Monday, June 18, 2007


well i was just thinking how was time goes by. It was an article i read in the eps class last sem. It was a speech given at the graduation ceremony of high school . The speaker told the audience that our life presents us with time clocks . He gave instances from his life as to when and how he came to know when he had reached a particular position .

" you wont realise when you would be 20 and in a whiff you would be 30 " . how many terms have you heard yourself say " time flies "...." it seems like yesterday " ......."i had just come to this place" ?
according to him life provides us with markers ..... there is a marker which tells us that we have entered into adulthood ... for some it comes early for some it comes late . For him it came when he was in his senior year and was staning for election.

I thought when was my defining moment . i had always thought in school it would be tha when i would watch an "adult movie in theatre " . But thinking now i think the defining moment was definately when i left home for college (NIT Kurukshetra ) for the first time . It was like moving out of a shell . I still remember that taxi ride . It seemed so normal .... the taxi , Bombay outside ,people going on with their life ..... but something had changed .... something was different ... i had changed. I knew i am leaving my house .... a part of my life has come to an end .... there is a change taking place . I had become more mature ... suddenly in that one instant ..... decided i wont remain as i was at school will change myself ... and did it .. That was my alarm clock .

Time goes on very fast . That trip seems like yesterday and it has been 2 years . I am a third year student . Those students who looked like proper men in Kurukshetra . What have i achieved in 2 years ? I have achieved a lottt . But it is still less than what i could have achieved ... probably writing this post right now is a defining moment . I have finished 50% of my engg ..... i have only 2 years left ( ohh no only 1 ... this is biiiiiiiits ( the way goans say it)) .what can i do .. what should i do how should i procede .

I will sleep over these questions probably.....
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