Friday, July 27, 2007

Vela = ME

well looking at the past few posts on my blog ... they have been very serious and make me look like a social activist ...But in reality i am a college kid with a net connection and some thoughts . So i thought why not write a Lite post . Thinking about it ..... why not write about what i do ... well so here is the list of some things i do ....

In College

1. I sleep for 6-8 hours
2. I watch movies, sitcoms , funny videos , music videos .......
3. i attend meetings ..... clubs , departments etc....
4. sometimes i get bouts of seriousness when i feel like studying...
5. I party with friends
6. I blog
7. I have vela night outs with friends
8. I have serious discussions with friends
9. i go to beaches , trek on weekends
10 . we have appy sessions where we remember our incomplete stories ...

At Home ( apart from meeting my parents and staying with them )

1. I sleep for 16 -18 hours
2. I Eat
3. i watch tv
4 . I Eat
5 . i go to landmark and read a book without buying it
6. I Eat
7. I Sleep
8. I Eat
9. I Sleep
10. I Eat

well thats pretty much it ..... it is not an interesting post ... don't bother ... but what the hell it is for me ....
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