Monday, July 9, 2007


What is the first image which comes to your mind when somebody mentions the word terrorist to you ? The archetypal image of the terrorist — and that includes extremists under the rubric of Naxalites, Kashmiri militants, etc — is the person who takes recourse to grievances of socio-economic deprivation and being marginalised. This was the image which always came to my mind a few days back . Some radical with a long beard living in some dingy suburb or some cave in the mountain with his kailishnov rifle in one hand and the holy book in the other .
But this image of mine was broken a few days back when some "terrorists " were caught in connection to the failed Glasgow airport bomb blast . They were not radicals in any way . They did not live in caves , they were not the people who had just one form of education and they definitely were not from backward socio economic class . Rather they were doctors , who had studied well , received good education , were clean shaven , lived in posh London suburbs .
Then why ??? in one of my previous posts i had asked some questions about religion and had got some answers . I had always thought that the people didnot have correct education and so were a group of "misguided souls". But these people......

Now why does a person who works hard to make a career , burns night lamps to get into a college , slogs in it to get the degree and then after some years achieves something ..... give it all away in one shot .... and that too for killing other innocent people .

what prompts such people ? Where does the rational thinking which they were taught in school goes when they think of some ghastly acts ? These people were not that stereotype but people like me . But still i cannot think of doing something like this ...why? perhaps because (what i think ) because of my education (they also had it ) , my family value ( nobody in their family was radical ) , my friends ( their childhood friends say that this is not possible , they were not like this ) ....... then why ?????

And what is the result . Prime Minister of United Kingdom has ordered to increase checks on Indian skilled workers . What more will you expect ? I don't blame him , any country would do such a thing to protect its citizen's . But what image has this put up about our country . Two years back a war torn President Bush had asked Prime Minister Dr . Manmohan singh that how a country having so many people practicing Islam had no connection with Al- quaida ? I had felt a sense of pride that time . We were not like our neighbours ( still not are ..... and ya for me Islam is not terrorism ... some of my closest friends practice it .... and they in no way are radical ) . But now what ..... is the bitter venom of terrorism poisining the educated people of our country too .

Even after writing so much ... i am still where i started ....... why????
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