Sunday, December 16, 2007

yeh aakhri alvida na ho !

Well now the third semester has ended and every Bitsian is headed back home. Leaving campus .... on their home bound journeys . But this time it was different. Previously ...because of our campus being a new campus , everybody used to come back. But this time .... there would be 198 people who would be leaving this place..... not to return on 7 jan.

The first batch to pass out of BITS , PILANI-GOA campus..... and boy what a batch it was . inspiring leaders, hard negotiators , caring elders ( if you call them !!!) ..... they had everything. The people who saw the genesis of this great story called bpgc. We had our share of fights and laughs ....but this time ... it is different .... difficult saying goodbye

You guys will surely be missed .....

This post is dedicated to 2004 batch ......hope this is not the last goodbye.

ps: my topics are having a lot of hindi overtones .... next post apni vilayati topic ishtyle.
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