 12000 for 300 million people. link

2. Make the gathering and most importantly the sharing of information between various Intelligence and armed organisations of the country seamless. There were reports that intelligence inputs were recieved. All the leads should be verified and acted upon.

3. Make the Army and intelligence agencies a more attractive career option. The National Defence Academy is not able to fill up is required quota of seats. There is still a controversy about the pay given to the armed forces in 6th pay commission. We have to give our soldiers their due. Praising them without giving them anything else is all but Hippocratic on our part.

4. Try to get minorities in the main stream and assure them that the pogo grams of 1993, 2002 and the killings in various states in 2008 will not be allowed to repeat. We have to get them into confidence and prevent the foreign rogue elements from claiming to represent them and exploiting their youth.

5. Modernise our police force and usher in police reforms. Our police is still following police act of 1861. We have to reform it in order to get our police force be able to tackle the global threats which 21st century poses.

6. Upgrade the technology used by our armed forces. We lost 3 of our brave officers because the jackets they wore were faulty. Our police fought terrorists for 9 hours with vintage 303 rifles. We have to better equip police forces so that they may be able to tackle the challenges of today.

7. Reduce the number of elite gaurd gaurding the politicians just seeking status. Realistically review the threat and then assign the gaurds. Ask is their a need for assigning the elitist force in the country to that individual?

8. Make special department like SWAT and in our police forces and equip them properly. I personally am not of the view of having NSG in various cities as it may dilute the training needed.

9. Provide NSG with a airstip at Manesar itself with a plane devoted only to them. We have to train our commandoes in Urban Combat which has emerged as the new front on war on terror.

10. Coming back to intelligence we have to increase the allowances such as khabri allowance given to our police officials. The sum given is a paltry figure ( i am at a loss here to find a citation) but it is said to be so low that even the info for one  khabri cannot be paid through it. Increase the partnership of local citizens in gathering information and take them into confidence.

Now the points will be a bit radical.

11. Form a joint intelligence platform with countries affected by terror originating from Pakistan like US, Isreal and UK. With the help of these agencies strike just the targets in the Neighbouring country. Pakistan anyways denies the presence of those people on their soil, they would have to deny even after their death. Covertly strike training camps across the border.

12. Get more proactively involved in lobying our case with the world. Get more pro active with the western media. It is said that even after being one of the most educated communities, Indians have not been known for lobying about their own cause. We have to get the sympathy of the world in help us in pointing out how their funds are being used against us.

These are just the steps which i have mentioned. I am sure many reports lying in the south block also must have suggested them in some way or the other. The point is we have to implement the steps fast. We have to see changes being taking place ( resignation is a start but hardly a change which should be needed.)

These our tough times and call for tough measures. The last time such a situation happened we had a Gandhi to lead us and not waver, a Nehru to keep his ideals intact and a Patel with his iron will to unify us and answer the world confidently. Where are our Gandhi, Nehru and Patel of today?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I will remember

A poem by Sanjay Trehan, This time we will remember.

This time I will remember
A mother caressing her dead son's forehead
Preparing him pre-maturely for his final destination

This time I will remember
Innocent diners lined up and shot at point blank
Caught in somebody else's war

This time I will remember
Blood splattered walls with grotesque imagery
Freshly burnt flesh shattered mirrors and broken lives

This time I will remember
A mother and her two young kids charred beyond recognition
While the Dad put public good ahead of the personal

This time I will remember
Gun totting terrorists creating mayhem on the streets
Target practicing at a railway station

This time I will remember
Backpackers at a cafe or receptionists at a hotel
Reduced to pieces for no reason

This time I will remember
How like vultures our politicians encircle dead bodies
And feed on the rotting flesh

This time I will remember
How netas usurp Z class security at our expense
And let us be killed like flies

This time I will remember
How our oily babus clamour for promotions
While a plane for commandos is buried in files

This time I will not forget
I will let my wounds fester
I will continue to rage against these parasites
I will demand accountability
I will not allow countless lives to be broken
I will not allow politicians to divide us

This time I will remember
And I will prevail.

- Sanjay Trehan

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Nation needs to awaken

How many attacks does it take for a nation to wake up? How many lives of innocent people and brave soldiers need to be sacrificed before we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? It has been 72 hours since i have been witness to the mostly ghastly act of terror i have ever seen being unleashed on my country. My CITY burned for 60 hours before the last terrorist was neutralized. 10 terrorists yielding AK-47's and hand grenades stomped and pounded on the very heart heart of India. They attacked the Taj Mahal Hotel among other targets, a hotel which was built about a 100 years ago to assert our dignity when JRD TATA was refused entry into the Watson Hotel as it was " whites only". They walked into CST, Oberoi, TAJ, Chabad House and left the very foundations of this country shaking. As a citizen of this country I am forced to ask myself a question now which i never thought i would have to " Am I safe living in this country".

I salute the brave soldiers of our defense forces, who laid down their lives in the line of duty. Their sacrifice is a debt this nation can never repay. The 14 police personnel who laid down their lives trying to fight an enemy much more superior to them in terms of weaponry and ammunition. For 9 hours the policemen were fighting terrorists yielding Ak 47's and semi automatic weapons using a vintage WWII time 303 rifles. The police force didnot have enough bullet proof jackets to engage the enemy. The brave fire fighters who doused the flames had only 2 bullet proof jackets for the whole force. Even the one's which were there were vintage and according to people who have worn them were so heavy that it is difficult to move in them. But who is to blame for all of this? The government yes, definitely. But at some level also us. We are the same people who cry foul when we see increase in the defense spending. How many times we have groaned on being frisked a little extra. We need to immediately have police reforms, give better weapons and Armour to our armed forces. Give them autonomy and not wait for a state order to save the situation. We cannot fight a first world war with third world armory.

Finally our spineless politicians, who just have one objective- to hog enough limelight so that finally they can warm seats in the parliament. Every time something happens our politicians are there to spread their divide and rule agenda. The home minister is more worried about the clothes he wears. Our President goes to Indonesia at the time of national crises. The politicians couldn't even come together in this hour of need. Their hate politics. The same politicians who were accusing the brave police officers of leading a communal probe were announcing 1 crore compensations for their families yesterday. What right did the politicians have to visit the scene of action and actually divert attention from the encounter to their own security? Why did it take 5 hours for the government to call in the NSG? Why were the services of the MARCOS secured so late when they were stationed in Mumbai? Why every time a terrorist attack takes place in the country we hear a sleepy politician declare " We will learn from it ". When the hell will you stop learning and start acting. The operation has hardly gotten under control and we see our politicians politicizing the issue. It was THE SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF INDIA that was attacked and not a particular community. Any Indian whether a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or any other religion suffered in the same way and shared the grief of Mumbai in the same way and ANY Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian who attacked India, helped in attacking India, dividing India on any basis and trying to cause disruption in any way, is an enemy of INDIA and must be dealt in the same way.

I as a Mumbaikar and more importantly as an INDIAN am shocked, angered and not able to comprehend what has happened to this city in 72 hours. We need action and we need it now. The time for hearing soothing words has gone long back. We need to be assured that this was the last terrorist strike on the soil of this country and something like this wont happen again. We need a central intelligence agency which is effective and efficient in gathering and sharing of information. We need politicians who for once transcend the ideological and political boundaries and assure us that in this hour we stand united against the enemy and will in all power fight it and defeat it. We need our security forces to be given their due. We need them to have the weapons which they need to fight the terrorist and just not gallantly put themselves in the line of fire trying to save innocent lives. We need all of these BUT WE NEED ACTION, stupid committees and long reports from which no outcome comes won't satisfy us. If our neighbour still asks for more " hard " evidence even after the obvious evidence of a citizen of its country affiliated to an organization based there is arrested and is confessing freely, then there is no point in expecting them to act. If necessary we need to eliminate the target ourselves as some leading intelligence agencies in the world do.

At this hour, we all need to come together and express our solidarity with Mumbai. We will fight, We will help Mumbai stand on its feet and We will win the War on Terror.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai 26/11

Hope and pray that hostages in Mumbai come out alive and the the people responsible for this ghastly act burn in hell. Shocked, amazed, disbelieved.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Outsider or Native?

Well the past few days we have seen the ugly face of regionalism being played out in front of us in our drawing rooms. A person who was not given his "due" (as according to him) broke away from the place in which he honed his criminal ( i could have said political but i think criminal fits better. )  skills and in his desire to fit into his uncle's shoes repeated what the greying man had done 40 years back. The result for him has been, i feel even better than he expected. Leave apart local media he is seen on national telivision terrorising innocent people giving speeches which violate numerous of Indian laws ( alas only the police of the concerned state cannot find the clauses.)

In all of this it makes me wonder who am i? An outsider or a native? I am domiciled in Mumbai, so you would say i am a Mumbaikar. Well truly speaking even i consider myself so, but here lies the catch i don't know marathi. The only miniscule marathi i know is credited to travelling in BEST bus. Well so what does it make me according to you? Thats not all though my driving licence says i am from mumbai, my passport has a Bangalore ( Bengaluru ) address. My mother's passport has Ludhiana address while my Dad's has Delhi's. My birth certificate says is from Delhi, my Dad's Birth certificate is from Nainital. I am a Punjabi ( that's what my family told me ) but nobody from the family lives in Punjab. I have changed 7 schools and 4 different states. Currently i am interning in Delhi, after studying in goa for 3 years ( would head back there for another 6 months). My ancestors trace their roots to Lahore.

Makes me wonder what would happen to me if our government in its usual schiziophrenia passes a rule saying Maharashtra for Marathi's, Bihar for Bihari's , Bengal for Bengali's ...... and so on ? About Mumbai well the city the politician claims to produce sons of the soil actually didn't have any soil till about four centuries back. Bombay was a collection of 7 islands.  It's wealth has been accounted for by Gujarati and Parsee traders. Before 1960 there was no Maharashtra, the state of Bombay constituted of present day Gujarat and Maharashtra. So Bombay was in itself cosmopolitan right from the start. Even today the "outsiders" greatly outnumer the " son's of the soil" in the city. Finally about the politician himself. He says " whosoever doesnot speak Marathi has no right to live in Maharashtra and should be thrown out." Well I have never seen you speaking in Hindi, the national language of the republic of India,  going by your argument and drawing parallels...... shouldn't you be thrown out of INDIA?

Ps: Here is one thing you cannot change:
I have an election card which says i am entitled to vote in Mumbai, so be assured there is this 1 vote against you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A lot of bleh

Well its been an insanely long time since i posted something on my blog. Part of the reason was that I did not feel like blogging and another part of the reason was that there were too many things happening around, so all the time on the computer  was spent reading blogs written by others.

Well so a lot has been happened since i wrote my last post. The global financial crisis due to which there are no surviving stand alone I- banks. The US presidential election and all the focus on what a particular nominee said 20 years ago. The signing of the nuclear deal. The communal violence , Delhi bomb lasts ... catching of the " master mind" and the following week another bomb blast. So what will i write about?

 Well a little about everything.

So  September 15, Lehman Brothers filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, Merill lynch got taken over by BOA and in a few days AIG was " nationalized" , Washington mutual was taken over by JP Morgan, A 700 billion bailout plan was declaring for " nationalizing " US... 2.3 trillion by EU for itself..... Well the list is endless, But in all this people in India were always saying " We are insulated" from the global crises.
I for one beg to differ.
1.Firstly the reason that they give is that we were insulated during the Asian financial crisis of the 90's.
Now first of all. We only opened up our economy removing it of restrictions in 1991 ( in July our fiscal deficit had reached $69 billion a third of our GDP).  At the time of financial crisis, we were still in the process of opening up. Our growth rate was still at 5 % . So technically we were not coupled with the world as such.
Secondly  the reason for the Asian economic bubble was that in late 1980s as according to wikipedia was 
" The economies of Southeast Asia in particular maintained high interest rates attractive to foreigninvestors looking for a high rate of return. As a result the region's economies received a large inflow of money and experienced a dramatic run-up in asset prices. At the same time, the regional economies of ThailandMalaysiaIndonesiaSingapore, and South Korea experienced high growth rates, 8-12% GDP, in the late 1980s and early 1990s "

Now as opposed to this foreign investment in India was not encouraged as it is now. So  the prime reason which led to the economic bubble of the Asian economies was not even a factor in India and hence India could not be affected.

2. The second reason why i feel that we are not insulated from financial crisis is that one of the main reason for 2003- 2007 bull run in our markets was the huge FII and FDI inflowls. Now these same institutions were facing liquidity crisis back in their home countries ( primarily US) and had to maintain margins. So where do they look for money? Obviously the emerging markets and that's us ( looking at 50 % fall in our indices how can anyone say that we are insulated.)

3.  Our great performance for the past few years was basically because we were a knowledge powerhouse rather than a manufacturing powerhouse as China. Our companies provided the offshore facilities to many giants in US and Europe and made huge profits on the conversion rate.  Due to this economic crisis, these very companies will be the first affected. Many of them are seeing their major customers being acquired or going bankrupt. This will lead to loss in revenue ( thought the dollar has appreciated a lot in last few weeks.)

4. Finally the great truth about money is that money travels. The world is facing a Major liquidity crisis.  People don't want to lend and others don't have money to repay. There is shortage of loans, leading to a halt in growth of the companies. The companies who invested here are withdrawing the money at a rapid pace , leading to the weakening of rupee.

Though I agree that the fundamentals of our companies are strong. There books are not in bad shape. I also believe that we will weather this storm better than others and will come out bleeding much less than many others. But i don't  think that we are insulated from global crises.

Well recently another thing which has been occupying the sound bytes has been the Presidential election of the United States. I must confess, this is the first time i am following the American democratic process. What amazes me is the way people judge a candidate more on his stand about various issues than from where he comes. Just thinking about it, I cannot help but wonder , do we actually see how the particular MP representing Us voted on a particular Bill. What are his views on reservation in colleges, smoking ban, communal violence or even how does he plan to tackle the problem of pot holed roads in his constituency? No we don't. How many of us even know who is the MP from our constituency. 
This is the primary reason that all the politicians have been taking us for a ride ( here i am not saying the politicians in US don't do the same for their people) .  And so we  see parties not supporting each other on a development project because if it happens ... it will steal their mojo. The chief minister of a state canceling a rail factory in her state because it happens to be in the constituency of the leader of another party. A world class project is forced to shift because of short sightedness of the leader of opposition of that state.
What amazes me more is the way Obama has come up inspite of his back ground. Here we may say that we have had a woman president, a Muslim president, a lady prime minister. But we all know they were either the holders of a family legacy or were put up to shout about the " secular " Tag. It was much akin to how Palin was chosen as the Vice presidential nominee. But here is a person who truly rose battling all odds.

Well  yesterday was the meeting of the national Integration commision. As usual nothing came out of it. The only thing that we can say for concrete which happened was the wasting of tax payers money.  We have a peaceful community being threatened, burnt coaxed by the facist groups belonging to the majority community.  The party close to the facists refuses to hear anything against them. The ruling government is terrified because banning the outfit ... they fear would mean alienating the majority vote. Everybody else keeps quiet because it doesnot affect them. I don't want to sound cynical .... but this is how taliban started in afghanistan in 1990s, the Nazi party started in germany ..... and it finally affected the very people who kept quiet.
I want to quote some lines by Pastor Martin Niemöller
When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I was not a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

There are a lot more topics i want to write on but i am burnt out now.... rest for the next time.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A nation in denial

" It's not denial... I am just selective about the reality I expect "
                          - Bill Watterson ( author Calvin and hobbes)

Well things couldn't be any great for India currently the nuclear isolation has ended, we will have a nuclear deal which will take care of our power needs soon, the jammu Kashmir deadlock has been resolved , Nano will most likely stay in Singur ..... and whats more crude has come down and today itself the stock market bounced 527 points.  Things are finally happening our way.

Thinking about the paragraph i just wrote above and Bill Watterson's quote i cannot help but think how true his words are.  We are a country which is selective in the reality we wish to know.  A major river changed its course after 400 years uprooting 12 districts , snatching livelihood and resources of 30 lakh people and the country wishes to keep quiet. A woman is burned alive in an orphanage she runs because of community clashes between two groups and nobody even cares to run the story at prime time. Every few weeks a farmer commits a suicide because of the loans he has taken and we play advertisements saying " Record paidavar ".

Have we become so insensitive to the issues that we don't even care what happens to our own country men ...... rather we are interested in what Palin said at republican convention? Is the allegation that India cares only about the rich and the poor don't have any say or any rights in the world's largest democracy true? 

Currently as i write half of northern Bihar is reeling under the wrath of Kosi. There are people still trapped  ( this is after 2 weeks of rescue operation ). Thousands of people have died , Lakhs are missing. Villages and towns are marooned . The Prime minister has declared it a national calamity. Is this how a nation responds to a national calamity? The prime ministers relief fund has just 30 crores. The chief ministers relief fund has 10 crores. This money wont even support a village leave apart the affected area. Nearly all the flooded land is feared to become barren where nothing can be grown for 20 years. Still most of the news channels don't find this interesting enough to bring to the people. They run statistics as if it was mental calculation contest and move to the next " More interesting news" . The food packets are not reaching properly, The able bodied keep on getting it again and again while the weak and the old are left to fend for themselves..... looking with sad dried eyes at the last morsel of food left for them to survive.

The last time I checked we were a Democratic secular Republic. Still there are live burnings of a Nun working in an orphanage. For what ? To avenge the death of a spiritual leader by her community. The two communities are currently baying for each others blood. Talks about anti conversion laws to be passed are on.  It  is alleged that the government knew about the  "actions" which the "majority" would be taking but still decided not to increase security. The news channels themselves decided to give it a passing mention. The tribals in Orrissa are allegedly "forced " to convert to christianity by missionary and some people have become their self styled defenders. The government has kept mum about all the violence.

It is said that if the above things had happened in some rich states like Punjab , TN .... etc.. the reactions would have been very different. But because it happened in poor states like Bihar and Orrissa ...... nobody cared. "Let the poor die ..... who cares ? " "We are a country of a billion a few thousand less wont harm. " "They must have done something that's why this happened ". Though not said ,.... it appears this is what how the country thinks.

Well enough of media bashing. But who are the real culprits? US ... yes it is we who get hold of the remote and switch the channel at the first sign of people crushing one another.  It is we who don't care about what happens thousands of kilometers away. And finally it is our perception what forced the media to show what they do.

Finally it is time to retrospect and ask " Is the really the country I feel proud about?" Is Mera Bharat truly mahaan.

Thousand of people are marooned in Bihar asking for your help contribute 
Help in any way by contributing to the :
Indian Red cross
Prime minister's relief Fund 
Chief minister's relief fund. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are we coming of age?

A Recent survey pointed out that one of the differences between the developed and developing economies is the way they view group dynamics. The developed economies view individual successes while the developing economies view the group behaviour as a whole. The survey was conducted by asking americans and asians to look at behaviour of fish in water. While americans described how the biggest fish in the pond looked, its coulor and other features. The asians described how the fishes moved together as whole in the pond.

So how does this survey connect with medals shown in the start of this pic. Well yesterday India won a bronze medal atr wrestling and got assured of a medal in boxing. This took our total medal tally to 3. Something never heard of before. But this olympics has been unlike any other previously. Leaving apart the total number of medals, it is different in many other ways. All the 3 medals which we have got have come in individual events. Ironically for hockey India's bastion in which we won gold medals ..... we didnot qualify for this year's olympics. Is the the way we think changing? Are we moving away from viewing our achievements as group to actually giving weight to individuals?

I believe yes. There is a paradigm shift in the way we are talking about success. For the first time i hear our national TV channels talking about London 2012, this too when 2008 olympics have not even ended. Our sportsmen eyeing the London games. We know the names of Saina Nehwal , Akhil Kumar , Jitendar Kumar .... who were this close to a medal. We are exuberating confidence. Yes, there is definately a change. Cricket has taken a back seat .... atleast for a while. Yesterday India won over Sri Lanka, but it was not the main news in the sports segment. It was given a passing mention , like used to happen to countless other sports previously. The story of the day were medals.

Another intersting phenomenon. This displayed what we as a country are. A country of dreams. A country where boys from Bhiwani can dream about a medal and fight it out , even fighting all odds ( sadly one of them .... the poor state of infrastructure ). 2 out of the 3 medals we have got have come from people with modest backrounds. " Dream are not what you see while you sleep but those that don't let you sleep" - A quote by Akhil Kumar. How many of us would have expected such a quote from a boxer? But here it is, the man who defeated the world champion himself .... riding among other things one his self determination and belief.

Finally not to forget about the crown itself - The Gold. 112 years and we finally broke the Jinx. I still get goosebumps whenever i see the video of flag going up and national anthem playing on youtube. A person who came back from an injury to secure a gold. The reply " Its not a big deal, I am just amazed why has it taken us 112 years to get 1 " .... probably shows the spirit of new India.

Have we arrived? No , We still have a long way to go. 3 is a start ..... Micheal Phelps himselfs got more medals than us :D . But yes we are coming of Age. The story of new India has just started.

PS: On a lighter note ..... Probably our own Haryanvi Jaats considered Bhiwani , Bejing ka Akhada. Who knows one day you may find a jaat with a smoking beedi , chewing a datun , draped ina shawl moving his bufaalo through streets of bejing. " HURRRRRR HUK HUK ...... oye haka noodles ( to some chinese ) side mein hole ..... road thare baap ki hai ke "

all it does is reminds me of my tryst with Haryana ..... those 2 weeks at NIT Kurukshetra.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well in everybody's life there comes a time when one has to let someone go. Some one who was always close to you. Who was with you when you needed somebody the most. Some one who shared all your joys and sorrows. Some one with whom you celebrated every valentine's day. I also had some one like that in my life - my Laptop.

It was the winter of 2005, I had come home for Diwali vacations, it was then that i first laid my eyes on it.... and it was love at first sight. From then started the journey together.

For 3 years it never let me feel the shortage of girls in BITS. Took full care of entertairnment - movies, Tv series ..... etc. Even this blog was started on it. Showed the slides of the luctures. ftp : . DC was first logged on it. And for you BH4 and BH3 guys.... it was this laptop which configured your LAN for the first time.

Those were its glory days. But then it started showing problems. It started with its voice... speakers. Firstly left one went and then the right one. then started with battery went down to 1/2 an hour and then before leaving Bits 2 minutes. In delhi it refused to operate without ac power. And a few days back .... it refused to open with the power itself. Operated for 5 minutes after trying to connect it in various poses and then went off.......

That was it ..... i had to bid it goodbye ......
Rest in peace .................

Ps : btw i ordered a new dell studio 15.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Pay

I got my first Pay today ..... just wanted it record it somewhere.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Opposition party ......opposition mob?

Well on a talk show a few days back BJP's Prime ministerial candidate had said " In a democracy the opposition should be treated as an adversary and not an enemy" , however the developments of past few days have made me wonder ..... whether the leader of opposition practices what he preaches.
When the UPA governement had come to power, i remember Barkha Dutt had written an editorial asking " Do we have an opposition?". It was a time when Left was at it usual " Stop reforms or we will pull you down" .... at that time BJP used to support reform bills and hence we used to see the party working towards development.
Then one fine day it all changed, perhaps it was because of Prime ministerial ambitions, or pure schizophrenia. The opposition party had a single aim , to bring down the government,citing any reasons. I won't like to dwell in the past but just to name a few ... the Ram Sethu issue and the most recent .... the Nuclear Deal.
But what definately was the nail in the Coffin were the remarks of a prominent party member alleging that was the governement itself who planned for the recent bomb blasts in the country to take focus away from .... of all things CASH FOR VOTES.
Then came the agitations following the Amarnath land transfer row. Peaceful agitation, rallies and protest are one thing, but having a militant stand is another. Their stand that talks are no solutions and nothing less than heeding to their demands would do .... is childish, to put it in words. The recent ban on Kashmiri truck drivers from leaving Jammu is doing more harm than good. The next thing we know is the goods from Kashmir valley will move to muzzafarabad and one link which kept Kashmir a solid part of india ( if one has the liberty to say that ) - Trade will collapse. Srinagar is already facing a shortage of medicines. Won't this all be an embarresment for the country in the international stage which has already being snubbed recently for its human rights violation?
Considering even if The main opposition Party comes to power ( which looks unlikely , looking at the power of third front which just emerged ) , it would waste 2 initial years of its tenure just trying to sought the problems created by itself previously.
In the end all these things have made me wonder ..... " Do we really have an opposition party or an opposition mob?"

I have always been a rightist and a self confessed capatalist ..... and hence my support has always been for rightists. But with the recent developments, I now wonder whom to support. Currently I feel that if the only Prime ministerial candidate declared so far has any hopes of getting to that all powerful office , then the best thing he can do is lie low and let the problems of inflation , anti incumbancy factor and economic deficit reign in. Otherwise whatever he seems to do ..... do more harm than good ..... both for him as well as for the country.

I certainly feel ... if he leader of opposition has any serious hopes of becoming Prime minister then the best thing he can do is to keep low.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hate Saturday's

Well Garfield is one of my favorite characters. He is the epitome of the life a lot of people wish to live. Eat, sleep, watch Tv, Bully your boss , bully your subordinate ... and love lasagna. He also happens to hate Mondays. Just as i hate SATURDAYS.
There was a time when Saturdays used to be fun. The first holiday of the weekend. The feeling that the next day is a holiday to homework can still be kept at bay. When Saturday was the day when trips and excursions were planned, when cricket was played was hours at stretch. When the Saturday noon show was usual hangout place.

But then one fine day i started with the PS program and the things chnged for 6 months. Saturdays are the days when you work for 9 hours knowing that most of your friends are sleeping for most part of the day. When the gtalk is half its usual strength because people are -not up yet, not in companies or both. The feeling starts creeping from Friday evening .... when Gtalk announces- XYZ movie tonight, Club tonight, Hard Rock cafe tonight or any damn thing tonight.

Actually i never quiet understood why Garfield hated Mondays .... for him everyday was the same ..... just as it was for me for past 3 years.Well probably it is the punishment for treating everyday as Sunday for last 3 years of my life. Going to college for few lectures or labs ( BITS has no compulsory attendance ). Watching series after series, considering even the 250m walk from hostel to B-dome as tiring and using it as an excuse " kon jayega itna door ". Ab to roz 17km travel karna padta hai !!!.

Truly said - What goes around comes around

Ps: on Saturdays Bake's " I am not satisfied with my life ..uh-huh " ... is the highest..
His latest statement .... " I am a connoisseur of beauty..... if P*mp would have been a respectable proffesion ....i would have probably taken it .".......... ( after 2 minutes ) ..... " Barbaad ho gaye yaar !!! "

pps: This post was inspired by prateek's post

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hidden Desires

Well all of us love a few things in this world. Some of us love our girlfriends, some love sports , some love their marks ( damn you 10p geeks) , Some people love to talk , some people love give advice and some ...... well love food. Well since probably a girl will have to be completely out of her senses before she accepts me ( That Friends LA episode ... still my fantasy ... aayega aayega mera number aayega ) and marks leaving me high and dry after school, in sports India's dismal performance ( At the time of writing India just lost to SL in inings defeat)..... my true love remains .. well Ice Cream.

So with the recent 103 fever and 2 subsequent holidays from work ..... i ws separated from my true love. Day in and day out passing through streets of delhi .... seeing mother diary , kwality walls, Baskin Robins and my Childhood love .... Nirula's Manhatan mania ..... made me feel like a 3 year old child looking at the neighbours new bicycle. Delhi after the initial culture shock looked pretty good. I mean the city is known for food and for a foodie like me ... it was turning out to be a paradise. The weather improved, it rained a bit ..... DU colleges opened ... so DTC buses had new flock of you know what .... it was turning out well. But imagine no Ice cream after that great meal, No ice cream in rain ...... it was like something was not complete. The fever was down .... but cough was still there.
So this weekend Dad came.... After dinner when we came out of the restraunt ..... there it was my first love Nirula's Manhattan mania ..... but on one side was Grandmom with her stern warning no ice cream and on other side .... that creamy concert of nuts and fruits. I looked at Dad .... pleaded .... i am fine can have one ....he didnot relent in front of grandmom ... but while coming back we took a detourand there i was at Nirulas counter.
before buying my Dad asked " You are fine pucca na " and i replied "ya". But this is where equation changes ... just as the guy was putting ice cream in cone ... i felt that huge urge to cough .... but there it was .... the food of the gods and if i coughed it would be snatched away. Slowed my urge and took the ice cream. Ate it as fast as i could. enjoyed the feeling ...... Aaaah what a taste. ANd then ....
And then as if flood gates open ..... coughed like i never did before..... came home quietly took a syrup and went to sleep ......
In the morning ..... was afraid to face dad .... but he was laughing and asked " SO how was ice cream "

DAD rocks....
and so does Ice cream!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Because somethings change and some never do

Well i saw " Jaane tu ya jaane na" yesterday. Loved the movie . However there was a part where Jai ( imran khan ) reminds Aditi ( genila ) that college has ended and then she starts crying. And at that moment i realised what change is taking place in my life. The carefree days of waking up at 8, moving around pulling somebody's leg , patting on a friend's back are over. Now i work till late evening , catch an over crowded bus and fight my way back home. I never thought that i would be writing this but i miss the sight of B - dome drenched in rain. I miss taking out my cell and calling Varun to accompany me to cafe whenever i dont like the food. I miss coming back and finding subodh in his angry mode, kak, holu and dhruv with warcraft . I miss those trips to anathashram with kalsi varun and all. I miss anuvesh's and bala's antics.I hate to say it but i miss people coming out in hostel courtyard and shouting nimmo on top of their voice. I miss going to VGH with Angad and a bottle of appy in hand. I miss shouting at Kaka for not telling if an assignment was due. I miss saying " kahaan reh gayi thi tu " to Akshay, giving my two hand greeting to gaurav , prateek and sethi. Sometimes while walking out of door i miss Anirudh roaming in corridor with a book in hand. I would give anything to hear Purnoor's baritone of songs ( which i hated ) or Puneet's singing " Tu hi ........ meri ..... shabh hai .............................. subah hai " in the bathroom, to go and band on Mohammed's door whenever i feel frustrate, to go and frustrate Alok ..... to pull Anirudh's legg with Himanshu.I missandrews walking in the corridor like a rapper. I miss Lita coming out of nowhere and saying " Hi Nimit " and her b -rant. I miss Pranshu's punches , tillu's sarcasm and Sanskriti's " Nimit Bhaiya" . I miss chickan's sarcasm , boxers funda's ... adi's desperation , vishruts bihariness....... vishal's computer links. I miss choos on dc( hell i miss Dc) and having those double fry with him and gaurav at jhopdi. I miss punter's " what the hell" his various conspiracy theories. I miss being buullied by chaitanya... sabne's anger.... sreesan's Elephants I miss a lot of things ..... but most i miss the feeling of being together..... sometimes going alone to vgh and watching the sun set.

Like the claasic line from Matrix
"Because some things change and some never do "
I know i have 6 more months back in colege...... but it wont be the same without half the people i mentioned above. I just lived the most beautiful part of my life for 3 years.

On lighter side the only thing i dont miss is Mayank putting his hands on his head and shouting " Barbaaad ho gaye yaaar " whenever he gets stuck on something.

I truly miss BITS!.

ps: btw movie mein ghoda kya tha ...... saala colaba se santacruz non stop bhaaga .

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The delhi dossier

Well its 5:16 pm on saturday , last half an hour in office. I dont have much to do , alone getting bored in India's national capital. Well so here i am in delhi , dilli or dehli whatever you call it. The city with wide roads and lush green pavements. The city with long flyovers and a metro construction going on in every place you turn your head to. And yes the city of beautiful girls. These are some of the welcome changes from Bombay the bustling city ..... which now i call my hometown without even thinking ( though iwas born in delhi). But the up points end there. The transport system needs a major overhauling, buses are crowded , conductors are rude .... the city lacks civility. The is an inherent dryness in the dusty weather of this place. looking out of the window of my bus one constant thing which i notice is whereever you look you will find an eatery from a small chaat walla to the biggest of 5 stars. The mornings are bright and parks are a great place for a jog. But while doing the same jog in bombay you find people discussing styocks and shares .... in delhi the only constant noises you here are " ma ******* Behen ****** uski ***** " .
About eating places a thing which i noticed . In Bombay if ever you find a crowd gathered around a spot you can be sure some fight has taken place...... but in delhi i can bet my money on there must be an eating joint around. The city loves to eat and loves to boast. For a bombay boy like me with his bombay sensibilities still entact all this things apear a bit strange to me. About the girls..... yeah i have to concede Delhi girls are more beautiful but bombay girls are smarter ... hence more desirable. Another thing about delhi is the power you feel when you roam through its heart.... pssing supreme court , upsc , parliament ...... you do come to know where power lies.
Anyways i have to spend 6 months in this place with its overcrowded buses, insanely long red lights, rude conductors, great foods, beautiful girls green parks with choicest of things to hear .... i hope i will survive ... do you.

I still miss Bombay

ps: in all of this i have mayanl "bake" singh to keep me company and make me laugh with his antics ..... the eroors we make and the jokes we share ...... it is always great to have a bihari by your side.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The promised Land

Why is it that we are drawn to our home country with such a fervour? Why even when we think there is nothing left in there , we still want to get back to it? Why do people leave their comfort , security , pleasure and peace to go back to their own country?
I recently finished reading A thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseni ( read it fully at Lanmark :D) . Great book , showed the turmoil which Afghanistan went through through the years of wars ad its impact on the lives of women in the country. In the book the female protagonist - Laila returns back to Afghanistan after the war is war. I wondered what pulls her back to the country which denied her freedom ,took away her family , where she was tortured and where she was made a mere puppet in the hands of gun yielding mullahs.
Then it struck me No matter how comfortable you are , no matter how peaceful you might feel , you will always be an OUTSIDER. An outsider who will always try to fit in . An outsider who will always be looked at with suspicion. Your own country will always accept you with open arms. The place where you will feel a sense of belonging.
Nobody wants to become a refugee. Nobody wants to leave its own country. And worst of all nobody wants to be uninvited when you are thrown out of your land. When your land is snatched away from you due to some mindless politics of some war mongers. My ancestors belong to Lahore and Peshawar. I can never associate with these two places because i have never been there and those places are not home for me. My home is Delhi , Bombay and plethora of other Indian cities i have lived in . But after reading the book i cannot help but think the plight of my grandparents , who will never be able to visit the place of their birth because of some lines on paper drawn by people sitting in conference rooms.
Sometimes i wonder what might have been if the partition wouldn't have taken place. But then that is what would have been ..... Coming back to the topic and thinking about the refugees. I cannot help but feel sorry for the Tibetans in India. While our left communists are happy being a bed side mistress to the Chinese government - forcing our government to make policies more pro China than pro India, the Tibetans are holding silent protests to demand for what is rightfully theirs- their homeland.
This post is dedicated to thousand of young Tibetans who have never seen the land described to them through tell tales of their parents. May one day they room the beautiful plateaus of Tibet.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Every man kills the thing he loves

" Yet Each man kills the thing he loves
By each let this be heard
Some do it with a bitter look
Some with a flattering word
The coward does it with a kiss
The brave man does it with a sword! "
The ballad of Reading Gaol
This is a strange thing which most of us have experienced at some point or the other in our lives. Why do we destroy the things we love the most? The desire to be the last person to be the owner or the person to experience the thing last. We hear of honour killings ... dictators destroying their palaces, destroying their countries before leaving. Even not so grave examples their would be times when we would have become so possessive about something in our life that we wold not want anybody else to be a part of it , even though in reality the thing would be of no purpose to us now.
Probably we destroy the thing we love because we want to end at a high. To remember the good times and not the downward curve.The above lines to me point to the latest Arushi controversy. Though it is still not known who killed her. But according to the media speculation that a father could have killed a daughter as an honor killing , i wonder what honour is greater than a person's life. In this case that of your own daughter. About the case , i feel their is a Pandora box which is still to be opened. I think i cannot bring myself to think the father as the accused ... but as somebody said ... if we dwell into the depths of the human mind some chilling dark truths may come out.
Thinking about the bigger issue at hand. Even after writing so much . I cannot find answer to the question by which i began this post. This trait of human beings. About me personally , yes i have been self destructive sometimes about the things which i have loved. Sometimes unknowingly ..... sometimes with my full conscience. Moving away from people i loved. Moving away from projects which were close to me. But one pattern i have noticed with all of this is that all this comes when something is at its peak. Peak of friendship , peak of closeness to someone, peak of accomplishing something great in the project. Perhaps we want to sign off at a high.
It is funny how a quote or a couplet can ring back so many memories and emotions which were hiding in some corner of your mind back in firm perspective. Something like that had happened when i read the above mentioned lines.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Well for the most part of last week i was enjoying at home. So as it is i did not have any intellectual thought about which i can blog about.So here are a few things which i wondered about lately!

1. Why do you get to meet the hottest girls in the most boring places- like the bank token waiting line.
2. Why do the latest thumbs up Ads show Akshay kumar performing dare devil stunts to steal one thumbs up- Do they want us all to steal our bottle of Thumbs Up.
3.Why does Facebook ask me whether i would like to date myself?
4. Why do you think about people and miss them only when you know you are not going to meet them again ?
5. Why does a person like me , Living withou a fan for virtualy one whole semester finds it hard to sleep without a/c at night ?
6. Why do they show crowds but not the cheer leaders in ipl - common the franchises spent money on the cheer leaders not on the crowds- everbody comes only to watch them .
7.Why do people support teams and not players - I mean finally when you come to think of it , you are just supporting a pair of t shirts running accross the ground. The same player when he wears the t - shirt of your team is a god, but the moment his t shirt changes - you boo him.
8.Why are you still reading this blog?

well that was all. This post is primarily being put up so that i don't feel guilty of not blogging in the vacations. ...... Why do i feel guilty ?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Met Jefferey Archer

Well he was busy signing books that time. Got my copy of "Prisoner of Birth " signed... took a pic and was off. Well i got lucky had gone to landmark in one of my usual ... Landmark ko looto bina paise kay ( read books without paying for it) and then saw a board declaring Jefferey Archer book signing .... so finally bought one. Apart from it ... enjoyed his speech ... his experiences about -Not a penny more , Not a penny less. His thoughts on Cricket and Indian roads. All in all nice experience on meeting one of the most admired authors in the world

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prisoners of Birth

Have you ever wondered , what would have happened if you were not born in the same family in which you are now ? What would have happened if you were born in a millionaire or a billionaire family? and what if.... you were born to a beggar ?

Today i traveled by local. The journey was usual local types.... cramped spaces, smeely fellow commuters, wind hitting your face, getting all the vibes and feeling the Bombay buzz. Then suddenly at one station 2 girls the older one not more than 8-9 years and the younger one not more than 4-5 got into the train. The older girl was holding two marble pieces. Soon she started singing " Shirdi vaale sai Baba " and beating the two marble pieces in a monotonic rhythm. I wondered then .... most of the girls of her age which i know were probably enjoying a summer camp somewhere- attending drawing, dance , music classes all over the place. There most grave worry might probably be that they didnot complete the drawing or couldnot get a dance step right. While here the biggest worry of the girl was - SURVIVAL. Her biggest fear was not getting enough money at the end of the day to feed her and her sister's stomach.

What was her mistake? That she was born in an improveshid family. That her parents couldnot afford to provide her even 2 meals a day - forget about education and health care. A choice which she definately didnot make. How much can a person's life change by the circumstances that surround him/her. This girl might beg on local trains till she is 13-14. Then get married and work as domestic help in various houses in the city.... that too if she is lucky. Otherwise the lanes which she treads on are dark. And on the other hand a girl who is currently attending various classes has little to worry about and mostly has her future secure.

Soon the girl's song ended ... a station was approaching. The 2 girls divided the compartment going on the either side asking for money. I normally don't pay the beggars but today this time i gave a rupee ( Don't know why...felt like it). Some people took out the money, some ignored them ...some glared angrily at them. They took the money in their tiny hands. As the station approached the older girl held the younger one's hand and alighted the train. Probably to carry the same affair in some other train on the same track.

We talk about justice for all. Equal opportunities for everyone.... every child is special. But what about the injustice which happens at the very start? The girls will never study ... will beg in heat, rain , sun over and over again everyday... Will never get a chance to go to school or college. Who is to blame? There are 13.6 million child workers in India. Think about it ... everyday we might be losing a Kiran Bedi , Indira nooyi and Kalpana chawla to the dusty tracks of local trains.

I want to do something for the children ... but have no idea what to . That time the only thing which struck me was to give the liitle girl a coin.The only thing which i feel now i can do is ... blog about it.
Strange are the ways of the world!

Friday, May 16, 2008

An Era ENDS!

The last post from Ah4 364. Will miss this place - the place which changed me forever. An era ends today 16 may 2008.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Room called AH4 -364

Well it has been an insanely long time since i blogged. Sorry for it .... but the last few days have been hectic add to that my vow of not writing any senti post. Well i have a feeling this one is gonna be a short one ( wait re .... lemme get into the groove before i bore you with long posts!) .

Anyways this post is about a 8 feet by 8 feet by dont know (is too high) space in hostel AH4. My association with it started on the drizzly morning of 8 August 2005. I came to this place .... thinking i would get GH3 (B) ( later in the post ...more abt it!) ... and lo behold ... during the registration i became the Last person to get AH4.
Well to me this place looked nothing short of a resort ( consider that i had spent 2 weeks in NIT where hostels resembled cellar jail .... and bathrooms had lines in the morning ). And the room well looked great with everything. The place had interesting neighbours .....Purnoor Goofy surd living opposite , Anirudh geeky 10 pointer living next door, cool DUD Mohammed living a few doors down, the nigga andrew throw some more downs and on other side ..... humari pyari aalok rani with churu.All in all it looked good.

Then came the second semester ..... and we the mighty crusaders faced the biggest water crisis in the history of this college ( yes .... you all other hostel vaalas ..... it was worse than this year ) . Think abt 180 guys with buckets in hand trooping down to the next neighbour hostel to rob them of water ( there is a reason why we support AH3 in zephyr ... pet aur pani ka sawaal hai aakhir! )

Well Cut to a year after and this time i was in goa in my ps1 ( aah those were the days!) . any how this time i was given some obscure room in GH3 (b) . It is said you only realize the true value of a thing when it is taken away from you. Same thing with me ... the place sucked. A girls hostel and boys living in it .... lacked essential commodities ..boring, lifeless monotonous place.Thanked god didnot get it on the first day . Ohh by the way ...... the last second allotment proved the blessing in disguise .... the boys of our hostel were so busy searching for water .... that they didnot realise whom they were voting for in 2 year ... and elected me as hostel rep ..... aakhri banda .

Cut to a year later and thats when the fun begins! . Semester 6 - till this time the story has been about AH4 , by this time we have faced ...ummm lets see water crisis, power crisis , LAN crisis , Warden crisis ( first year mat bhoolo bhaiyon ) etc etc . Now comes the hero in the picture! AH4 - 364. Well it happened one fine day ... Quark had just ended .... and soon night my fan stops rotating ... i thought again one of those powercuts. But wait next day my neighbour puts Metallica on full blast ( while he is not in the room .... and this usually wakes me up ) ... but made me realize my fan had died. A few complaints and a bit of nagging later .... the repair guys turn up after a month and repair my fan. I thought this was it .
2.Cut to one month after that ... just before waves ... i come back to my room put on the switch and bugger refuses to rotate. Again the following procedure and this time they turn up after 3 weeks. i thought ab chalga!
3.cut to 5 days after that .... i come back from panjim ... switch on the fan and .... BLAST!. It sparked blasted .. took out some fumes and died again ( this was the most dramatic of all ). It took them 2 weeks this time to come. In between i sometimes used to switch ... just to see the fireworks i.e light and sound show.
4. And this time finally 3 days before the sem ended it started slowing down . With each passing day its speed reduced. I could feel the pain he was going through ( or i was to go through ). Dying a slow painful death ...wishing someone could put an end to his misery. And that Saviour was a powercut ... one fine day it stopped rotating ... and never rotated again!. Th repair guys came in 1 week this time.

Now i think i get frequent flier miles with the fan repair guys. Their call times have reduced by a week everytime the fan died. According to the pattern he should be there the 5 time my fan dies. Which he has promised .... says as soon as new fans come ... they will be in this room . Although when i asked the conversation took in following way :
Me: Bhaiya ye kitne din chalega
Rm ( repair man ) : Aap kab tak ho yahan par
Me : 12 din aur
Rm : tab tak to chal jana chahiye ... 10 din chalne ki main gaurantee deta hu .

well thats it .... the sem is ending and i will be pushed out of this room ( yay! ) and someone will come share the story from now on. Though however adventures i had with this room and hostel .... it will always be special ( because it is a boys hostel ) . No power, No fan , NO LAN, NO water .... still we rock!. I am hoping i get last 2 non guarantee days with this fan!
" Rock solid to the core ... Here comes AH4 "

ps : This is for the guy who gets this room after me ..... Apparently fan is not your only problem. As of now the back of the chair on which i am sitting is broken. one of the curtain hooks went missing in 1st year ... doing temporary arrangemnt....spilled some liquid some time in 3 years ... stains still on the floor .... the table is not all that clean .... the plug switch .. i think one may stop working soon ... probably has some voltage problem ..... baki sab abhi tak theek hai! if there is anything else .... my sympathies will always be with you. R.I.P

if you are still reading ... this was not all that short also!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The mute spectators

Edward Luce in his book In spite of the Gods described India as country trying to find its footing. A country progressing on the path of development, but still dealing with problems unique only to itself.
We Indians fancy ourself as being the next super power. The country of the 21st century. But still whenever anything goes wrong we are the first to turn our head away. A girl - a tourist - a guest is raped and murdered in our country and we keep quiet. We give refuge to people fighting for their freedom but when the same people are slaughtered for fighting for their cause, we turn our heads away. We choose to maintain our high moral ground but in reality we act like cowards who are afraid to stand up to a bully. Sitting on our high pedestal we pass judgments and comments, not caring about others!
Scarlett Johnson a 15 year old teenager was raped and murdered in Goa last week. She was drugged, assaulted and then left to die on the beach. At first we brushed aside the case as another Phirangi spoiling our culture and getting what she deserved by drowning. Nobody even cared to investigate. Finally when the mother of the victim ran from pillar to post did we wake up. Even then the blame went to GOA - the rave parties , the drug temple etc etc. Nobody cared to go in depth and find the criminal or actually solve the case. Just take out the editorials of any newspaper and you will find it goes from everything abut foreigners spoiling goa to its land mafia but wont speak about the case. I have been studying in BITS goa for 3 years and nobody i know in college is a druggy or has gone out and become one. It is not the state , not the place but the criminal sociology which is the culprit here. Do you think such a crime wouldn't have happened anywhere else in the country? No but we want to play the blame game..

Coming to the second issue. We have granted political asylum to Tibetians. But today when there are riots in lhasa , when there is oppression, manslaughter, we have kept mum. Not saying anything to anger the bigg brother China.More than 80 people have been killed and several hundred injured, and protests are spreading to other parts of Tibet.Schools and monasteries are sealed off, and there are heavy restrictions on people's movements with security forces stepping up their hunt for rioters in house-to-house searches.Around 400-500 people who received gunshot wounds are without medical assistance and are scared of being arrested if they go to hospital.

How long will we hide behind this veil of hippocracy? How long can we afford to keep mum? Our neighbour country is worn torn, martial law imposed, no democracy and we couldn't care less. If we truly want to become a super power we should take a stand. Punish the culprit . Own to our own follies. Raise our voice against the opression.
Our neighbours view us as the big bully. Nepal has maoist who are against India. God what happens to pakistan. Bangladesh is falling to hardlined mullahs and sri lanka is grappling with LTTE. WE are making castles in thin air. How can we progress with such an unstabilty in region? How can we progress when we dont know how to protect the foreigners in our country, worse still bring culprits to justice?

Its time we act , raise our voice make ourself heard. Or we would forever remain a country trying to come to terms with its own destiny, trying to find its footing.

Protests have started in Tibet for autonomy and chinese government is crushing it with all its might. Nobody knows the full extent of damage. Now the ball is in your court either remain quiet or raise your voice for a cause!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The centurion

This is my 100 post on blogspot. YAY!!! i have finally made a century somewhere :D. Congratulate me ( nice way to increase comments ). Ok since now the euphoria of my 100th post has died down, i don't know what to write. The sole purpose of this post was to celebrate the century.
Well thinking about my life, a lot has been going on lately. But don't want to write about it here. This post is about celebration and happiness. Well the past week was full of exams .... and the story is the usual on that front. Going to panjim tomorrow and coming to Bombay on the weekend, so you Bombay guys if you need anything from here buzz me. So do the goa guys if you need anything from Bombay.

Among other things reaching the end of BITSian life and getting senti on small things (never expected such a thing would happen to me !!!). Comp is screwed and dying a slow painful death . Some damn virus has wrecked it and kills applications everyday. Currently Mozilla, gtalk and itunes are surviving. That means no Dc, no vlc and hence implies no movies. I am kinda liking it this way discovering other things !!!. Btw it is so screwed that i cannot even open a notepad file. And to top it all my cd rom drive is not working so cannot format it even. In short vaat lageli hai!.

What i want to do right now- I want to break free!. Long time since i had a good laugh or indulged myself. So hopefully tomorrow should be fun. Btw if any of you want to accompany me tomoroow buzz me.

Thats it!

ps: can't still believe i wrote 100 pieces of crap!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Confessions of a frustrated soul

How many times has it happened to you the your plans change last moment? The party to which you wanted to go for so long , getting canceled at the last moment. The exam for which you had studied everything except the last chapter and every question in the exam from that chapter. Why does it always screw up when everything looks perfect?
Last few days have been the most tiring, tormenting and frustrating days of my life. Everything fell apart and the worst part of all i couldn't do anything to change it all. What fell apart, well it will come out in a few days ..... and writing about it here will only elevate the problem. What bothers me the most is how egoistic, naive, foolish and selfish can some people be? How politics can shred even the best of efforts? How somebody's personal vendetta can screw the future of the rest for years to come?
There have times in the past when i have not agreed with the "system" . When i have gone against the "system". But in all of those times there had always been a window, there had always been a ray of light. But now i feel the whole bloody SYSTEM is farce. It is just a way of politicians to abuse in every way possible.
Sometimes you give up something which is close to you because you don't want to be a party of its destruction. Quark was one such thing to me. The thing which cost me everything - cg , friends, relationships, social life , life in general only for making those 3 days possible. And now after i have screwed up nearly everything for it and have no chance of changing it. I don't want to be a part of its destruction. And hence I GIVE UP for the more " worthy and experienced" people to take care of it.

There are people to whom i want to apologize, there are people with whom i want to make up , there are people whom i want to say " F*ck off" and there are others to whom i don't even know what i want to do.

Still dont understand how somethings can get screwed up so drastically..............
Never ever have i been so frustrated, angry , alone , confused in this college......... DAMN!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The ride

There is a feeling which everybody gets when they get on a roller coaster. There is this initial apprehension , a mix of fear , anxiety , excitement , thrill and a hope to have some fun. Then when the ride is on its peak , there is only 1 feeling .... "why the hell did i take this ride ?" . This is the point where you are shouting your guts off. And then there is this part when the ride slows down , you see the end approaching and the only thing you wish is .... " god , i want to do this again. "

Yesterday Waves 2008 ended. Sitting on the lawn listening to Evergreen, it hit me for the first time that this roller coaster ride of my BITSian experience is coming to an end. There was this slow realisation which dawned on me. The only thing i did was to lie back and look at the stars, thinking about this ride and listening to the live rock performance ( there is nothing better than a live performance .... and personally i dont see any point in moshing or forcing myslef to head bang .... my head bangs himslef when it feels like :D ) .

Thinking about it , with Waves ending .... i felt a chapter of my life was ending ... it would probably be my last Waves. BITS did change me lot , transformed me from this nerd to sort of a confident person. I have odne everything here- been a part of part Waves ( culfest) , organised a Quark ( techfest ) , opened a club , held a position , been the president of RDC (:D) . Gave bumps at 12 in the night to the poor soul whose crime was to be born that day, howled at every six which India hit in the common room, got jitters before every exam...... Made some great friends ..... lost some friends . Probably the only thing i didn't do was the thing for which i had come here - To study :D ( so shows my CG ) . Like the roller coater ... yes i would like to be on this ride again .... and probably change some things.

Well i know this post has come a bit too early. But from yesterday ... i was dying to put these thoughts somewhere. Thinking about it now ... in 1.5 months i would be out of here ... in a new place , with new people , a new story and a new ride.

ps:this was a too small post to write about what BITS has given me ... just to write my thoughts.... i big post ( it would be bigger than my quark post ) would come out after some time.