Friday, July 13, 2007

India's tryst with भारत

Just take a look around you . Sitting in front of your computer , listening to music , reading my blog , you have your cell phone by your side an mp3 player on the other .You step out of your house , step in your car go to the mall , stroll in the hep market place and spend hundreds in a day . And why shouldn't you do it , we are one of the richest economies in the world , the rate the growth is second in the world and everyday there is a new multinational opening. India is shining isn't it .You bet it is ...... and we all are feeling it .

But not far from where you are sitting and there is a भारत , who doesn't understand this India in which you are sitting in . Here a farmer has to worry where his next meal will come from . Everyday there is a suicide . A woman has to walk nearly naked on the streets to protest against the harassment by her in-laws for bearing a girl child . A भारत where man has to fight so that his land is not forcibly taken away . A भारत where a man has to show his cast not his potential to get a job. A भारत where man is still pulling man. A भारत where still getting primary education is still a challenge . A भारत where there are villages where a single light has not glown ever and where a woman has to walk 25 kilometers to get access to drinking water.

And what has all this led to ......a mistrust between the have and have not's . The rise of neo liberals, naxalites who don't trust the system and want to take it up in there hands. The rise of corrupt politicians because looking at the system the people who should be in politics don't join it . A caste system which has still not ended ..... so much so that now there will be more reservation on the basis of what ....... CASTE ( BITS ... rox in this sense ... no reservation .. whatsoever ). Increase in the number of dowry deaths . A skewed boy to girl ratio of 1000 is to 927 . A gap which sadly is winding between the two siblings.

The Indian economy is surely booming . But it is not a structured boom like China . There are no fixed policies or structures who are marking this . It is like a bubble which is increasing . All this due to the fact the some places have seen accelerated growth .....but this growth has remained till the periphery of that area. It has not penetrated to that heartland of भारत . And if correct steps are not taken then soon this divide might burst the bubble under whose shell you are enjoying .

It is time INDIA has its tryst with भारत .........
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