Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The good old wine.....

Well if you think this post is about any spirit , then i am really sorry to disappoint you .... and you may stop reading from here on . So you are still reading .... good! .
Well today i again went to land mark for killing some time .... and this time i actually ought a book ( but only after i finished one while sitting there ). So one thing which i noticed was that most of the songs being played there were from the 80's ( yeah the disco decade!). I took a look around and saw people sporting some hairdo's of 70's ... flashy sunglasses .....and some things ... which i don't know how to name ( one problem after coming from goa ..... you feel you are completely out of place .... but feels good ... i look at it as making a style statement .... eshtyle ).

And so it stuck me .... people are actually doing things their fathers or grandfathers did 20-0 years ago . Coming a full circle ( maybe !) .... good marketing by movies like OSO (hated it !) ...... or may be herd mentality .

Well i feel that half of the people out there dont care a damn about fashion . What they do care about is .... what their neighbour is doing . And so a few people ... try to market their product .... start to publicize the product which they want to sell in the name of fashion . A lot of wanna bees take that bluff and follow it ( may be too much money ..... or too little brain ).... and a domino effect follows and soon you end up in a place ..... listening to the diving disco ..... surrounded by elvis prototypes .... and looking strictly futuristic.

Well so here is my take ...... old wine looks good in the old bottle .....( though it is fun to see the fancy dress ) ..... the classics should be treated as classics .......

as for me ..... i am enjoying my back to the future look and now it is time to go back to my books ( bahut paise karach kiye hai yaar ..... buying a book for reading .... what is happening to me ?)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

yeh aakhri alvida na ho !

Well now the third semester has ended and every Bitsian is headed back home. Leaving campus .... on their home bound journeys . But this time it was different. Previously ...because of our campus being a new campus , everybody used to come back. But this time .... there would be 198 people who would be leaving this place..... not to return on 7 jan.

The first batch to pass out of BITS , PILANI-GOA campus..... and boy what a batch it was . inspiring leaders, hard negotiators , caring elders ( if you call them !!!) ..... they had everything. The people who saw the genesis of this great story called bpgc. We had our share of fights and laughs ....but this time ... it is different .... difficult saying goodbye

You guys will surely be missed .....

This post is dedicated to 2004 batch ......hope this is not the last goodbye.

ps: my topics are having a lot of hindi overtones .... next post apni vilayati topic ishtyle.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

kadva sach

Well i am back in bomabay ! yay!!!. Looking at my blog it appears i only blog when i am home .... but this time cdc's got me.... now i know what the hue and cry was about. Well as for now ... half my cdc's are over ... free now and then going back to the grind on 7 ...but as for now ..... i want to sing " utda rahu firta rahu mast gagan mein ..... aj main azaad hu ....." and something more (can't remember.

Well so Bombay ... this time when i came ... it was usual with the buzz , a bit cold but one thing which stuck me was pollution. it was like breathing smoke directly in your nostrils. One thing which is bad about doing college in goa is that you become very sensitive to pollution. For one day (yesterday ) i was just coming to terms with rise in these pollution levels.

And then Al-gore and his inconvinient truth became clear to me . Till now i used to think about global warming , green house effect , pollution levels and all related terms as something which were there in our science textbooks, looked good on discovery and ntional geographic , topics on which people who wanted to hog limelight gave their two cents or topics which page 3 starlets spoke in star studded parties whicle themselves driving back in their fuel guzzling suv's and wasting half the natural resources.

But this time it hit me, why were these pollution levels high? Why was delhi coller than normal ? Why the test matches were closed early everyday ...because of bad light ( damid the result would have been 3-0)? and so the answer was clear to me. The more we think .." What can i as an individual do " ......." Everybody else is also doing this ".The more we lynch the environment. The more we keep the extra lights on, the more we keep the taps running, the more we rev up our cars just to listen to that masculine noice....... the more WE HARM OURSELVES.

Today Bombay had "batti band" campaign ... where people were requested to shut off power in their homes, offices for 1 hour from 7:30 - 8:30 pm . The idea was from similar campaign in sydney which generated improvemnt in their environment. I was out at 7:30 ..... and while walking back i saw some people actually following the rule, but the markets were alight and shining, some people had their houses lit up as if it was diwali...... and while walking back the final straw was my own building .... probably the only house which actually took part in this voluntary campaign in the building was mine.

and so tomorrow when the summers will be too hot or wintrs too cold..... or when walking down the street would be difficult because every other cm of space would be like a smoking chimney..... or when india loses because of the bad light ...... the same people would blame pollution. But when it comes to them ... they would be last one to take pains to rectify it .

SO people take charge !!!! not for your children ... cause they are too far ... take charge for your own life, your own health, your own future ..... what you do today .... shouldn't haunt you in future.