Monday, July 23, 2007

Putravati Bhav

Every year about ONE MILLION girls die in India ....... due to female infanticide. Most cannot even see the world from their eyes because they die when they are in their mother's protective care and some who do ....... die because they did not fulfill the family wishes . We are the second largest population the world , the seventh largest country in the world , on the verge of becoming a super power ....... but still we have a skewed sex ratio of 1000 boys to 927 girls .

In our history we have given importance to women . We pray to durga Mata , Saraswati Mata is goddess of knowledge , Laxmi Mata is the goddess of wealth ....... but still we kill small girl child as if she is a disgrace...... still people bless with putravati bhav . People go to cocktail parties.... give speeches about empowerment of women , how women are equal to men and then the same people drive their cars to the hospitals to abort the girl child .....

India has banned ultrasonic sex determination in 2002 and so people could not determine the sex of the child before it was born , but this did not stop people .... they invented ways in which they could plant the embryo of their own choice .... and thus technically didnot kill the child . But how right is this ? Why should one meddle with the basic reproductive process which was made to ensure equality of both the sexes ?

In ancient times women and men were equal in stature . But then due to wars of the tribes , physically strong man gained prominence and since he wrote all the scriptures ..... he established his so called superiority .... but now in the age of information ....... women are equal to men . We find practices like purdah are cruel , but then why do we feel that women are weaker ?

The society has to get this change in thinking .... we should change our mindset .... we should accept the girl as a boy . For the uneducated masses of the country .... government should organise programs telling them how a child is born and how its sex is chosen in biological process . Incentives should be given by the government for the people who have girl child . For the educated , rich ... well all i have to say that their conscience should be awakened .

we call women the fairer sex . We call our country matrabhoomi , we call our language matrabhasha ..... we place the girl so high in our culture ...... let this girl have a chance to live ......

This post was inspired by two factors firstly a conversation i had with my school friend Gurveen a few days back and secondly due to a talk show i saw on TV today.
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