Saturday, June 16, 2007

things i want to do before i die

well after a long time i have actually spent time with myself ... thinking and today i was just thinking what all things i wanted to do before my chapter actually closed ..... theseare in random order.

1. spend a million dollars in a day
2. go to the south pole
3. do sky diving
4. dance in college cultural function bugati veyron on auto -bahn
6. stand on india pakistan border with one foot in each country
7. do sky walk on sydney tower
8. spend a night on tree top
9. visit agonda beach once again ... to pay my respect
10. swim in antartic waters with whales
11 . take part in amazing race
12. tell the 3 crushes i had what feelings i had for them
13. eat the national foods of all the countries
14. do dirt biking
15. fly a sukhoi mki ( the wish i want the most but the 1 which is most difficult )
16. to enter in guiness book of records
17. to cycle down italian country side
18. meet barkha dutt
19.visit disney land ( i have visited warner bros studios)
18. give something back to my college
19.visit the locations where lotr was shot .
20. gift my mom a solitare ...or ... whatever is most expensive
21 become a space traveller
22 witness the sunrise on the grand canyon
23 . go to the steppes ... feel complete and yet incomplete at the same moment .
24. to design my own super car
25. to to do kayaking in iceland on akayak fitted with jet engine
26. to visit all the 21 nominees of the new 7 wonders of the world
27. learn to play the piano ..... only instrument ... i want to learn .... love it

ths is dyanamic and will keep updating it
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