Monday, September 3, 2007

The Basic Instinct

Was looking up the newspaper for past few days to find some inspiration for writing . The only thing which was there in the newspaper was Left's tough unrelenting stand against the nuclear deal . It was just everywhere front page , page 3 , editorial , international news .... even some indications in the sports column . I wondered what has left got against the government that it opposes the government so vehemently . Why is it against the nuclear deal . The reason which i got as answer was probably left's pre cold war era anti capitalism and hence anti US stand . But then even the staunch rightist in the parliament were against the deal .

Why this ? two groups hardly having anything in common agreeing on the issue . And then .... just then it hit me . It was not the so called socialism , or defence of the country or even the selling our souls part, it was all farce . The truth is was and will remain .... EVERYTHING WHICH HAPPENS HERE HAPPENS FOR SOME SELFISH REASON . The left wants to stress on its importance and therefore tries to be the hurdle in everything . But it doesnot want to let go of the government because then it will lose the twetny pence importance which it has . The right on the other hand wants to get back the power .

It got me thinking . The basic instincts .... the basic feelings ... the basic principles which all of us have right from our birth ... selfishness , anger , meanness . Nobody teaches anybody these things , nobody teaches a child to cry , get angry , be possessive ... but he/ she still knows about them . Look around you everybody is busy in something or the other .... something selfish ... sometimes even at the cost of many things . This world is run on the whims and fancies of 10 % people with power and rest 90% people are dictated either directly or indirectly .

With time ... all you become is more selfish , mean , more practical .... more self centered ... and then one day you hate yourself . Hate yourself for what you have become .... but then you look around and remember the Darwinian rule .... survival of the fittest .

BITS has taught me a lot of things .. for which i am grateful to it . Transformed me from a boring hated bloke to a self confident guy . But one thing it has also taught me is to be self centred , making your path ... even at the cost of sacrificing somebody . And yes sometimes i do hate myself for that ... for what i have done .... but then ..... the basic instincts prevail ... change prevails .

Power , prestige , position ...... the things which govern this world .

i don't know what i have written .... but this is my grossest post ever .
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