Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The confused Desi

Well today since i was alone for most of the earlier part of the day ... i decided to go and check out Landmark ( a book store near my house ).As expected it was abuzz with the most awaited book - Harry Potter and the deathly hallows . There were people booking books , children buying franchise ..... the store looked like a miny Hoghwarts - it was nice !!!.

So while strolling i happened to pass by a section in which Amar Chitra Katha comics were kept . I remembered my early childhood days and the fun i had reading them . Stories about kings , mythology, freedom movement etc etc .... surprisingly there were no kids in this section .... ( only some people like me who wanted to kill time ).

And i thought why even after having 5000 years of rich ancient history , mythology our kids have chosen a phirangi wizard as their icon . If you see closely even the indian mythology has magic , sorcerers etc .... we have our own LOTR's and our Own harry potter's but still we want to go out and read that westernized concept .

I still remember i was in 9th and had forced my mom to take me to the LOTR movie . After the movie she had come out .... while i was in awe she remarked " what is so special abt it ... it is after all like the chandamama which we used to read " . I had laughed the comment off that time , but thinking now it perfectly makes sence - Devta (elfs ), Manus ( humans ) , Bhagvan (Wizard ) ..... we had it all but we wanted a book to be written about it with the "cool " things which would be a "style statement " to read .

In one of my earlier posts me and Akash bhaiya are having a discussion (in comments ) about why we are not proud of what we have ? Why do we want to plagarize the west ? Why can't Hanuman be Aragon ? Why can't Arjun be legolas ? Why do we have to be confused desi's ?

right now i don't know . what i do know is after 3 days when hp releases i would be one of the first in the line to pick it up .......... but why would the same be not possible for a Ramayan or a Mahabharat
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