Friday, August 3, 2007

the road ahead

well i have been away from blogging for a few days cuz the lan in my hostel is not working ( and all those of you for whom it is working ... don't rub it in ... AH4 rules )

So now another sem has started . Looking around i saw it as another first sem . Fresh look , new resolutions, clean rooms , trying to live life in a more civilized way , first years having a mix of fear and excitment in their eyes, fourth yearites getting goosebumps about placements , second yearites feeling good on finally being a senior and not letting any oppurtunity go for assering their new found status , third yearites preparing for ...ohh no not speeak abt it (CDC's)......

It somehow got me thinking ....... why everytime we try to begin in a new way .... why all of us aim for a 10 when we start ( now don't groan about it ..... even a 5 pointer aims for a 10 inside .... no matter how much we try to label 10p as padaku but it is grapes are sour feeling ) and still only a handful manage it ? Why we pledge to attend all classes and finally one day after a surprise test through which half of us slept we ponder why what has happened after those 2 years of slog to get here ?

Frankly speaking i don't know . The 5 sem has started ... this time with cdc's ..... and like always i too have my set of resolution ... which i wanna stick to ..... lets see how far i go ....
but anyways

BEST OF LUCK to you and me

ps: the thing about sleeping has been taken care of by my time table atleast .... on monday , tuesday and thurday .... my first class is at 10 A.M and on friday my first class is at 12 noon ....
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