Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meddling with religion

It is said that faith can move the mountains . The power which religion has , has already been seen by our generation at least . So when i saw the news of Pakistani forces attacking Lal Masjid ... i was a bit horrified , because for me my mind raced back to two incidents which changed the course of our history .

1. Operation Blue star

During June 3 to June 6 , 1984 ... during the time the insurgency in Punjab was the highest , an extremist for the cause of Khalistan Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale had taken up refuge in Harminder Sahib ( Golden Temple ) . Golden temple is one of the most holy place for the Sikhs . Mrs. Indira Gandhi the then Prime Minister ordered Operation Blue Star for the capture of Bhinderanwale. The Indian Army was sent to golden temple . After the struggle for 3 days and many casualities ( many of them civilians ) the army had killed Bhinderwale , But in doing so there was a damage to Akal Takht ( one of the holiest building's of the campus . This didnot go down well . On 31, October , 1984 ... the Prime Minister of republic of India was assasinated by her own body gaurds who wanted to avenge the disrespect shown to their religion. A period of anti Sikh riots followed in which 3000 people were killed .

2. Jerusalem

In 1947 by popular vote the United Nations gave the right to the jews to establish their own independent state in heart of Palestine . For the previous two thousand years jews were treated badly in Europe ... every part of it ... while they had remained in harmony with the Muslim rulers , be it the turks or the middle east rulers . But after the second world war ... victor's justice prevailed ... and Britisher's ( who themselves had treated them badly in middle ages ) .. gave them home in Palestine . This angered the original 2/3 inhabitants of the area who were Muslims , who had never treated them badly , who were now deprived ......... of their homes . What en sieged is we all kno , 50 years of bloodshed with no result .

Religion is a very strong emotion which people abide by . For long men have preffered to travel in groups and it was religion which binds them , whenever there has been a chance to change something with religion it has always been disastrous ..... babri masjid riots , crusades in middle ages , 1984 riots , shia ..sunni riots in iraq , the list is endless . Sometimes i wonder , why are people so much bound to their religion ? the answer i feel is that in a group of similar people , performing some similar operations, we feel safe , when people are not educated , the only education they get is their religion , and when the people of the group they travel with feel threatened they themselves feel threatened and then the self defence follows .

What is happening is Pakistan is a group of misguided souls , who were always taught abt their religion but in a twisted way which was interpreted for them differently . They believed what they were told and acted accordingly. Their actions were wrong .
But how right was the Pakistani government in attacking Lal Masjid ? Or the Goverment of the republic of India in attacking Akal Takht ?
I Personally think Operation Blue star was an historical blunder . It should have been avoided , because in doing what the Army did , they made the person they were looking for a matyr . They hurt a lot of people's sentiments and the people whom they were against actually used this to fuel the fire they were trying to build .
I hope that the Lal Masjid attack doesnot end in the same way as Operation blue star ( Best of luck General Musharaff ). The people should understand that faith and religion are two things which should be dealt carefully , a moments mistake can change history .
why do people fight on the name of religion ? no religion teaches you to fight , no religion tells you to kill people , still whenever people want to show hate they cowardly do it behind the curtain of religion .

"We have just enough religion to make us hate , but not enough to make us love each other. "
-Jonathan Swift
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