Monday, July 16, 2007

A new beginning

Well today was the 50th day of my PS The mighty PS1 program finally came to an end . So why is the title " A new beginning " well as my friend angad (gillu) says ..... " A thing never ends , a new one always begins ".
gogo (vivek ) , Armaan , tharki (abhishek ), Arpit , Lokesh

Well today i have been overcome by nostalgia . Our first day at PS .... the first time i actually interacted with GOGO (vivek ) (though we had been living in the same campus for past 2 years ). How we reached early ... sat at the reception for 1 hour with no clue , where to go and then finally meeting the wonderful Pilani guys.

Getting fired everyday by our company coordinator with his famous " that is " . There is a strong theory behind it . He never uses a full stop ..... " You are coming from BITS thatis"......... " You won't go on the ship deck that is " ....... " Bada boss will give me bamboo thatis " ....... " Bitsians ... useless people thatis " ...... " you understand me that is " . There were moments when he would be scolding us and we were trying to stop our laughter just by shear fun of counting the number of "that is " in the sentence .

Going on that long walk of 2 km to catch the bus on zari . How neha couldnot keep up and how she never complained . Finally writing a blog about her agony and i giving her ... her chance to reedem her highway wishlist by walking exactly one step behind so she can overtake me.

Me, Raghav and Mani

How Lokesh and gogo would reming us of romantic song of raj kapoor by sharing one broken umbrella and walking like two lovers trying to get close ( HAHAHAHA). How tharki ( abhishek ) used to tease Mani everyday . How Raghav used to taunt Mani by .." Tu dilli ka sardar hai .... Punjab se nahi ho sakta " .

How we used to go abhiksha for lunch and when to some it became too expensive they shifted to rs 1.50 gsl lunch and others like me to kamath canteen . Pralav's and mine economy sharing ... not to spend more than rs 20 on lunch . The day when tharki decided to drink and gogo comes and said his famous line " Khana kisko hai ... peene ka lao " all of us non drinkers died laughing so much so that they tht we had taken the drink .

The day when we got the conference room .... how awed we were . It was actually better than the office of the CMD . How we got those bouts of seriousness in that conference room which soon fizzld out . We ended up either listening to Mani's i-pod or playing some stupid game.

The day ship was launched .... how proud we were ... the feeling of being an Indian . That thing about sweet pockets . That final amazement " Ship bahut jaldi chali gayi yaar .

Those trips which we used to go to directly from PS . The trek on bogmalo ... where while looking at sunset from the top of the hill tharki actually got a bit senti and said " yaar .... those explorers were so great na ... they took there ships to the horizon knowing it would fall down behind it " ... we all were so surprised ... started laughing only after 5 minutes to his statement .
Or the trek on holant beach .. when the storm was about to come and the way was so narrow that one mistake ad you would go down 50 feet . The final trip to Japanese gardens with Raghav , Mani and pralav ..... the fun we had .
Pralav , Lokesh , Neha , Mani

Those quizzez where we used to laugh after answering the questions . Those gd's where i used to be the blabber mouth and a complete chaos reigned .Those games of Atlas .. Those seminars .. where everybody used to sleep ... that walking in the rain everyday , getting drenched till our undies . That diary writing .... those stupid anxiety of seeing who will be the topper .Our maam who was most supportive ... never shouted at us no matter how grave mistakes we made . God i am gonna miss all of these . gonna miss all the people from pilani with whom i shared some wonderful moments ..... gonna miss each and every moment of those 50 days at goa ....

Leaving them today after 50 wonderful days is a bit painful . We had grown a bit close ... and i had forgotten my policy of not getting close to people . But this pain is also sweet ... cuz in it are sweet memories ... so thanks guys for proving me wrong . Thinking about leaving frnds .... i don't know what would happen when i leave BITS and my wonderful friends . So bhai log ( sorry don't have any close female friend ) this year wud be our last year together ..... so full time masti karni hai . I have met a lott of people from my stay in 7 schools and 2 colleges ( 2 weeks at NIT do count ) and have learned a lott from my friends with whom i have made new beginnings .... so cheers to you all .... this post is dedicated to ALL my friends .

but what the hell today our PS has ended . Tomorrow 10 of us would head in different directions for our homes and some of us may not ever see each other again . But whatever it is these memories would remain .

best of luck guys .........
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