Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chak de India

Well after a long time i saw a Hindi mainstream "masala" movie which i enjoyed so much . Well firstly the movie is inspired from the story of Mir Ranjan Negi the goalkeeper of the Indian National men's hockey team of 1982 Asian cup ..... in which India lost in the final to pakistan with a score of 7-1 . Negi was made the scape goat and was labelled a traitor which led to premature ending of his career . He finally redeemed his honour after 16 years by coaching the Indian Men Hockey team and making them win gold in Asian games in 1998 in Bangkok and then coaching the Indian womens hockey team and making them win the commonwealth games in Manchester in 2002 .

I wont spoil your movie by teling the story . But what i realy liked about the movie was that there was a certain spirit of doing well . Certain feeling to achieve something ..... which was beautifully portrayed beautifully . The team spirit ... which i think is losing some sort of relevance in today's cut throat competition. The spirit to achieve your goal ...... the feeling that nothing is impossible .... the spirit of setting your LIMIT to the sky ....... I don't know but i just love movies about India!!!

After this movie i feel our cinema has finally come of age . Finally there was a movie with no love shov ..... no silly dancing ..... only thing which was there was the plot . You might say that you have heard such stories a lot ... but still even when we would all know the result ..... it still kept me on the edge of my seat .... waiting for what was next to happen . The acting of the actors was nice .......... the movie surely did chak de !!! worth a watch .
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