Thursday, June 14, 2007

The zahir

well these days i am reading "The Zahir " by Paulo Cohelo . I love his works but sometimes they are a bit overhead transmissioon for me as in " by the river piedra, I sat down and wept " . But there is something about this novel which i like a lot . I don't know but it seems very real . I wont spoil your fun by telling you the story or the plot . But this book brings out some of basic instincts ... say male chauvinism . How a man feels that it is he who takes all the burden and it is ok to be loose sometimes . How a man can easily blame his wife for all his martial problems and live guilt free for life . How he never thinks of one person who waits for him at home but looks with greedy eyes to everything which he shouldn't do .
The power of love . A paragraph in the book states that we try to find us in love . We are happy with people who bring out the best in us ...rather than with people whom we just love cuz we have to . Love is a too complex topic for me and on it i cannot write more than this ( probably this is the reason i have had only 3 crushes in my life and probably why i find this book interesting ) .

The man always tries to find that one person in every person whom he tries to love or wants to love ( that explains those long gaps ) . Some people have told me love is crap ... i dont believe in it . Only fools believe in it . i don't wanna comment on them cuz seriously i don't know ( never had a girl friend and as the trend looks like wont have one !!!!!!!!!!) .But yes always in war or in times of crisis a dying soldier never says love is crap ...all he wants is to have that 1 moment with the special one no matter who it might be ( his wife ,mother ,sister etc. )

perhaps it is rightly said that you know the true respect of a thing when it is taken away from you ....( like home foooooooooooooooddddddd i had wished in my schooling days all 12 yrs that today i wanna go out and eat and now i would giv up nething for that home food .....mum u rock ...)

so now let me go and get more confused about love ..... and you guys join me in getting confused .
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