Monday, July 2, 2007

Setting sail

Well today CGAOPV 1202 " SAMRAT " ( Coast Guard Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel ) set sail . GSL looked different , too many cars with red lights on top , all employees dressed properly smiling at everything they see don't know why but we seemed a bit out of touch ( the best part was we being asked if we were Press ).It looked like a marriage scene with junior officers running around like kids , Senior officers moving around with an air of authority and we .... don't who we were .... probably PRESS ( if they cover marriages .) But any how we made our way to the Slipway ... saw many new things ... shamiyanas ,boards leading to launching site ( Had they been in place when we had joined ... we wouldn't have made a fool of ourselves .) We turned and we stopped at what we saw ... for there stood in its full glory , like a newly decked bride our majestic ship and it was huge .... never saw something like that it my life . It was out of its new construction site and partially in slip way .

It was a proud moment for all employees of GSL , after all it was the result of their two years of hard work . You could feel the energy when the ship first tasted the waters , even though we were far back ( what more status would they give us interns , we were after all given a priority entry , after 3 checks .) we could feel the whole advance of the ship into the water .

It got me thinking , how we are deeply attached to anything we work for . Ever designed a circuit in electrical lab and it works ( specially if it works in our lab ) the happiness you get of achieving something is different .... it is something like your well deserved right .No matter what we do however small in a project when the thing gets completed it this feeling of jubilation. Successful completion of a college fest , a magazine you worked for getting published , your name on website anything .

Also a thing which striked me , was how religious we Indians are . Thanking Idra devta for not puring his horses , doing a saraswati vandana for the safety of the vessel and its crew , launching it only after a teeka has been put on this massive protector of our seas. Perhaps this the reason for u winning all the ocean wars .... GOD IS WITH US !!!

There was an incredible sense of National Pride . Even when the ceremony grew boring with all the speeches ( during which Armaan and Mani stole a quick nap ) ... there was the National Anthem soon after and you could see pride in everybody's face ... it was not something which they were forced to do but were feeling proud to do . Every time the National Anthem is played ... i get a feeling of bieng high ( don't know why !!!) but i love it .

After al the formalities .... the ship was ready for its tryst with destiny .... and soon after the pooja and instruction from chief guest ... it gloriously made its way to the water under the sound of crackers and music by the Naval band ... there was an instant sense of jubilation everybody congratulating the person next to them . When i started this post i said the scene resembled that of a marriage , yes it was a marriage .... Of the ship with its groom the mighty sea and together they would see many adventures for next 3 to 4 decades ........
BEST OF LUCK to them

ps: pics would be uploaded soon
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