Saturday, July 7, 2007


All of us have a certain dislike to some particular habit of others . Some people just cannot stand it when other people drum their fingers on the desk or when somebody pricks their nose . I for one hate it when somebody gives me a missed call ... ( until and unless I have asked him to give one ) . Most of the time i don't return a call because if the person is really that concerned to talk then he would call again or send a message .

So yesterday at 11 in the night , i received a "missed call" . The number was a Goa .. mobile number ...but as usual i did not call back . The person kept sending "missed calls" , and i did not reply . By 12 he had sent at least 7 "missed calls " which did not last more than 1 second . They were so fast that i could not pick them up even when the phone was in my hand . So after that i went to sleep .

Since today is Saturday and i have a holiday , i decided ... i would sleep till late and miss my Jog . So here i am sleeping , dreaming about "censored stuff" and my phone rings for exactly one second in its irritating tone ( my phone is in repairs , this phone's tones are not a music to the ears ). I wait , look at the time it is sharp 6 . I again go back to sleep . Just about the time i was about to dose of the damn thing rings again . Now i get up, someone must be trying to reach me desperately , i should not be so prejudiced .

So i pick up my phone and decide to call the person .

This is what happened
Me : Hello
The person on the other line had an air of achievement , he had finally saved his 2 bucks and made me call , it looked as though he had won some war or something .

Person ( in some sorta bihari accent ) : helo ( pause .... to let the feeling of truimph sink in ) Shah Bahadur kaise ho !!!

Me (
not knowing what to say ... was so pissed of ... finally after some seconds ):wrong number

(before i could cut him off ) : kaun bol raha hai (still with that air of truimph )

Me (now totally pissed ) : Main Manmohan Singh bol raha hu , agli baar phone kiya to jail mein daal doonga , aage se phone mat karnaaaaaaaaa ( now literally shouting )

He was so scared that he cut the line immediately . And i decided that i would never ever return a missed call .

As for me , my dreams of a nice long morning sleep were squashed , couldn't to anything better , so put on my shoes and went for the jog .

And that was not enough , when i was in a patch where there were no buildings , it rained !!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was a chalta phirta water tanker ( the one's in India ... who shed of half their water before reaching the destination .)

So much so for 7/7/07 .... the luckiest day considered .... it surely started on a bright note for me .
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