Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Well i am back in bombay , after 2 months. Always feels great to be back to this wierd mad house - Bombay. This time came back 3 hours after my exams finished. CDC's are killing us. Chapters finishing in the class before you can even get a hold of what is happening. Any anamoly happens like this ... you will get this by experience.In short " Lagi padi hai"

Life on other front is also busy . Quark has gone into overdrive. Ohh btw ... Quark is our annual technical festival .... . Meetings go on till 10:30 every night ... missing dinner most of the days ... which actually led to my going down with viral ...during exams.

Otherwise life revolves around these two things. First day in bombay was great .... saw a movie ... went to landmark ... sat there for 3 hours ... read a book and again didnot buy. Gorging on food as if i am gonna die tomorrow. Sleeping like a log. shooting mails ... discussing with people our stratergy.

Thats pretty much it .... i know i am blogging after a long time .... so have gone out of my mode . Wait for a few posts before i am back .
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