Monday, October 8, 2007

Take a look around

This year , we are celebrating our 60th year of independence. We are one of the most progressive economies, deemed to be the next super power.We are the world's biggest democracy. The next big thing. Everything is good . But still something doesn't look right. Nearly a century ago, Gandhi ji had said through his 3 monkeys "बुरा मत देखो , बुरा मत सुनो, बुरा मत कहो । " Literally " donot see bad , donot hear bad , donot speak bad ." But i think we have applied this to not to speak against anything. Even if it means keeping our mouth shut against injustice and oppression

Take a look around, our neighbors on all sides are facing problems. Nepal and Pakistan with their democracy problem , LTTE in Sri Lanka, Military dictatorship in Myanmar, Growth of radical islam in Bangladesh. We are happy that we have arrived, everything is going good, But for how long. If this radical nature of religion grows in Pakistan and Bangladesh, How much time will it take to spill here? How much time will it be before maoist rebellion in nepal affects uttar pradesh and Bihar? How much time will it take before the civil war will break in Myanmar?

We may turn a deaf ear to all these questions. But the truth is how can we think of ourselves as a super power when we ourselves cannot control the situation in our neighboring areas. When we ourselves wait for situation to get out of hand and affect us. Prevention is always better than cure. India is always vary of helping neighbors after debacles in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. But we have to raise our voice if not for them , for us .

Writing this, it made me think, how many times we don't care what happens around us in our life. We have become too mean ... too self centred... too busy to drop in and say a simple "HI". We are ignorant of the problems faced by the people around us. We always wait until something like that affects us. Its time we take a look around and see for ourselves .... if somebody needs us.

Everyday people are dying in Mynamar because they are protesting against military government there. Bloggers like you and me are running from one place to another because of no freedom of expression and the government . Still they are bringing the true picture out ... so that somebody like you and me take notice and support them .... even though it may cost them their life. Innocent monks are shot upon . A journalist dies while filming the protest ..........

How long will we keep quiet?

This post is dedicated to the courages people of Myanmar
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