Thursday, July 12, 2007

The forgotten desires

Well today the evaluation components of PS got finished ( almost !!!) .... had a little fever due to the roller coaster last week . So after taking rest decided give my self some time and went to VGH for looking at the sunset and pondering over my life . The campus dogs have a certain affinity to me .Wherever i go they parade after me ... providing some sorta .. guard (at least that what i think ).And so while pondering over my life ... my eye falls on this dog eating grass !!!( yes a dog eating grass ) and i thought the same thing what you are thinking now ..... dogs are not supposed to eat grass . But then i realized that these dogs had never had to fight for anything ... food was always available in plenty ... no threat of other predators ... and so they adapted themselves like that . They are so lazy that even if someone steps on their tale they merely wake up from their sleep look up at the person and then go back to sleep again . And so now when they have to struggle a bit they have forgotten what it was to search for food ... and as a result are eating grass .
Looking through any environmentalists blog you will come to this "civilization of the wild" . The lions are forgetting how to hunt , the rabbits forgetting how to run and so on and so forth .

And then i thought what about us . After all we are the species who have been civilized for the past 3000 years .The table manners , discipline , rules regulations ...... they have changed ... the way god had made man to be . We were a group of nomads , having anarchic tendencies practicing polyandry .... the human was made to be rough , tough and to use his brain . The man has used the third very well but has forgotten the first two . In todays age if we have to walk a km we feel tired . We are mechanizing everything ... every damn thing around us is mechanized and so what is the result ...... the diseases which were not even heard off 200 yrs back are now coming out and we are trying to do wht we were meant to do by going to gyms, spa's and whatever those fancy ads are for ..... we are becoming like the dogs who have forgotten what they were supposed to do .

long time back i had asked a question " why do men fight wars ?" the answer i got was that during wars , there s chaos , anarchy confusion ...utter disorder and under such conditions man discovers his " forgotten desires "

ps: i don't know what i am trying to say by this post .... i don't want wars .....and i want mechanization ... nahi to mere pet par laat padegi ......i just want the damn dogs to show some doggly nature .
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