Thursday, September 6, 2007

The world that is ...

Well this week is one week which history probably chose as the week to remember the important people who were born on earth . This week saw the death of 3 very important people who had shaped the history of the world . The three people were very diverse in their ideologies , their way of tackling a problem and also the problem they faced . But one thing was common between all 3 of them . All 3 of them were loved by the people ... they were loved by the masses .

CHE Guevara

This is the face which all of u have seen somewhere ... either on T-shirts , or on rock concerts , or on hippie parties ( too many in Goa ) . He is the face of rebellion against oppression all around the world . The saviour of the havenots .... . He is the one which is given most coverage newspapers and blogs all around the world . The socialist guerrilla , the guy who tho stood for the people but his ways were bloody . He wanted an eye for an eye , wanted to take everything in his own hands . He was the guy who even 30 years after his death is worthy of hogging columns in newspapers.

Lady Diana

The "people's princess " . She was the darling of everybody , right from the charitable work she did to the way she handled the media . Even today we remember her . Even today we remember that fateful night in Paris when she died .

Mother Teresa

The lady who lived for the poor , who cared for the poor , " the saint of the gutter " . Mother Teresa lived her life for the others . She never hurt anybody , never did bad to anybody .... but still the newspapers gave her the least coverage . For them it was just another person who died sometime . The work which she did was not important to give into their writing because it was not sensational . it did not involve killing people. It did not involve he rock concerts . It did not involve naxal ideology , it did not involve drugs .

Even lady Diana was in news because Camella Parker refused to attend her funeral . Their was reports that at the time of death lady Diana was pregnant which were later proved wrong .

What is the world coming to ? Are we only interested in gossip , paparazzi , conspiracy , scandals , violence , drugs . Have the old beliefs which were taught to us as a child lost their importance . Have we become so indifferent that we do not stop talking ill about some person who has died .

Seriously it is time to introspect . Look into ourselves , think what we have become . What our media has become .... what we want to hear . All these 3 people changed history , all 3 of them were important but the way in which they were remembered was not good .

May their souls rest in peace !!!
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