Saturday, August 18, 2007

goa with hooligans

well was checking out my mobile and came across some pics which i thought would be nice for my recollection and for you to laugh at ........

well living in goa ... moving around .... you see a riot of colours .... here is something about the architecture of goa ..... which is different .... for a start ... colourful and vibrant .
the postal office of goa
A government building in Panjim
the church which is invariably shown in every movie .......
Another government building in panjim

Wierd antics
well ..... my group of friends .... are not normal .... we do a lot of hooligan stuff .... some of which is not known to public .... so here is an insight into some of the wierd stuff that happened in the past few days .

Duniya gol hai .... aur uske liye hum bhi gol gol ghoomenge .... puneet , maddy and purnoor .before chak de india ...... passing time .

Nahi nahi mujhe aur bhi khelna hai same people .....

Well couldnot think of a caption ..... but look closely there is only 1 guy (gill) in the line meant for girls ..... sometimes being street smart can be a one way icket to a horror show . gill in the mess ..(literally )

ek din main bhi himesh banoonga .... vishrut ..... trying to fool around with a guitar ... lok at the expression ...... bhojuri rap to come soon .

WEll there are a lot of pics of me doing such antics ...... but this is my blog !!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

60 things i love about being an Indian

Well today is India's 60th independence day ... the day we got our right from the British colonial rule . To many people this freedom is taken for granted and for many people we are still not free .... considering the exploitation which is going in the country ... so i thought what should i write about his day and the only thing i could think was 60 things i love about being an indian .

1. To be able to wake up in the morning not thinking abour how to dodge bullets as in many war ravaged countries

2. To be able to blog , debate and express my views without having the treath to go to jail ..... assert my freedom of expression

3. To experience all 4 seasons in one year

4. To have a choice to learn about 18 languages and still say we are learning a language from our country

5. To be a nuclear power and have the second largest Army , 3 largest Airforce and still take pride in the fact that we have not attacked any country in the past .

6. Butter Chicken .

7. To go to the Taj Mahal without paying exorbitant amounts .

8. To have about 15000 species of plants and have about 3000 species of animals .

9.Singing national Anthem at the top of my voice ( trying doing it ..... it is a different experience altogether )

10 . Bollywood

11. The invention of zero ( got i learned the value of this number after coming to BITS)

12. Maruti 800 ( the easiest car to drive anywhere in the world )

13 . Being able to walk anywhere .... middle of road , side of road , under the road ..... on road at all !!!

14 . Being able to call every stranger Uncle/ aunty / Bhaiya / didi / beta / beti ..... the last 2 after 20 - 25 years .

15 . To have a vada pav in one hand .... umbrella in the other and walking (jumping ) all around the road ... trying to protect yourself from potholes ..... this one would only be understood by mumbaikars ( i miss the city .... but goa rocks!!!)

16 . Chacha choudry ..... lovd the comics

17 . Nimbu pani ..... best drink ever ....

18 . bombay local train ..... experience in itself .

19 . Indian weddings ..... complete chaos .... complete anarchy ....... no coordination ... but still you will love it .

20 . Goa ...... mix of past , present and the hint of future .

21 . Where being a virgin till 30 is no big deal ( okk we all don't like this part )

22. Sari ...... the best dress a women can wear ... mix of sensuality , grace, sophistication and honour ....

23. music .... .. punjabi in north , gujrati in west , carnatic in south ... bengali in east ....

24 . gulab jamun , ras malai ... kheer .......

25. where drinking water is free .....

26. feeling of being one ... inspite of all the differences .

27 . Where living with parents is no shame ....." we don't take appointments to meet our parents " loved this quote by aishwarya rai .

28 . To support our cricket team inspite of whatever they play ( thanks for defeating england again after 60 years ).

29 . Tipu sultan , bhagat singh , Ashoka , akhbar , chandrashekar azad ........ grew up reading about them .... and their stories are better than any roman fables .

30 . To have a holiday on diwali, eid , gurupurab and christmas ....

31 . To tell the foreigners that 10 years back we were bankrupt ..... considering today we are one of the powerful economies .

32. To have a impartial judiciary ...... no distinction between a king and a popper .

33 . To eat butter chicken pizza ,gobi manchurian , american chopsuye dosa ........ we are best at improvising ... and ya these dishes are indian ... find me any of these things anywhere else in the world .

34. To play pkadam pakdai ...... patang udana , lattu chalana .... i kno i have passed that stage but loved doing these things .

35. To have the cpability to dream big and one day become a superpower ....( trust me one day i would write a post when i would write abt us being a superpower )

36. To be called a generation of young and have future in front of us ....

37 . To listen to pantera ...metallica..... learn salsa ... tango .. but still press the dj to play kajra re or beedi jalaike ... when we want to loose it .

38. To tell riksha vaala " bhaiya jaldi chalao "( drive faster ) ... but still waste 10 minutes to get him to reduce 2 rupees .

39. To get your whole family (extended ) to see you off when ONLY YOU are going for a week .... away .

40. To blame everything from hih prices to high temperature ... to why your dog didnot eat on the government .

41 . To go for walk in the garden ... walk for 10 rounds ..... become tired ... take an auto ride ..... and then go to the nearest restraunt and order cheese pav bhaji ( with extraaaa cheese ) ... cuz you are too tired .

42 . TO make your children eat badam every morning ..... dimaag ke liye acha hai ... eat curd before an exam ... shubh hota hai .

43. To go on a family trip with mummy papa chunnu munnu and tommy on one scooter .

44. To eat lint... toublerone .... mars and still say ... Dairy milk rocks!!!

45. To not to use a new phone too much ...... kyunki abhi to naya hai .... and then say ... out of fashion ho gaya .

46. To go to neighbours house to get 2 chamach cheeni ...

47. To play cricket in the gulli .... and run when you break a window .

48. Aishwarya rai , bipasha basu , katrina kaif and her ...

49. Param super computer

50. Indian railways ....... the whole country in a compartment .

51. To remeber god .... whenever we start something .

52. To touch the elders feet for their blessings .

53. TO tell the world about peace .

54. To help others .... when we ourselves might need one ( remember tsunami )

55 . To find a connection with somebody as my fathers cousins sister- inlaws sons wife's second cousin's son 's friend

56 . To laugh at santa banta jokes ...

57 . To eat laddu at every independence day

58 . To wear a kurta pajama ... wake up at 6 ...only for seeing tri colour flutter .

59 . To be proud to be an INDIAN

60 . TO be born in this great country and live here

i know some of these were follish but still these small things give me pleasures and

" A great life is nothing but a series of well lived days with small pleasures strung together like necklace of pearls "
- robin sharma

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chak de India

Well after a long time i saw a Hindi mainstream "masala" movie which i enjoyed so much . Well firstly the movie is inspired from the story of Mir Ranjan Negi the goalkeeper of the Indian National men's hockey team of 1982 Asian cup ..... in which India lost in the final to pakistan with a score of 7-1 . Negi was made the scape goat and was labelled a traitor which led to premature ending of his career . He finally redeemed his honour after 16 years by coaching the Indian Men Hockey team and making them win gold in Asian games in 1998 in Bangkok and then coaching the Indian womens hockey team and making them win the commonwealth games in Manchester in 2002 .

I wont spoil your movie by teling the story . But what i realy liked about the movie was that there was a certain spirit of doing well . Certain feeling to achieve something ..... which was beautifully portrayed beautifully . The team spirit ... which i think is losing some sort of relevance in today's cut throat competition. The spirit to achieve your goal ...... the feeling that nothing is impossible .... the spirit of setting your LIMIT to the sky ....... I don't know but i just love movies about India!!!

After this movie i feel our cinema has finally come of age . Finally there was a movie with no love shov ..... no silly dancing ..... only thing which was there was the plot . You might say that you have heard such stories a lot ... but still even when we would all know the result ..... it still kept me on the edge of my seat .... waiting for what was next to happen . The acting of the actors was nice .......... the movie surely did chak de !!! worth a watch .

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Marking your LIMIT

well on july 8 , 2007 the big apple ... New York had a deluge ....much like what aamchi mumbai has now every year . It was sad with a loss of lot of property and death of some people . But what surprised me was the headlines in the newspapers . Instead of reporting what happened in New York they actually compared Mumbai to Ney york and took a saddistic pleasure in saying .... " We are like New York " . There were comparisons with New York times ......

But what are we trying to project .... we are as bad as some other city in the world to tackle our problems ? or are we saying that we are inferior to somebody and establishing the other's supremacy ? or do we consider the problem so grave that we can't find a solution to it ... do we feel that it is impossible ? ...... have we set our LIMITs?????????

" I'd rather confess that i am wrong and be right than claim i am right and be wrong "
-Maria Fontaine
excuses ...... thats what we had been doing for 40 years after our Independence and what was the result ..... an empty treasury .... foreign sanctions ...... crumbling market .... and when we accepted our faults and changed the course of action what happened ...... we became one of the fastest rising economy..... second largest growth rate ..... being compared into the league ....... We became right by accepting that we were wrong . Everyday ... we try to hide from our mistakes ... everyday we make excuses .... everyday we run ........ from what ???? eventually from success.

" Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better "
- Pat Riley
" You may be disappointed if you fail .... but you will be doomed if you don't try "
- Beverly sills
most of us have set a LIMIT for ourself .... which we have set sometimes on the basis of our failures in the past , sometimes because people tell us we cannot do a certain thing but most of the times it is because we are worried what happens if we fail .... we set our limits and try to perform in those set of preconceived goals .... we never strife for bigger things because this may lead to losing what we have ..... we are afraid to burn our boats .....

" I think therefore I am "
- Descrates

we can be what we perceive to be ... if we perceive to be the best , the fastest , the brightest damn right we can be ....... the only thing is where do you set your limits and how much do you believe in yourself .

If we think we match a city in its failure then dammit we will compare ourself to every failure .... but if we compare ourself to the strengths of that same city and strife to be better ...... then i see no reason why one day there won't be an article in New York times comparing New York with Mumbai .

We have had our setbacks and we have all screwed up ... but there are only a few who rise ... while others just make a deal with fate, destiny ... or whatever excuse they wanna give .

" Everybody screws up , its what you do next matters "

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

whipping the cream

well i picked up my paper today .... and the first news i see is " Chief Minister to Samovar's rescue " ...... with a photo of some celebrities and quotes by shobha De . Now what is samovar ..... and why is it so important .... looking at the headline i figured out that it must be some monument or some area where some less fortunate people were living which needed help .

But looking inside i figured out that it is a cafe at kala ghoda ( one of the most expensive area in the city ) ..... and the article starts like " Superstar Amitabh Bachan and his wife Jaya will be happy. Chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh on Monday promised to help save Cafe Samovar in Kala Ghoda from shutting down. The actors had their first date in the early '70s in this bustling verandah cafe at jehangir Art gallery "

Well first of all does this news deserve to be on the front page of a reputed national daily ? why do i care if two actors met here , dated ... kissed whatsoever .. specially when there are more important topics concerning the country and the world which are pushed inside ? why is the media so much frenzied about even the sneeze of a celebrity while the constant suffering of the common man is ignored , taken for granted ..... not worthy of reporting ?

The cafe might be important for the art lovers .... but it certainly does not deserve the front page . I had written a post about how waylaid our media has become .....something which came out on the recent Ramnath goenka memorial debate .

Another ... point which i want to make is why the celebrities think they deserve special treatment . The Sanjay Dutt conviction ...... i for once am ok with it . why? because he might be munnabhai on screen , his father might have taken out peace marches .... a champion of the poor , he might be a superstar ...... but all said and done , he had broken a law . He had made mistakes and should be punished , like any other ordinary man . What would have happened if you or me would have kept an AK-56 ? we would probably have been kept in lock up without even a reason , might have died in a fake encounter ....... and nobody would have batted an eyelid . The same media which now runs story after story on the conviction ... wouldn't have found it worthy to make it to their pages esp. when there should be advertisements ..... which are important . The Salman Khan blackbuck case ..... The Fardeen khan drug abuse ...... The shakti kapoor casting couch ...... The Rahul Mahajan drug abuse case ..... why do we forget the crime in light of something which is actually a dream ( cinema ) .

The society calls these people the cream . They are doing well professionally , making us laugh and cry with them ...... but this does not give them a license to do whatever they please . It is time the cream needs to be whipped .

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy friendship day

well right now i am sitting in gillu's room ... blogging from the temporary wifi we set up from his router .... night out after nearly a year .... will watch 2- 3 movies starting right now with cheeni- kum ..... feels nice . Well somebody declared on DC that today is friendship day and so started the AH3 tour in which we went to all our friends room in AH3 and wished them friendship day (friendship day to bas bahana hai .... sabke ghar se aaya hua khana jo khana hai ) ( Don't worry mere pyaare hostel vaalo kal main aaonga ) . Well thinking about it .... it the first time i have wished anybody friendship day , sadly for many of my friends it would be the last time i would be wishing them ...... the last year .... seems what we did for past two years ??? In one of my earlier posts i had written about how we never tell people how much they mean to us and how we repent it when they are no longer with us ..... and so now thinking about it .... well guys ... i love you ( not that you peverts ) .... and damn will miss you after we disperse in the big bad world .....

seeing one of boxer's post ..... i remebered my friends from school ..... sadly ( ashamdly ) i have lost all photo proofs of all my school friends ... except one kg class photograph which mom found in my mess in the room and revived it .... will put it up sometime ..... but till then ....... HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to you all and ya .... wish the people around you .... cuz sometimes after 10 years you would repent that you didn't .........

Cheers!!! to all my friends

Friday, August 3, 2007

the road ahead

well i have been away from blogging for a few days cuz the lan in my hostel is not working ( and all those of you for whom it is working ... don't rub it in ... AH4 rules )

So now another sem has started . Looking around i saw it as another first sem . Fresh look , new resolutions, clean rooms , trying to live life in a more civilized way , first years having a mix of fear and excitment in their eyes, fourth yearites getting goosebumps about placements , second yearites feeling good on finally being a senior and not letting any oppurtunity go for assering their new found status , third yearites preparing for ...ohh no not speeak abt it (CDC's)......

It somehow got me thinking ....... why everytime we try to begin in a new way .... why all of us aim for a 10 when we start ( now don't groan about it ..... even a 5 pointer aims for a 10 inside .... no matter how much we try to label 10p as padaku but it is grapes are sour feeling ) and still only a handful manage it ? Why we pledge to attend all classes and finally one day after a surprise test through which half of us slept we ponder why what has happened after those 2 years of slog to get here ?

Frankly speaking i don't know . The 5 sem has started ... this time with cdc's ..... and like always i too have my set of resolution ... which i wanna stick to ..... lets see how far i go ....
but anyways

BEST OF LUCK to you and me

ps: the thing about sleeping has been taken care of by my time table atleast .... on monday , tuesday and thurday .... my first class is at 10 A.M and on friday my first class is at 12 noon ....